Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purple Corn to Detox Your Life!

Purple corn is not just for healing diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. It's generally for detoxing your body. It cleans your artery walls of clogging fatty substances. It also detoxes your colon. Thus, you need purple corn to detox your life.

Cholesterol build up in your arteries--or what they call atherosclerosis--is fatal. Once the fatty substance sticks to your arterial walls and hardens there into calcium deposits, you could suddenly drop dead. Blood flow will stop and your brain will lack blood and oxygen supply. Then your heart gets affected, too. Your blood pressure starts to shoot up.

How many times do you enjoy eating in fast food stores? Do you regularly eat fried chicken there (especially your dip fried, crunchy chicken skin), or cheese burgers, burger steaks, and hotdogs? Then you eat them with white bread? Plus your ice cream and your softdrinks. Well, congratulations--you're a candidate for a heart or hypertensive attack! You may not know it but your atherosclerosis build up may be a ticking time bomb in your artery system. It's time for purple corn to detox your life!

Look at the Food You Eat

Dip fried chicken and potato fries are rich in bad cholesterol, and your tender hotdog is rich in fats and carcinogenic artificial red food color. Your white bread has artificial margarine (which is a molecule away from being plastic), white sugar (which is food for cancer cells and diabetes), and white flour (which hardens in your colon, clogging  and stressing it). Then you eat your ice cream float and drink your softdrinks. You're literally killing yourself if you do this regularly.

Softdrinks have tons of white sugar, so does your ice cream. And cola drinks are terrible acids that literally melt your tooth after soaking it overnight there.That's what my teacher-medtech-wife discovered in their class lab experiment. In fact, some car mechanics use your favorite cola drink to wash away rust from car radiators. And then you drink that and let it melt down your body systems.

Some folks often ask if natural health supplements would hurt them, but they never ask the same about their favorite cola drink. If you can drink that black acid, you can certainly drink natural food supplements like purple corn to detox your life!

Get rid of all the "tox" in your system with purple corn juice. A gulp a day keeps health woes away. It has anti-cancer to fight cancer cells , anti-diabetes for your white sugar, anti-inflammatory to keep your colon healthy, anti-obesity for your fats and cholesterol, and it promotes smooth blood flow and prevents dangerous blood clots to clean your artery walls--among other health benefits. Yes, it's time for purple corn to detox your life!

Now, purple corn is not your free ticket to eating anything you want, because anyway you have something to counter bad food with. The key to good health is to avoid unhealthy food as much as possible and supplement with purple corn to detox your life. Of course, that's with regular exercises. God designed healthy life to have healthy food and regular exercise. You cannot change that.

I recommend early morning water therapy plus regular purple corn to detox your life.

Remember to consult your doctor about the health benefits of purple corn for you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Purple Corn: High Fiber for Cleansing

This is the generation that eats a lot of junk food. Giant companies package garbage food nicely and people buy and eat lots of it everyday. The tragedy in all this is that our kids are also helplessly exposed to it. What should we do to save the next generation?

Purple Corn is the answer. Aside from its rich antioxidant content, we all know how even ordinary corn is rich in fibers. Constipation should be over with a few gulps of purple corn. And the real good news about it all is that purple corn is rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant that greatly de-stresses the colon. Anthocyanin has a powerful anti-inflammation property, and this does the trick.

Colon cancer is often due to severe lack of fiber in the diet, making it difficult for the colon to do its job well. Thus, sometimes, deadly residues stubbornly stick to the colon walls like rock. This triggers free radical cells to reign and take over in chaos. If you lack fiber and the needed natural nutrients to combat free radicals, you're in danger of getting terribly sick.

Purple corn soothes colon stress due to inflammation caused by a blockage in the intestinal system. In a way, the anthocyanin in purple corn "cools down" a convulsing overheating "reactor." Just imagine good natural fiber and anthocyanin doing a powerful job together at cleaning and conditioning your colon.

