Monday, November 14, 2011

BIOnix Versus Floods and Typhoons

Last September 2011 two typhoons struck Luzon (Pedring and Kiel) creating havoc on farm lands and crops. Most palay farms were flooded and the expected harvest severely damaged. But our demo farm in Pampanga survived the calamities with high flying colors, while the rest without BIOnix were destroyed.

Below are pictures:
This wide area (on the right) is a vast rice field submerged in flood waters so that now it looks as though the distant trees are in the middle of the sea. Palay ordinarily has no chance of surviving floods this size, but BIOnix treated palay withstood all the beatings.

In fact, the other palays around, not treated with BIOnix organic fertilizer, were either spoiled, blackened, or ended up drowned and lifeless. Aside from the flood, the absence of sunlight prevented any photosynthesis from happening.

Upper half of tall trees were the only things visible from the sea of flood.

Flood waters gradually subsiding.

Palay slightly lying down after the waters were gone.

Pump taking out some more flood water. 
Palay now standing and still looking good after recovering.

Rice stalks undamaged!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Amazing Phenomenal Growth!

This is amazing phenomenal growth! And the true story goes like this:

Planted at the same time but with gross
difference in size! Why?
Arem and Aldrin decided to try widening their market reach by selling BIOnix piece meal, or "tingi" in the vernacular. They heard the tip from a TRENZer (and which was also featured on this blog a few months back) and started to put 5ml of Nano BIOnix into liter bottles with a liter of water each. They'd sell the bottles (200 in all per 1 liter Nano BIOnix) P100 each, making P20k eventually from their one BIOnix bottle. Imagine that.

OK, as Arem was pouring BIOnix into bottles, some spilled over the table. It smelled awful so his dad wiped it with a piece of cloth and wrung the thing into a young Alugbati plant in a pot. Actually, there were two young Alugbati plants of the same size when they were planted in separate plastic pots (actual pictures shown above). One plant was wrung with spilled over BIOnix, the other had none.

After a few days, the one with a little BIOnix grew by leaps and bounds, while the other grew as normal plants do. Amazing phenomenal growth! It was unbelievable. See the difference above. The one treated with minimal BIOnix looks like it has been planted for a couple of days already. And just compare the leaf sizes. And to think that it took only a few drops of BIOnix to effect such amazing phenomenal growth.

It's easy to imagine how my downline in Pangasinan was able to exceed his usual per hectare harvest with only one spraying (one bottle) last month. Moreover, all his neighboring farms produced poor quality palay blackened by the recent typhoons, while his palay produced good quality, utterly unharmed by rain, flood, or the typhoon. Well, that's what you get with BIOnix organic fertilizers and their accurate protocols.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Purple Networx System B Soft Launch

Yesterday (November 11, 2011 or 11-11-11) was a special day for Trenz-Purple Networx. It was Purple Networx System B soft launch. As early as 1 pm people started streaming into the TRENZ-Purple Networx office along West Avenue to celebrate the occasion with us. They were guests of our network leaders and networkers.

At about 4pm, the COO, Roman Sunga, started the program and introduced the product and its radical Marketing System B which has a Direct Referral payout of P3,700 each, for starters! Later, Jerry Ricablanca gave a short talk about DREAMS, and much later the 01s were introduced, among which is Jerry, the legendary networker who never finished grade 1 but earned some 6M in his first networking business.

At about 6pm the CEO and owner, Luis Delos Reyes, spoke an inspiring message on committment and dedication and challenegd each one to do the business and prosper with the new company, Purple Networx, although its mother comapany, TRENZ, has been in a multi-million business for more than 18 years now.

Then dinner was served with FREE bottles of Purple Corn Juice. There were some 50 selected attendees who talked about the business till dawn the next day in the office. And they were all amazed by the terrible profitability of our System B. In networkers' parlance--"Baliw na Baliw!"

Up next---GRAND LAUNCHING some time this December! Details on this to follow. See you all there!

Amino Fertilzers: What is Orange Booster?

Farmers need their crops bigger, heavier, more in number, and richer in taste and nutrition. If you want all that achieved organically, then you need BIOnix Orange Booster. What is Orange Booster? It's an agricultural foliar supplement rich in potassium, calcium, and boron.


It's best for making your crops bigger, more numerous (for bigger harvest), heavier, fleshy, richer in taste (lots sweeter or creamier or fruitier, depending on the flavor property of the crop), and better looking (smoother skin). In short, you want your crops export-quality? Orange booster is it.

It is mixed with Nano BIOnix and about 250 liters of water, sprayed on the plant or tree (the leaves), and this before harvest time--some 2 weeks before. BIOnix Orange Booster is optional but we highly recommend it for better harvest and more profts.

Most farmers say it's just added expense. Probably, but with our products any added expense always entails added profits, even more than added profits. How would you like to harvest sugarcane about two and half to 3 persons tall and some 4 inches in diameter? How would you like to have your green leafy veggie double or even triple in size, and double or triple in taste, too? How would you like to get 100 percent increase in your palay harvest per hectare?

If you want more and revolutionary harvest, the highest harvest in your area, you have to be daring enough to try BIOnix Orange Booster. Added expense, yes, but definitely much bigger profits.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Beware of Copycat Amino Fertilizer Companies

In the Philippines, we announce with great pride that TRENZ alone has the capability, know-how, and wealth of experience when it comes to the accurate application of BIOnix products, and other similar organic liquid L-amino fertilizer products. We have proven and tested the products to be highly effective more than a dozen times right on Philippine soil, in various parts of the country, and we alone know, through hard-earned hands-on experience, the precise application of the same.