Ordinary corn has 2 grams of dietary fiber per 100-gram serving. Thus, eating corn regularly does wonders to our intestinal system. However, if you ingest purple corn regularly, you get fiber plus lots of anthocyanin. The corn in juice form may have reduced the fiber content a bit, but it definitely has the same anthocyanin richness. Latest findings show that purple corn has more anthocyanin than blueberries--the difference is more than double.

Soon, we will be coming out with Purple Corn Coffee. So watch out for it! Remember to always ask your doctor about the health benefits of purple corn for you.

Amino Fertilizers: New BIO Chemical Protocol for Rice on Acidic Soil

Organic L-amino acid fertilizers applied to rice on a very acidic soil has a protocol to follow. For instance, it has been recently found out that agricultural tilled soil in the Philippines is very acidic, to say the least. Most L-amino acid fertilizers, like BIONIX, can perform excellently as a stand-alone fertilizer under normal soil conditions. Yields attain phenomenal results.

However, it's a very different thing when the soil is too acidic due to years of chemical fertilizer application. If we want to go BIO chemical farming, we need to follow this protocol:

Whatever chemical fertilizer you have been using, cut the amount in half per hectare and mix well with a potent amino fertilizer, like BIONIX Max 1, or BIOMax1. If you use 6 sacks of chemical fertilizer per hectare, just use 3 plus your bottle of BIONIX Max1.

BIO Chemical Power Soil Preparation

MAXIMIZING YOUR SOIL BIOCHEMCIAL CAPACITY. Mix 330 cc of BIOnixMAX 1 (it is absolutely non chemical, all organic) with each bag of 50-kilo chemical fertilizer. Apply on the soil prior to planting rice shoots. Pour this mix all over your farm. This is your concoction ratio per hectare:

RATIO: 330ml BIONIX Max 1: 50-kilo bag of chem fertilizer.

This prepares your soil and neutralizes its acidity, the same time that it fertilizes it. After your land preparation, start planting your palay shoots or vegetable plants.

According to plant experts, any plant grown organically gets rid of all weeds eventually. It also develops a natural insecticide property by making itself unattractive to pests and insects. Organic farming method that uses intermitent irrigation (not submerging palay plant in water but just keeping the soil wet and a bit muddy) gets rid of snails. With full-organic farming, you can benefit from the following:
  1. Soil neutralizer
  2. Soil fertilizer
  3. Snail remedy
  4. Weed remedy.
  5. With natural pesticide property
PLUS: It's a crop booster!

Then, after 15 to 20 days of planting the shoots, spray the plants with 1 liter of BIONIX in 200 liters water per hectare. Repeat it on day 30 or 40 and then on day 60 or 70. This will boost your crop size, quantity, and quality miraculously like never before. It lessens dependence on chemicals and expense for the same.

Seed Soaking: Getting Rid of Ipa

When the 14 days are almost over, start soaking your seeds. Soak seeds in this mixture: 20ml BIOnix Max 1 and 20 ml. BIOnix Max 2 in 20 liters water. Soak for 12 to 20 hours. Get rid of seeds that float and use the ones that remain soaked. Seeds that floated will yield empty palays (ipa). The ones that remain soaked will yield the best yields. Furthermore, seeds soaked in BIONIX Max 1 and 2 perform better while growing and helps for a better yield.

After the seed soaking test, pour or spray the soaking mixture on your farm. 

After 12 to 20 hours of soaking, start planting your seeds. When they have grown, plant the rice shoots on your land prepared farm. When they have recovered and are standing (about one hand-width tall, usually after 15 to 20 days) spray plant with pure BIONIX (1:200 liters of water or 80 ml to 16 liters of water). You may add our Silver Booster for strengthening the young plants, keeping them healthy, and increasing yield.

Then, after 30 to 45 days, spray the same concoction (80ml to 16 liters water). You may add our Red Booster for enhancing plant color and rice taste. Then, after 60 yo 70 days, apply the same concoction (80ml to 16 liters water) and you may add our Orange Booster for bigger and better quality yield.

Just keep up with this protocol to lessen acidity in the soil. This will gradually heal your soil from being too acidic. However, later on you should start converting your farm to full organic (with zero chemical usage). We have a different protocol for this and will be the subject of a later article.