There might be copycat companies that would try to market similar products, but ask them how well they know the technical side of organic amino fertilizers. Chances are, they don't know a thing, and they will just want you to buy their products and leave you to figure out how to use them. Application of organic amino fertilizers, like BIOnix, that contain micro organisms, should carefully consider the acidity of the soil, the timing of land prep and tillering, the timing of pesticide and herbacide applications, and the different protocols for different plant types, among many other things . So, beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies.

Organic amino fertilizer suppliers should be well aware about the basics of organic farming that further adds to the effectiveness of organic fertilizers. If certain so-called organic suppliers do not know any of this, beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies. All they're after is your money. They will just want you to buy from them and leave you to yourself to figure out how to use the product (see? I need to keep reiterating this).

So, when it comes to organic amino fertilizers in the Philippines, make sure you got the right supplier who knows the exact protocols for proper application, and beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies. They're not fakes; they just don't know what the product is all about.

If you get the right product from the wrong fertilizer company, you waste both the product and your money. So for details on BIOnix and other similar L-amino fertilizers, feel free to contact us at

Amino Fertilizers: What is Red Booster?

What is Red Booster? If our Silver Booster boosts the initial growth and resistance of young plants the way vaccine shots protect children against diseases, Red Booster boosts plant lushness. It promotes leaf growth and propagation for more photosynthesis benefit.

Plants get better benefits if they have enough number of leaves on them to maximize the beneficial effects of the sun's rays. Leaves are like antenae discs that catch sunlight and especially the sun's heat that triggers photosynthesis. Therefore, the more leaves the better the photosynthesis process. Now you know what is Red Booster.

And not just more leaves, BIOnix Red Boosters stimulate flowering. If you want earlier flowering, and if you want the flowers to be abundant and firmer, you need Red Boosters. Some flowers, like mango flowers, easily fall due to rain or strong winds. More flowers falling means more harvest loss. So spray BIOnix Red Booster at mid-phase of a plant or when they are about to bear flowers, for flower strength, stimulation, and multiplication. Boosters are used together with Nano BIOnix. This is quite vital in knowing what is Red Booster.

If you have more flowers, you have more harvest. That's more profits for you. Boosters cost P2,500 per 1 liter bottle.It's optional but we strongly recommend it for much better harvest results. Anyway, the extra cost will be more than recovered once the full harvests come in!

BIOnix Silver and Red Boosters(as well as Orange) are already proven and tested to work effectively in the Philippines. It's a product from Thailand and has been responsible, along with other organic farm supplements, for the phenomenal crop produce there. Almost every farmer there knows what is Red Booster.

In the Philippines, only our company, TRENZ, has the expertise on how best to use BIOnix products (including the boosters), and in fact how best to apply L-Amino Acid fertilizer. Other companies may sell you similar products but TRENZ alone has the wealth of knowledge and experience in this matter.

Now, do you know what is Red Booster?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For More Purple Corn Juice Enjoyment!

It's official! We will have a new marketing plan, and in fact it's softly operational. It will be launched full swing on November 11, 2011 (11-11-11)! And the company's getting wild about it! The new Networx Purple team will carry it, and it's solely for boosting Purple Corn Juice (PCJ) sales. Want to join the team?

How It Works

The first system with the Direct and Indirect Referral Bonus, Binary Matching Points, and Unilevel, is still on. But TRENZ has decided to add a new twist to enjoying and marketing Purple Corn Juice the easier and faster way. This is designed for people crazy about earning really BIG in network marketing. Are you among them? And this new system is the first of its kind in the Philippines, and probably in the world. It multiplies your income potential 10 times more than what is now seen in the industry!

Yes, 10 TIMES MORE! To start with, how about earning P940,000 a month, or a week, or even per day? It all depends on how fast and hard you'd do this business. Any business should always be done with intent, seriousness, investment, strategy, team work, and hard work. Well, our Networx Purple business is no different. Just do it--well!

(You get 3 bottles of Purple Corn Juice plus the business)

Not only the PCJ, but you also get 4 Seller's Cards worth P300 each. Sell them to folks who just want to buy PCJ at a discount. As they buy, you get the points. Then, enjoy this PROMO which is good up to the last day of December (early Merry Christmas!) 2011. Get 1 liter of purple corn juice FREE each time you buy the entry pack!

So, for a capital investment of only P7,899, your ROI is:

Three bottles:   P6,600 (P2,200 each)
4 cards:            P1,200 (P300 each)
1 FREE bottle: P2,200
TOTAL:          P10,000

You get more for your money! So join us NOW! To join, contact or 0915-804-1947.

Unbelievable Direct Referral Bonus

You won't believe this, but it's true. Each direct referral bonus earns you P3,700. That's right--P3,700! The only one of its kind in the industry. No other company offers this much for direct referral. Here's the break  down: P1,500 cash + 1 bottle of purple corn juice (all bottles here are a liter in size). A bottle costs P2,200 so P1,500 + P2,200 = P3,700.

Now, if you know how delicious purple corn juice is (more delicious than your favorite cola drink), and what its super health benefits are, you'd be happy more about the 1 liter bottle than the P1,500. Honestly! I like both, but I like the 1 liter bottle of PJC more!

If you can refer 2 people a day and they join, you get P7, 400 direct referral bonus a day. Let's say you get one person a day. In one month that's P96,200 (P3,700 X 26 days) or P39,000 (P1,500 X 26 days). That alone is super extra income! What if you can get 5 a day?