In view of the Department of Agriculture thrust in phasing out all chemical fertilizers by 2013, we need to practice full organic farming now. BIO organic farming and protocol to follow soon on this blog.

Amino Fertilizers: Do They Expire?

Among questions often asked in presentations is, do amino fertilizers have an expiration date? The wonder with organic amino fertilizers with real L-amino acid and live micro organism contents is that they never expire in their bottles. The longer you keep them the more potent they become. There is no expiry date with amino fertilizers in bottles.

Just keep them in your warehouse and they remain stable. Even room temperatures are not a problem. For instance, BIONIX in bottles is not affected by room heat or when exposed to sunlight. However, when mixed with water, make sure to use it within 7 days. The live micro organism can saturate the water content and overcrowd it. Micro organism, when exposed to water, needs to be applied on the plant or soil to take in nitrogen.

By the way, when you spray foliar organic amino fertilizers on plant leaves, some micro organism residue remains on the folds of new leaves. They are then positioned to catch nitrogen in the air (there's more nitrogen airborne than there is in the soil) and thus, these micro organism are able to convert more nitrogen to plant food, which is L-amino acid. The plants get healthier this way.

Storing Liquid Fertilizers in Bottles

It's easier to store amino fertilizers in bottles than fertilizers in sacks. For one, you do not use up too much space in your warehouse with bottles. Another, fertilizers in sacks easily get wet. Liquid fertilizers in bottles do not. We all know that fertilizers in sacks getting wet is a BIG problem.

So, always go for organic amino fertilizers in bottles!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Videos

L-amino acid fertilizers have been baffling a lot of agriculturists, farmers, and fertilizer dealers and distributors. Is it the answer to global food crops production? Is it the major scientific breakthrough in the 21st century? Will it end the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture? Will it end worldwide hunger?

Here is a short video on the benefits of organic farming and its advantages over chemical farming.

An organic fertilizer plant.

Purple Corn Videos

Purple corn is a strange mystery to many people. Where does it come from and what happens if you eat it? Is it food of the gods or is it just a colored corn?

Well, wonder no more!

Here's purple corn nutritional information!

Purple Corn: DOC HHAI

Who's Doc Hhai, or is it Dr. Hhai?

DOC HHAI is really an acronym for the powerful health effects of purple corn. Here's what I mean:
  • D is for anti-Diabetes. It normalizes your blood sugar levels.
  • O is for anti-Obesity. It regulates stored body fats so that you get fitter and healthier.
  • C is for anti-Cancer. Being a phytochemical or phytonutrient, it fights the big C.
  • H is for anti-Hypertension. It normalizes your blood pressure and clears out bad cholesterol. Thus...
  • H is for anti-Heart ailment. It gives you cardiovascular health.
  • A is for anti-Ageing. It delays ageing, giving you healthy collagen.
  • I is for anti-Inflammation. Inflammation is normal and it is your body's natural defense against infection and muscle tissue tear. But sometimes, inflammation becomes excessive and lethal. It has to be regulated. Anthocyanin in purple corn does it best.

Purple Corn: Anti-Stress

Purple corn is good anti-stress. If you get headaches due to stress, a gulp of it (about 20 to 30 ml) gets rid of it. Antioxidants, particularly anthocyanin (which is abundant in purple corn) powerfully fights oxidative stress, among many others. Oxidative stress can make you older than your age, weaken your brain, and cause the overall breakdown of your body systems, including your immune system. And this could trigger the rampant proliferation of free radicals.

Oxidative stress starts oxidation, or the "rusting" of the body, thus the term oxidative. This can lead to neurotoxicity, increasing neuronal membrane malfunction. But anthocyanin can reverse all these stress-induced negative effects. By eating fruits rich in anthocyanin, many health experts believe such stress can be thwarted. And the most powerful anthocyanin-containing natural food is purple corn. Berries only come in second.

It used to be that blueberries were the most powerful food on earth. They contain 7.2 ml of anthocyanin per gram. But experts have recently found out that purple corn has 16.4 ml of it per gram.

Daily life entails a lot of stress. Some are good stress--stress that our bodies need to perk up enthusiasm. Doctors say this is healthy stress. But there is a negative or bad stress, called distress. This weakens the immune system and triggers ailments, some of which are degenerative and lethal. But a powerful bombardmnt of anthocyanin will neutralize the degenerative process that oxidative stress brings about. The more purple corn you take, the better chances you have at preventing stress, ailments, and body system oxidation.

People with distressing jobs and lifestyles ought to have a lifestyle change. The more they should have regular physical workouts and eat healthy food, particularly fruits. And here, purple corn is the best. Purple corn is now available in liquid (juice) form.

Amino Fertilizers: How to Earn P10,000 Per Bottle!

So you're selling an organic amino fertilizer, and let's say the brand name is Bionix. And you're earning P550 per bottle you sell (because you get a 25% discount per bottle as distributor, so selling it at its SRP of P2,200 gives you P550 each bottle). Cool, huh? You sell one bottle and you can go home and relax--you just earned more than most employees working 8 hours a day.

But you can earn P10,000 per bottle, and it's not through network marketing. Just directly sell it to end users. How? I'll tell you a secret, and this secret is superb for non-farmers who are wondering how they'd market Bionix in the city.

You see, each 5 ml of Bionix can be mixed with a liter of water. A bottle of this amino fertilizer contains a liter or 1000 ml. How many 5 ml of amino are there in a liter bottle? ANSWER: 200. So that's 200 bottles of mixed diluted Bionix. Sell that for P70 a bottle.

I heard of a chemical fertilizer bing sold in Las Pinas for P250 per sachet, and many small farmers are buying. Beat that with your P70 per liter. Now, how much do you make in all? ANSWER: P14,000.

Goodness, you make P14,000 per bottle! And your capital is just P2,200 for one bottle of Bionix and P1,000 for the 200 bottles.

Where do you sell these? Consider the following:

  1. Small vegetable farmers in the city. You'd be amazed how many there are. Here in Quezon city, I see them in Novaliches, Fairview, and other parts. They sell their own produce.
  2. Backyard vegetable gardeners.
  3. Backyard orchid raisers.
  4. Flowering plants, pots, and garden and landscaping element sellers.
  5. Landscapers
  6. Roof deck gardeners.
  7. Plants on road center islands.
  8. Mall and restaurant gardens.
  9. Greenhouses and seedling centers (there are some along Quezon Avenue).
  10. Hospital gardens.
If you have 5 of each listed above and you sell them at least a bottle a week, you earn P3,500 a week. That's P14,000 a month. If, say, that happens only 50%, you earn P7,000 a month.

Amino Fertilizers: On Farmers' Request for Free Demos

It happens each time--when you have a new product, people ask for free samples. The same with farmers. The moment you introduce a new organic amino fertilizer, they'd surely ask for a free demo on their farms. So what do you do?

You have two options--give them one or sell them one. I love the second option. I mean, let's face it; few things in this world are free. The moment you give away something for free, word gets around and soon the whole world's running after you for free farm demos--and you're not dealing with organic fertilizer just because you love to help farmers for free. You're not into this for social welfare, after all. You also want to earn some.

Give Them a Demo

Okay, let's tackle the first option. You give them one. How do you do it? First, you don't spray on the whole farm. Just take a few plots and spray on the plants on them. Why only a few plots? So they'd see and compare how their other plants perform against our Bionix sprayed plants (let's just say we're selling Bionix). Make sure you tell the farmer not to spray anything else on the plants sprayed with your L-amino acid organic fertilizer. They'd see results just about 7 to 10 days.