Cycle Bonus

Each cycle earns you P12,400! What's a cycle? A cycle is having two (2) direct referrals (binary system) and 4 downlines. You have this, you cycle, and you get P12,400. As simple as that. You may have all 6 downlines as your Direct Referrals, in which case you earn: 

Direct Referral: P22,200
Cycle Bonus:    P12,400
TOTAL:           P34,600

Imagine getting that much with just 6 downlines! Your downlines may be placed on just one side of your binary and you'd still make the same bonus amount! With cycle and direct referral bonuses, you don't need to balance your binary.

The requirements to earning per cycle are: 
  1. P7,988 entry at the beginning. 
  2. At least 2 Direct Referrals.
  3. Three (3) Direct Referrals to start a new cycle. You may choose not to start a new cycle.

Linear Bonus

Linear bonus begins on the third level of your binary. Each level that gets filled up earns you a bonus. This is how it goes:

3RD LEVEL   :   P500 Gift Check (GC)     11TH LEVEL :   P9,000 + P500 GC
4TH LEVEL   :   P1,000 + P500 GC          12TH LEVEL :   P14,000 + P500 GC
5TH LEVEL   :   P2,000 + P500 GC          13TH LEVEL :   P24,000 + P500 GC
6TH LEVEL   :   P3,000 + P500 GC          14TH LEVEL :   P140,000 + P500 GC
7TH LEVEL   :   P4,000 + P500 GC          15TH LEVEL :   P340,000 + P500 GC
8TH LEVEL   :   P5,000 + P500 GC          16TH LEVEL :   P940,000 + P500 GC
9TH LEVEL   :   P6,000 + P500 GC          17TH LEVEL :   P940,000 + P500 GC
10TH LEVEL :   P7000 + P500 GC           TO INFINITY: P940,000 + P500 GC

Remember, each level that gets all filled up, you get Linear Bonus! And the chances that they would get filled up are high because you and all your downlines will be busy trying to hit as many direct referrals and cycles and pair matching bonuses as you want.

Pair Matching Bonus

Pair Matching Bonus starts on the 5th level. Each pair gives you P1,000 cash. The system allows you to benefit from 16 pairs maximum per level (from the 5th level). That's P16,000 per line or level. If you hit that per week or per day, than you get P16,000 per, beginning from level 5! That's to infinity!

Unilevel Bonus

From your and your downlines' repeat purchases to the 6th level, you get P25 per bottle! The monthly maintenance is only a bottle.

The real exciting thing about all this is that, you get BIG income while yet at the initial phase of the business. Just get 6 people and you get P30,000 plus! In other networking businesses, you need to go deep first before you realize your income potential. And going that deep seldom happens, except to top uplines. 

Also, in this business, everyone gets to be uplines! And your uplines get to be your downlines. So join now while the business is just starting! Position NOW!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: What is Silver Booster?

With our BIOnix amino fertilizer line of agricultural products we have three all-organic boosters that further supplement the health and growth of our plants and crops: the SILVER, RED, and ORANGE. Boosters are optional. Nano BIOnix and BIOnix Max 1 alone can do the job more than satisfactorily. But if we want to reach our crops' full harvest potential, we need boosters--for that extra size, weight, and quality taste. Now, let's talk about the Silver Booster. What is Silver Booster?

Silver Booster is best for the initial growth stage of plants. It makes plants fitter to withstand blows from diseases, ensuring the continuity of plant and crop development through the cropping season. If we want our plants to bear more flowers and fruits, the plants themselves should be fit and healthy in the first place.

It's like your child. If you want him to grow up to be a strong lad, you bring him to his doctor for some vaccines so he can better fight against diseases. That's what Silver Booster does to your young plants. It is all-organic and rich in iron and zinc. And not only this.

What is Silver Booster? Silver Booster is also for greener leaves, bigger leaves, more leaves,more roots, and stronger roots.

The problem with other fertilizer product lines is that, they are not growth specific. They can be, but farmers are not provided the ways and means how and when they should be applied so that plants can better get nutrition when they need it most. With the BIOnix line of agri products, fertilizers and booster applications follow specific methods and timing of application, so that plants get what they need most when they need it.

Some farmers, uninformed about the fertilizers they are using, sometimes use boosters for stimulating leafing when what they want is stimulation for bigger harvest. So they buy booster fertilizers for leafing, expecting more fruits, and all they get are leaves. BIOnix fertlizers and boosters are specific, and we provide relevant protocols for proper and accurate application.

A lot of prospective customers ask me what is Silver Booster for. We highly recommend it, though it's optional, I say. If you neglect Silver Booster, you may be terribly missing out on the biggest harvest your land could ever produce. Say, instead of 150 sacks of palay per hectare, you probably should be having a 250 sacks per hectare harvest with Silver Booster.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Purple Corn: For Mental Sharpness

You want your child to perform better academically? He or she may be helped by purple corn juice. It boosts mental sharpness, especially the ability to memorize. And not just for your kid--it is also good for boosting your mind health.

Anthocyanin in purple corn is anti-aging. And it's not just skin and collagen health we're talking of but also mind health. It promotes cell health, including brain cells, and healthy cells automatically reproduce healthier cells. And you know what healthier brain cells can do to your brain performance.

Of course, while taking purple corn juice, you have to keep using or challenging your brain by making it make decisions and analyses. This exercises the brain to make it healthy, the way muscles are exercised to make them strong. Always do mind-stimulating activities, especially reading and using new words and adding up regularly to your vocabulary. Write a lot--create and develop blogs.