What if the farmer wants a bigger demo? Then challenge him to use Bionix on half of his farm. And make sure you're dealing with a very influential farmer--influential in a sense that he has command over other farmers in his community. When he approves of and uses our product, then we get the whole community. We differentiate influential from popular. If he's just a popular farmer in his community but is not influential, we defeat our purpose--which is to make the community our captured market. We need an influential farmer. And set these conditions on this farmer:

  1. The part of his farm sprayed with your amino fertilizer should be dedicated to your fertilizer alone. Nothing else should be applied on the soil or plants.
  2. The portion of the farm dedicated to your amino should be carefully watched to make sure no one tampers on them.
Thus, it is apparent that we should know or trust this farmer, or at least a close friend of our networker in the area. Sometimes, demo farms are sabotaged by spraying chemical fertilizers on the plants we have sprayed on, or someone simply accidentally sprayed something else on our plants. That would spell disaster for you. But if your demo ends up in success, you have a market for life.

But as I've said, I hate giving free demos.

Sell Them a Demo

Instead of a free demo, why not sell them one? Offer a bottle each to them and ask them to try it on just a portion of their farms to allay their fears of a risk going haywire and wrecking their harvest altogether. It's a legit fear, mind you. But you can sell them a demo, anyway. How? It's all on how you present your product...and yourself. Remember, marketing is really, first and foremost, how you "sell" yourself. No, it's not prostitution or anything like that, it's how you present yourself to your prospects as an expert they can trust in. They buy you, they buy your products.

So, you've got to be well versed in your product and system. And be sincere with them. Excel at answering all their questions professionally, but be honest with queries you cannot answer. "I'll find out about it and inform you as soon as possible," is a reassuring note on something you cannot answer and which your prospect wants to know about. And make sure you do get back to him with the right answer. Otherwise, your image is smeared. Prospects hate insincerity. Look after your integrity.

But neither should you often use that note so that majority of their queries get an "I'll find out about it ASAP." They'll leave you and go to another sales agent ASAP, too.

So make them buy, at least one bottle each. After all, it's very affordable. I mean Bionix costs only P2,200 a bottle. Most farmers can easily afford this. They buy fertilizers in sacks worth around P9,000 to P15,000 a hectare. How much more a bottle?

Or, if they cannot afford a bottle each, make the community of farmers contribute money and buy ONE bottle. Divide that liter-bottle into 200 bottles with a mixture ratio of 5ml of Bionix to a liter of water. Then they can each have a bottle to try on a selected plot in their farms. In 7 days, they'd each find ways to buy at least a bottle after seeing the results.

So, don't fear demos. Make profits from them.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Network Marketing: On Binary Flush Outs

Actually, it could be termed as "flash out" (it's out of your earnings in a flash) or "flush out" (your earnings all down the toilet). Anyway...

The best way to market a product, like an L-amino acid fertilizer (especially Bionix), is through binary networking. You just get two people as downlines who'd do exactly as you're doing--using the product and getting their two people each who'd also do the same things. We call this duplication. More on duplication soon.

Anyway, binary system should have a flush out feature. It's a safety mechanism in the system to make sure the company is healthy financially. The company should make a lot of profits for networkers to continue enjoying their business. Networkers should prioritize the profit of the company. You should bear this in mind.

Flush out is based on a maximum income potential (MIP) per day. Let's take this example:

Let's say, you can join a company (like Purple Netwrox) through one of 3 different distribution capacities:

  • GOLD: with P20,000 MIP a day. Investment: P9,888.00 for 5 bottles. (P2,000/pair)
  • SILVER: with P10,000 MIP a day. Investment: P5,888.00 for 3 bottles. (P1,000/pair)
  • BRONZE: with P4,000 MIP a day. Investment: P2,200.00 for a bottle. (P400/pair)
Binary works this way: Per pair or match you have (one on your left and one on your right) you get a cash bonus. If you're a GOLD and one person joins you on your right and another on your left, you get a P2,000 pair bonus. Get it? Each time you get a pair, you get P2,000.

Let's say you chose SILVER. You bought 3 bottles for only P5,888 though it should've cost you P6,600 because per bottle is P2,200. Buying makes you a member. Then you invited people to join you in the business. As time went on, your earnings reached P10,000 a month, and then P10,000 a week, and then finally P10,000 a day! With networking, this happens as an ordinary affair. So don't marvel too much about it.