The important thing is doing challenging decisions regularly. If you regularly surf the net, you are often faced with decisions what to click or what options to take--your brain is exercised, say mind experts. Thus, if you research and write blogs online, your brain exercises a lot. Couple that with drinking brain booster purple corn juice also regularly.

Mental sharpness also comes with frequent meditation. Meditation helps your mind relax so it can do a better job the next round of work. Meditation enhances the ability to focus. And it helps a lot to meditate while slowly sipping a tall glass of iced purple corn juice while you are sitting comfortably in a quiet place, being aware of the Creator around you.

Purple corn coffee can also do the trick. I love its rich flavor and aroma and aids a lot in calming the mind and making it relax. Then, after a meditative coffee break, your mind becomes focused and sharp again to continue with hectic work.

To avoid brain diseases, promote your brain health. And this means, along with meditation and brain challenging exercises, a regular glass of purple corn juice.

Amino Fertilizers: Why Not Cassava?

Compared to rice and vegetables, cassava is much easier to raise. It's not easily affected by climatic conditions, it does not need much attention and care, it grows almost all by itself, and the demand is enormous. So, why not cassava?

With just minimal amount of fertilizer in the soil and on the plant, cassava is less costly to grow. Just make sure enough fertilizer is applied in the soil (throrough land preparation)--like a liter of BIOnix Max 1 to 200 liters of water per hectare (or 50ml BIOnix in 16 liters water) sprayed on solid organic or chemical fertilizer--then foliar application using Nano BIOnix or BIOnix Max 2 twice or thrice a monthfor 4 months.

San Miguel Corporation buys cassava in bulk, and there's reportedly a great demand, so why not visit the nearest SMC branch to you and inquire about contract-growing cassava? With organic BIOnix amino fertilizers, you can harvest about 10 kilos or even more per tree.

Stick Soaking

Before planting cassava sticks in the ground, it is highly recommended that stick soaking be done. Soak the sticks in 20ml BIOnix Max 1 and 80ml Nano BIOnix plus 20 liters of water. Soak for 12 to 24 hours, then plant. Spray the soaking solution onto the soil. This will boost cassava plant health more, and improve the crop much better.

Easy to Raise

You can leave a cassava plant in the soil and watch it grow and produce the crop all by itself. If the tree and leaves get destroyed in a storm, the root crop will still continue developing. There's not much fuss about raising cassava plants. You are sure to harvest good with it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amino Fertilizer: When Plants Seem Burnt

Sometimes, while using BIOnix organic amino fertilizers, like Nano BIOnix coupled with BIOnix Max 1 and 2, plants seem burnt later, or have defective or discolored leaf tips, and users would blame it on BIOnix. Remember: this amino fertilizer has no overdose or harm to plants. When things like this pop up, we investigate and see what really happened.

Most times, the real culprit is that they sprayed chemical pesticide on the plant, or herbicide. Herbicides, especially, can damage plants as they kill weeds. Remember that palay or rice plants are weeds, too, so when you apply herbicides they get affected. Another culprit is heavy rains. Too much rain washes out all the chemical or organic fertilizer you put on the soil, leaving the plants with no nutrition and food, and thus wither. But there is a quick solution to this.

If the above happens, simply apply enough Urea side dressing to enable the plants to recover from starvation. Starvation causes too much stress to plants, so they wither, which is a sign of being too stressed out. If not remedied soon, they will die.

Why Urea and not organic fertilizer?

Chemical fertilizers have immediate results compared to their organic counterparts, although too much use of chemical fertilizers ruin the soil to terrifying degrees. Plants too stressed out from nutrition lack and starvation need immediate feeding and nutrition supplementation to get back to good health. Chemical fertilizers can do the job. Organic fertilizers take long to work, although they never harm the soil or plant or crop.

It's like all-natural health supplements for our bodies and synthetic vitamins. All-natural supplements usually take long to take effect while synthetic vitamins and even medicines give us immediate results. If you have migraine and get a headache and take a synthetic medicine, it will instantly give relief. But it will never heal your migraine. But if you take an all-natural powerful supplement like purple corn juice, it will take a bit longer but the results are permanent and have no side effects to your body. Plants are very much like our bodies.

So, when plants seem burnt and you use BIOnix organic amino fertiizers and boosters, don't blame it on them.  Re=trace what you just applied to the plants.

Purple Corn: Anti-Dengue Juice

This is definitely good news to all purple corn juice users and parents! This super health drink is an effective anti-dengue supplement that can be incorporated to usual dengue medical treatment and considerably shorten the healing and recovery process. It's an anti-dengue juice!

A doctor-friend who regularly lectures at the TRENZ office about the relevance of purple corn juice in the body's various systems uses this powerful health drink in conjunction with traditional dengue medical treatment. And the results are amazing! Dengue patients usually take 4 to 5 days confinement in a hospital for strict monitoring and medication. But in this doctor's patients, healing and recovery takes only several hours to a day after drinking purple corn anti-dengue juice.

The blood platelet immediately stops plunging down and rises up to normal levels once this deep purple juice is taken. It's all in the power of anthocyanin to arrest blood vein destruction due to the dengue virus infection and help the body to recover fast from deterioration. Dengue weakens and destroys the blood vessels so that they become porous and cause massive internal bleeding. Platelets will try to stop this by patching up the holes, but soon the holes become too many for the platelets to remedy, plunging the platelet count, and starting the internal bleeding. Thus the rashes and other symptoms of internal bleeding.