Say, today you start getting a P10,000 check. Tomorrow, it won't be just P10k anymore--because your downlines will keep getting people joining under them. Say, tomorrow you get P20,000. Because being SILVER entails having a limit of P10,000 MIP a day, you don't get a P20,000 check. Instead, you still get a P10,000 check. If still the next day you get a P100,000 pair bonus, you won't get the whole amount. You'd just get P10,000 being a SILVER.

Remember, this starts happening when you start earning P1,000 a day as SILVER.

Now, some people hate flush outs and would try to manipulate it by manipulating the entry of new members. You can do that, but I won't if I were you. I would want the company to earn good so that my business would be stable. Stability in networking depends on the company's stability. And anyway, manipulating the entry of new members would be a difficult task. Why not just sit down and enjoy what's given you and just thank God for it! Why suffer? There's wisdom in contentment, said Paul in the bible. Greed is the cause of so many life woes, the same book avers.

Proverbs says, those who love money never get enough of it. Ecclesiastes says God designed that greedy rich people will never enjoy their money. They will actually die 'poor.' What an irony. You cannot serve God and money at the same time. And wasting time monitoring and manipulating the entry of new members is serving money. However, you can serve God and enjoy his blessings at the same time--if we learn to be content with what he gives us daily.

I don't mind having frequent flush outs. It's better to give than to receive, says the Lord Jesus. Flush outs means not only the company is helped but also all those who have joined and are doing the business, especially those under me.

So don't feel short changed with flush outs. Just enjoy the good life---thank God and help people with your wealth. God gave us power to produce wealth so we can use the wealth for his glory. Smile and feel good and help other people earn. Forget about yourself and God will  take care of you more.

Amino Fertilizers: How to Apply to Your Vegetable Garden

Among the wonders of an L-amino acid organic fertilizer is its good effects on vegetable plants. The question is often, how to apply to your vegetable garden? It's really simpler than you think.


When you buy an amino fertilizer, make sure it's really organic, made from plant elements. Don't buy mineral organic fertilizers. Make sure it's 100 percent organic L-amino acid, like Bionix for instance. Here's the ratio: 5ml is to 1 liter of water. Put the mixture in a spray and spray on the vegetable plants.

Spraying Schedule

Just spray as you think fit. There's no protocol or procedure--if it's genuinely organic. After all, it's just natural food. Natural L-amino acid is plant for food. The organic fertilizer should be certified as thus by an authoritative product analyst. Anyway, spray once in the morning and afternoon, and do it twice or thrice before the plants start flowering. During flowering, stop the spraying--it may affect or abort maturation. However, if you do accidentally spray, don't worry. New flowers will appear soon in much greater numbers. You won't believe it!

The question often is, how many times should I spray? Spray any number of times you think you ought to. Don't over spray, not because the plants will burn or die, but because we're thinking of economics here. Spend just enough on your garden. Too much may not be cost effective. But regular spraying will definitely make your plants healthier and bear more flowers and fruits, if they are fruit bearing, of course.

Applying on the Soil

Can you apply on the soil? Yes, do it anyway you like. Spray on the soil and the plant. Spraying on the soil makes it more fertile and rich to plant on. Bionix, for instance, has 3 microorganism that prepare the soil for the plants' nutrient sucking. Plants easily get nutrients from the soil that way. Then you may spray on the plant, too. That's double nutrition. The more nutritious food the plant gets, the healthier it becomes. The more fruits it bears.

So you see, a liter bottle can go a long way. But if you increase your garden size, you'll need more of the fertilizer--and that's more harvest. Turn your home garden into a business. Fresh, organic vegetables are everybody's health need. They make a fortune. A lot of people love fresh, organic veggies. If you start your home garden seriously, you can soon make free home deliveries to your customers. That's quality life with a purpose. And that's God's blessing!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Making Your Home Garden Earn P50K a Month

Your home garden earning some P50,000 a month--how does that sound? Unbelievable? You'd probably say, yeah that's possible if your home garden were 3 to 4 hectares big. But nope, I'm not talking about a big home garden here. I'm talking about that small garden nook in your kitchen or in your backyard or laundry area where you plant tomatoes and green leafy veggies in small pots.  Just spray them with L-amino acid organic fertilizer and see it making your home garden earn P50k a month or more!