But anthocyanin in purple corn, the anti-dengue juice, stops all that! God, the Creator of purple corn, has designed it to remedy a lot of major and minor diseases, even those as deadly as dengue fever. A pastor-friend of mine had dengue recently, causing his platelet count to plunge to 104 (the normal is 200 up). Ordinarily, platelet count goes down to 60 or 30 with dengue fever, but this pastor's platelet count dive stopped to 104 the moment he took purple corn, the anti-dengue juice. Then, after just several hours it started climbing to 106 and then 112.

God is the best Pharmacist, formulating the natural healing benefits of purple corn juice, the anti-dengue juice! Thus, parents, start giving your kids this super drink regularly! And drink it, too!

Friday, September 9, 2011

PURPLE CORN: Purple is Healthy!

The Power of Purple Corn is the latest astounding discovery in the world of nutrition. More scientists are amazed by its antioxidant power, which is higher than Vitamin C and Vitamin E, making your immune system stronger and giving you renewed vigor. That’s powerful health for you on the cellular level!
Blueberries and Acai berries used to have the most number of anthocyanins. But Purple Corn, they discovered, has more than double their content so that today, Purple Corn is the most powerful food on the planet due to its rich anthocyanin count.
Anthocyanin is a very powerful antioxidant in plants. It brings wonderful healing and health maintenance to your body systems. In the Philippines, Purple Corn Juice is now available, exclusively distributed by TRENZ!
Basically, anthocyanin in Purple Corn boosts cell health. When these empowered cells divide and reproduce, they result in much healthier cells. With healthy cells you get healthy immune system.
It grows only in the mountains and coastlines of Peru. With the harsh environs, and especially the intense UV rays from the sun, Purple Corn developed its own unique immune system, adding on extra anthocyanin (16.4mg/gram), and thus its natural purple color. Its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which tests for antioxidant activities, is 3.5 times higher than Trolox.
Actually, the first corn on earth was naturally purple colored. And we all know that the original is always the best.
10 PURPLE CORN Health benefits

1. Anti-Diabetes
-Normalizes blood sugar levels.
2. Anti-Obesity
-Regulates fat storage.
-Eliminates excess fats.
-Lowers cholesterol.
3. Anti-Cancer
-Stops cancer cell growth.
-Strengthens immune system.
-Strengthens good cells.
-Fights free radicals.
-Fights atherosclerosis.
-Strengthens capillaries.
-Lowers bad cholesterol
5.Anti-Heart Disease
-For healthy cardiovascular function.
-Healthy capillaries
-Smooth blood flow.
-Unclogs arteries
6. Anti-Aging
-Invigorates collagen
-Neutralizes free radicals to delay aging
7. Anti-Inflammation
Controls inflammation or swelling.
8. Anti-Stress
De-stresses your body. It also helps relax your over-worked colon.
9. Smooth Blood Flow
Clears arteries and capillaries of fat and calcium deposits. Prevents dangerous blood clots.
10. For Health Maintenance
If you’re already healthy, it maintains good health.
Other Health Facts on Purple Corn
Scientists discovered that food with natural purple color is very rich in antioxidant, particularly ANTHOCYANIN, and especially C-3-G. Purple Corn is also high in dietary fiber.
It takes just 14 micrograms of Purple Corn C3G to reduce cancer cell growth by half.
Anthocyanin in Purple Corn is rich in Selenium and Lutein which strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer.
It powerfully prevents atherosclerosis by preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and the capillaries from oxidative damage.
It has more antioxidant activities than Vit. C and Vit. E. The deeper the purple, the healthier!
It’s a great energy drink, perfect for maintaining good health. It is deliciously refreshing.
More powerful than blueberries and Acai berries.
Improves eye sight and has anti-bacterial infection properties.
Its high phenolic content fights against degenerative diseases.

Dangerous City Diet and Lifestyle
The widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, plus synthetic preservatives and artificial color and flavor on our processed food, make it harder to attain true health each day. Not to mention the antibiotics on poultry which stay in pork and chicken and are not eliminated by cooking (overdosing our bodies with antibiotics). Purple Corn can give us and our children protection from all these.
How Much?
Purple Corn Juice (1 liter) costs only P2,200. It is comparably cheaper than being seriously ill. Some people drink more than 75 liters of white-sugar-rich softdrinks a month, which is very bad for health. That costs more than P2,200. Drink Purple Corn any way you like, but our recommendation is 10 to 20 ml daily, morning and night.

For more information and for doing the Purple Corn business, please contact me:

Teams Synergy: Special Presentations Each Second Friday of the Month

TRENZ has decided to launch yesterday afternoon what is dubbed as "Teams Synergy." It is a special meeting of network leaders from different parts of the country for camaraderie, morale boosting, and network updates. Initially there were about 20 participants, mostly from the north and Metro Manila. Company chemist, Roman Sunga, and Physician speaker Dr. Carlos Haplasca were speakers, dealing on BIOnix and Purple Corn respectively.

Choy Gaerlan was anchor man of the event that lasted to 8pm.

Teams Synergy is an effort to bring together the different teams of networkers to realize a common objective, which is to help the organic awareness of the populace through re-educational marketing activities. Sir Roman spearheaded the discussion on how to approach traditional farmers who have been so accustomed with chemical fertilizers that they have become "more addicted to chemical fertilizers than the acidic soil itself." He averred that the right and effective approach is to "present them the beauty and benefits of organic farming." He added that if they buy the idea, "then we start talking business."

Teams Synergy also aims to instill into the networkers' lives the awareness of God as the source of all good successes, even in network marketing. Hence, the plan to regularly inject inspirational talks into the events. TRENZ believes that God owns everything and is the authority in the success or failure of any endeavor. Sir Roman declared in his prayer that God owns the company.

After the business discussions came the best part of all--SUPPER! Supper was managed by Aina, TRENZ secretary. And then there was a Purple Corn Juice free taste session.

Members who missed this occasion can look forward to it every second Friday of the month. If you're not yet a member and wish to be so, just email me at: and enjoy the full benefits of being a TRENZ networker. See you then!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Bio Organic Land Prep

If you want to go full organic with your farming (which is the greatest agricultural need of the times), and you have been using chemical fertilizers on your soil a long time, you need to remember that proper Bio Organic land prep is of utmost importance. Otherwise, all your efforts and expenses will just go to waste.
Materials needed:
·         A powerful organic liquid fertilizer (like BIONIX Max 1)
·         Soil Softener (like APSA 80)
·         Solid organic fertilizer (like Greenland)
·         Water
Procedure (per hectare):
Mix 1 liter of organic liquid fertilizer (like BIONIX Max 1) in 200 liters of water. Mix in 800 ml of soil neutralizer (like APSA 80) and spray this mixture on the solid organic fertilizer (like Greenland) previously spread over the entire hectare. Apply 40 bags of Greenland initially. When your soil has become organic, you just need to apply 5 to 10 bags per hectare.

Leave it thus for 14 days, spraying water over it on the 7th day and 14th day. Keep the soil wet but not submerged in water. On the 14th day, plant.

Seed Soaking

Seed soaking is strongly encouraged to keep seeds strong and well nourished with essential nutrients. Seeds prepared like this grow lots healthier and able to fight off diseases and insects. Seed soaking also ensure a good and full harvest. It also eliminates the possibility of empty palays or ipa. Soak seeds prior to planting in 20 liters of water mixed with 20 ml of a powerful organic liquid fertilizer like BIONIX Max 1 and 80 ml of a potent amino fertilizer like Nano BIONIX. Soak seeds in this mixture for 12 to 20 hours. Then the seeds are ready for planting in a nursery.

Spray the soaking mixture over the soil where planting is to be done. 

What is BIONIX Max 1?

BIONIX Max 1 is a powerful concentrate of micro organisms that help enrich the soil with needed nutrients, prepare soil minerals for easy absorption by the plants, cleanse the soil of chemical residues, and pack the soil with reserves of organic minerals for future use. In short, it makes the soil alive and healthy again.

What is Nano BIONIX?

Nano BIONIX is sprayable L-Amino Acid able to easily penetrate the stomata of leaves. L-amino acid is what plants eat to grow, bear fruit, and strengthen to stay fit and resistant. Nano BIONIX has 18 types of L-Amino Acids, 14 types of minerals, and 3 types of micro organism. Spray it on plant leaves and the plants eat pronto. Nourishment is immediate.

What is APSA 80
APSA 80 softens the soil by aiding the evenly spread of micro organisms on the land and breaks the hard pan on the subsurface of the soil produced by chemical fertilizer byproducts. It is also mixed with Nano BIONIX when spraying to ensure penetration and binding of sprayed Nano BIONIX on the leaves. APSA 80 is an effective sticker.
What is Greenland?
Greenland is a powerful solid organic fertilizer with 80 types of micro organisms and essential minerals.
NOTE: Micro organisms are very important in soil fertility. Along with natural minerals in soil, they contribute to the excellent performance of plants in tillering, flowering, and fruiting stages. Always make sure that your soil is rich with micro organism.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Purple Corn: Revived Failed Kidneys

This is a recent true story.

A woman was brought to Cavite for treatment because she had been suffering from kidney failure. She'd been severely bloated, her kidneys were not functioning any longer, she hadn't been urinating and defecating for days, and her doctors had given up on her. They said the family should take her back to Pangasinan to die there in her hometown.

To make matters worse, she and her family had spent millions for her recovery, to no avail. She only got worst. She'd turned black in color, the color of death, and could no longer stand up, much less, walk. So she was brought home to Pangasinan to wait for her death.

A TRENZ networker saw her in Pangasinan and suggested that she try purple corn juice. Thinking she'd lose nothing anyway with her condition, she agreed, but told the networker she had no money to pay for the product. The networker told her that payment was no problem. Just try purple corn juice. She did. She took about 45 ml, careful not to ingest too much liquid because with her malfunctioning kidneys, liquid intake might drown her to death sooner. Already her lungs were almost flooded with fluids.

The networker left, and after about half an hour he received a call--the kidney patient was starting to urinate and defecate! And it went on further as the patient continued taking purple corn. After a few days, the patient looked better and could stand up and walk. It was a miracle! She was shaking her hands in the air, shouting that she'd been cured. She said she felt very strong and well.

God, the Creator of all things, including purple corn, is great! The patient then decided to pay for the bottle of purple corn juice and buy some more.

But days later, the fluids in her lungs caught up with her and she died of Pneumonia. Her kidneys recovered but the fluids in her lungs should have been sucked out.

Inflamed Goiter Healed!

That same networker tried purple corn on the swelling goiter of his wife. One day, his wife was over-worked and could not get up from bed at all. She asked to be rushed to the hospital because she felt it was already an emergency. The networker agreed, but then remembered our purple corn juice. After taking it for two days, the wife was back to work and felt her enlarged goiter considerably decreased in size.