I'm not kidding. I'm dead serious.

First, build yourself a nice home garden. If you don't have the space, make layered stools (like a stair) and put medium-size pots or buckets on each level. Make about 3 to 5 of them and place them in a corner of your backyard. Plant vegetables there and spray with L-amino acid organic fertilizer. A one-liter bottle is enough, like a liter of Bionix. The ratio is 5ml of L-amino acid fertilizer to a liter of water or 5ml :1 liter. Then spray the mixture on the leaves of your vegetable plants.

For non-hanging veggie plants, it should take about 45 days before harvest. Spray once or twice during that period, depending on how you see the interval fit. The better sprayed the bigger the crop size and the more the fruits. But of course, think of economics and costing.

For hanging ones, it should take about 2 months before harvest, so spray twice or thrice during that period. It all depends on how you judge your plants needing the fertilizer. Don't worry about overdose--it isn't possible. THERE'S NO OVERDOSE OR OVER USE. Organic L-amino acid fertilizers, like Bionix, is the plant's natural food. Just freely spray, as you see fit, one in the early morning, and one in the late afternoon.

Remember to spray on the leaves, not on the seed or soil. Wait for the seeds to sprout and grow enough. When leaves are big enough, spray. When flowers appear, do not spray to avoid aborting the fruits. Phenomenal growth should start on the 7th day after spraying. Show your friends and neighbors and prospects the results. Tell them the extraordinary and amazing results is due to the L-amino acid fertilizer. Then come harvest time, before you harvest (while your veggie produce are still in the garden), invite your friend, neighbors, and prospects again to show off the super big, naturally and brightly colored, and abundant fruits or veggie crops.

Then tell them all about the L-amino acid and challenge them to start a green revolution in their homes and communities for a worthy, life-changing and community-transforming hobby. Then sell them the amino fertilizer and tell them to try it at home. They'd surely try it. Offer them the discounted price if they signup for membership. Having them signup for membership starts your networking business, and your P50k a month extra income.

When their harvest comes (after 45 days to 2 months) they can also start showing off to their friends and neighbors and prospects and have them signup for membership and start the home garden hobby.

Soon, your network will reach different communities and barangays in the city and other cities (these are non-farmers who have found a new hobby and "go-green" cause, thanks to your marketing ingenuity! And some of them have bigger home gardens and orchid green houses) before you know it. Soon, it reaches the community and city park operators and even malls with gardens and buildings with roof deck gardens. The city soon becomes crazy about gardening! And your P50k a month becomes P50k a week, and much later--probably after 2 or 3 years, conservatively--P50k a day. That's P1.5 million a month "extra" income. How about that?

You think it's a good idea? If you can see it in your mind, it can happen--if you make it happen. Pray and do it with God--He makes everything possible! Oh, come on! Don't just sit there and dream about it. Start it now!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: How They are Best for Your Vegetable Garden

L-Amino Acid organic fertilizers (derived from plants, not chemicals) are best for all types of plants and trees. They're the best fertilizers for rice plants. And the good news is, your vegetable garden will also yield better with it. L-Amino Acid fertilizers work perfectly for vegetables, and this was attested to by several vegetable farmers, one of whom came to our office yesterday marveling at how their eggplants and string beans became bigger and so vibrant looking after a spray. Yup, amino fertilizers are the best for your vegetable garden!

Most vegetables take only 45 days to grow. Spray your organic L-amino acid fertilizer once or twice during the duration, and that's it. Spray early in the morning and late in the afternoon--best spraying times. And spray on the leaves. Don't worry about being washed away by rain or water. Some organic L-amino acid fertilizers, like Bionix for instance, have natural binding or sticking properties that make it stick to the plant until the plant eats it all. You see now why it's the best for your vegetable garden?

For hanging vegetables, like amplaya, string beans, and squash, growing them often takes about 2 months. In this case, spray 2 or 3 times during the duration. Bionix, specifically, is a flexible thing to handle. You literally have a freehand on how many times you'd like to spray it. Spray it once, twice, or thrice. It depends on how you estimate your budget as a farmer. Just spray as you see fit and don't worry about overdose because it is not chemical. It is natural food.