She had her husband (the networker) feel the goiter on her neck, and the networker indeed found that it could no longer be felt or seen. It disappeared.

Why All These?

This is because purple corn is super rich in antioxidant, particularly in anthocyanins. The amount of anthocyanin is the gauge by which a the power of an antioxidant is measured. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation or destruction of our cells and immune system, thus helping our body heal itself better and faster. Purple corn has the most number of anthocyanins, more than double what blueberries have. Blueberries used to be number one in antioxidant content until recently when scientists began discovering the power wonder of purple corn. Thus, it is the most powerful food on the planet.

Purple corn grows only in Peru but is now available in pure, concentrated juice form in the Philippines. A bottle contains a liter and costs P2,200 for non members. Members get a 25% discount. To be a member, simply buy a bottle from a TRENZ distributor and be a Bronze distributor yourself! You can also enjoy more business incentives and bonuses if you join as a Gold (P9,888 with 5 bottles) or Silver member (P5,888 with 3 bottles). Stockists, business centers, and depots are also open with a discount from 27.5 to 35%.

TRENZ is the exclusive distributor of purple corn in the Philippines and Asia. If you're interested to be a distributor, email and title your email "PURPLE CORN."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purple Corn to Detox Your Life!

Purple corn is not just for healing diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. It's generally for detoxing your body. It cleans your artery walls of clogging fatty substances. It also detoxes your colon. Thus, you need purple corn to detox your life.

Cholesterol build up in your arteries--or what they call atherosclerosis--is fatal. Once the fatty substance sticks to your arterial walls and hardens there into calcium deposits, you could suddenly drop dead. Blood flow will stop and your brain will lack blood and oxygen supply. Then your heart gets affected, too. Your blood pressure starts to shoot up.

How many times do you enjoy eating in fast food stores? Do you regularly eat fried chicken there (especially your dip fried, crunchy chicken skin), or cheese burgers, burger steaks, and hotdogs? Then you eat them with white bread? Plus your ice cream and your softdrinks. Well, congratulations--you're a candidate for a heart or hypertensive attack! You may not know it but your atherosclerosis build up may be a ticking time bomb in your artery system. It's time for purple corn to detox your life!

Look at the Food You Eat

Dip fried chicken and potato fries are rich in bad cholesterol, and your tender hotdog is rich in fats and carcinogenic artificial red food color. Your white bread has artificial margarine (which is a molecule away from being plastic), white sugar (which is food for cancer cells and diabetes), and white flour (which hardens in your colon, clogging  and stressing it). Then you eat your ice cream float and drink your softdrinks. You're literally killing yourself if you do this regularly.

Softdrinks have tons of white sugar, so does your ice cream. And cola drinks are terrible acids that literally melt your tooth after soaking it overnight there.That's what my teacher-medtech-wife discovered in their class lab experiment. In fact, some car mechanics use your favorite cola drink to wash away rust from car radiators. And then you drink that and let it melt down your body systems.

Some folks often ask if natural health supplements would hurt them, but they never ask the same about their favorite cola drink. If you can drink that black acid, you can certainly drink natural food supplements like purple corn to detox your life!

Get rid of all the "tox" in your system with purple corn juice. A gulp a day keeps health woes away. It has anti-cancer to fight cancer cells , anti-diabetes for your white sugar, anti-inflammatory to keep your colon healthy, anti-obesity for your fats and cholesterol, and it promotes smooth blood flow and prevents dangerous blood clots to clean your artery walls--among other health benefits. Yes, it's time for purple corn to detox your life!

Now, purple corn is not your free ticket to eating anything you want, because anyway you have something to counter bad food with. The key to good health is to avoid unhealthy food as much as possible and supplement with purple corn to detox your life. Of course, that's with regular exercises. God designed healthy life to have healthy food and regular exercise. You cannot change that.

I recommend early morning water therapy plus regular purple corn to detox your life.

Remember to consult your doctor about the health benefits of purple corn for you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Purple Corn: High Fiber for Cleansing

This is the generation that eats a lot of junk food. Giant companies package garbage food nicely and people buy and eat lots of it everyday. The tragedy in all this is that our kids are also helplessly exposed to it. What should we do to save the next generation?

Purple Corn is the answer. Aside from its rich antioxidant content, we all know how even ordinary corn is rich in fibers. Constipation should be over with a few gulps of purple corn. And the real good news about it all is that purple corn is rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant that greatly de-stresses the colon. Anthocyanin has a powerful anti-inflammation property, and this does the trick.

Colon cancer is often due to severe lack of fiber in the diet, making it difficult for the colon to do its job well. Thus, sometimes, deadly residues stubbornly stick to the colon walls like rock. This triggers free radical cells to reign and take over in chaos. If you lack fiber and the needed natural nutrients to combat free radicals, you're in danger of getting terribly sick.

Purple corn soothes colon stress due to inflammation caused by a blockage in the intestinal system. In a way, the anthocyanin in purple corn "cools down" a convulsing overheating "reactor." Just imagine good natural fiber and anthocyanin doing a powerful job together at cleaning and conditioning your colon.

Ordinary corn has 2 grams of dietary fiber per 100-gram serving. Thus, eating corn regularly does wonders to our intestinal system. However, if you ingest purple corn regularly, you get fiber plus lots of anthocyanin. The corn in juice form may have reduced the fiber content a bit, but it definitely has the same anthocyanin richness. Latest findings show that purple corn has more anthocyanin than blueberries--the difference is more than double.

Soon, we will be coming out with Purple Corn Coffee. So watch out for it! Remember to always ask your doctor about the health benefits of purple corn for you.

Amino Fertilizers: New BIO Chemical Protocol for Rice on Acidic Soil

Organic L-amino acid fertilizers applied to rice on a very acidic soil has a protocol to follow. For instance, it has been recently found out that agricultural tilled soil in the Philippines is very acidic, to say the least. Most L-amino acid fertilizers, like BIONIX, can perform excellently as a stand-alone fertilizer under normal soil conditions. Yields attain phenomenal results.

However, it's a very different thing when the soil is too acidic due to years of chemical fertilizer application. If we want to go BIO chemical farming, we need to follow this protocol:

Whatever chemical fertilizer you have been using, cut the amount in half per hectare and mix well with a potent amino fertilizer, like BIONIX Max 1, or BIOMax1. If you use 6 sacks of chemical fertilizer per hectare, just use 3 plus your bottle of BIONIX Max1.

BIO Chemical Power Soil Preparation

MAXIMIZING YOUR SOIL BIOCHEMCIAL CAPACITY. Mix 330 cc of BIOnixMAX 1 (it is absolutely non chemical, all organic) with each bag of 50-kilo chemical fertilizer. Apply on the soil prior to planting rice shoots. Pour this mix all over your farm. This is your concoction ratio per hectare:

RATIO: 330ml BIONIX Max 1: 50-kilo bag of chem fertilizer.

This prepares your soil and neutralizes its acidity, the same time that it fertilizes it. After your land preparation, start planting your palay shoots or vegetable plants.

According to plant experts, any plant grown organically gets rid of all weeds eventually. It also develops a natural insecticide property by making itself unattractive to pests and insects. Organic farming method that uses intermitent irrigation (not submerging palay plant in water but just keeping the soil wet and a bit muddy) gets rid of snails. With full-organic farming, you can benefit from the following:
  1. Soil neutralizer
  2. Soil fertilizer
  3. Snail remedy
  4. Weed remedy.
  5. With natural pesticide property
PLUS: It's a crop booster!

Then, after 15 to 20 days of planting the shoots, spray the plants with 1 liter of BIONIX in 200 liters water per hectare. Repeat it on day 30 or 40 and then on day 60 or 70. This will boost your crop size, quantity, and quality miraculously like never before. It lessens dependence on chemicals and expense for the same.

Seed Soaking: Getting Rid of Ipa

When the 14 days are almost over, start soaking your seeds. Soak seeds in this mixture: 20ml BIOnix Max 1 and 20 ml. BIOnix Max 2 in 20 liters water. Soak for 12 to 20 hours. Get rid of seeds that float and use the ones that remain soaked. Seeds that floated will yield empty palays (ipa). The ones that remain soaked will yield the best yields. Furthermore, seeds soaked in BIONIX Max 1 and 2 perform better while growing and helps for a better yield.

After the seed soaking test, pour or spray the soaking mixture on your farm. 

After 12 to 20 hours of soaking, start planting your seeds. When they have grown, plant the rice shoots on your land prepared farm. When they have recovered and are standing (about one hand-width tall, usually after 15 to 20 days) spray plant with pure BIONIX (1:200 liters of water or 80 ml to 16 liters of water). You may add our Silver Booster for strengthening the young plants, keeping them healthy, and increasing yield.

Then, after 30 to 45 days, spray the same concoction (80ml to 16 liters water). You may add our Red Booster for enhancing plant color and rice taste. Then, after 60 yo 70 days, apply the same concoction (80ml to 16 liters water) and you may add our Orange Booster for bigger and better quality yield.

Just keep up with this protocol to lessen acidity in the soil. This will gradually heal your soil from being too acidic. However, later on you should start converting your farm to full organic (with zero chemical usage). We have a different protocol for this and will be the subject of a later article.

In view of the Department of Agriculture thrust in phasing out all chemical fertilizers by 2013, we need to practice full organic farming now. BIO organic farming and protocol to follow soon on this blog.

Amino Fertilizers: Do They Expire?

Among questions often asked in presentations is, do amino fertilizers have an expiration date? The wonder with organic amino fertilizers with real L-amino acid and live micro organism contents is that they never expire in their bottles. The longer you keep them the more potent they become. There is no expiry date with amino fertilizers in bottles.

Just keep them in your warehouse and they remain stable. Even room temperatures are not a problem. For instance, BIONIX in bottles is not affected by room heat or when exposed to sunlight. However, when mixed with water, make sure to use it within 7 days. The live micro organism can saturate the water content and overcrowd it. Micro organism, when exposed to water, needs to be applied on the plant or soil to take in nitrogen.

By the way, when you spray foliar organic amino fertilizers on plant leaves, some micro organism residue remains on the folds of new leaves. They are then positioned to catch nitrogen in the air (there's more nitrogen airborne than there is in the soil) and thus, these micro organism are able to convert more nitrogen to plant food, which is L-amino acid. The plants get healthier this way.

Storing Liquid Fertilizers in Bottles

It's easier to store amino fertilizers in bottles than fertilizers in sacks. For one, you do not use up too much space in your warehouse with bottles. Another, fertilizers in sacks easily get wet. Liquid fertilizers in bottles do not. We all know that fertilizers in sacks getting wet is a BIG problem.

So, always go for organic amino fertilizers in bottles!