Just a word of caution: when your vegetables or fruits begin to bear flowers, refrain from spraying anymore. The flowers may fall off. However, if you do accidentally spray on the flowers and they fall off, don't worry. Your plants will bear flowers again, only this time, they will bear much more flowers.

Some farmers in the Philippines make a habit of re-plowing the sides of plots planted to vegetables, like eggplants for instance, when they see them bearing small yields already. They do this is to discourage the growth of weeds. But this may prove harmful. The re-plowing may hurt eggplant roots and upset the fruition altogether and may even damage the whole plant. There's no need to re-plow. Just let the organic amino do its job naturally.

If you're planning on selling your orgnic L-amino acid fertilizer to your neighbor farmers and you need a quick way to show them the power of your amino fertilizer, do it with vegetables. Spray your vegetables and your neighbors will see truly amazing results after just 7 days. Show off your plants. And then during harvest, make another exhibit of your unbelievable crops--bigger, brighter in color, no pest marks, and greater in number. Tastier and more nutritious, too!

Then your neighbors marvel at them and buy the fertilizer from you and you make a lot of profits. Better if you do it with network marketing! You and your neighbor farmers earn a lot of profits from your veggie harvests and from networking income!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Network Marketing: The Power of a Smile and Handshake

Sadly, very few networkers, even "veteran" ones, understand the value and power of a smile and handshake, and I'm talking of the genuine kind. It shows what kind of a person, professional, and a networker you are, and what kind of company you represent.  The power of a smile and handshake can pull down walls of defenses, cynicism, and bias. and open wide minds for something new.

In fact, a warm and sincere smile and handshake are also powerful in any undertakings. I've "disarmed" quite a few difficult clients with them, and I enjoyed watching them melt in the show of goodwill. The power of a smile and handshake is vital in these ways:

  1. It relaxes clients. It makes them feel they're in good company, or makes them feel at ease even when meeting a stranger for the first time. It makes you look trustworthy with the first impression.
  2. It's a quick but powerful opening that communicates, "Hi! I'm here to help!"
  3. It breaks the ice.
  4. In one simple gesture, it tells people that you and your company are of high caliber.
  5. It shows you are reliable and trustworthy.
  6. You are approachable.
  7. You're a friend.
The last one is what everyone wants and likes, and may keep people wanting to come back for more. Remember that sincere warmth is the most demanded and a rare "product" everyone needs. And business people and companies are often out of supply of it. The power of a smile and handshake can remedy any tight and awkward situation and turn it into something redeemable. I should know--I've discovered this many times in real life. I've even disarmed a gun wielding boss (mad at someone else) with my warm friendliness. It was all God's grace.

The bible is powerful when it observes that "A cheerful heart is good remedy for anything, but a crushed spirit dries up everything," [Proverbs 17.22]. Most companies have a "crushed spirit" image. And I'm not just talking about being bankrupt and all that. I'm talking about being cold and negligent of people. They won't even put a "Welcome! Please come in!" sign on their door.

What clients look for in a company is this--the moment they enter the door, someone from the company approaches them with a sincere and broad friendly smile extending his or her hand to them in welcome. Or even a friendly smile would suffice. This is basic PR work and marketing strategy. If a company fails at this, it's a failure, no matter how big its profits may be--for now. Pretty soon, its coldness would lose a lot of good clients.

If a networker is just after sales or recruiting potential people, he is bound to neglect human relations. I've seen arrogant networkers look down on people they cannot use to grow their businesses. If a guy has no use for them, they seldom treat them well. The best that poor networkers can get is a meaningless smile--or a smirk. Most high-handed networkers do not understand the importance of being nice and kind to all people. Someday they'd stumble on their own pride and fall on their faces not knowing what happened. These networkers earn lots of money (or aim too much to), so that money has eaten into their ego. God says the love of money is a root of all evil.

Thus, if you want to be a good networker, your first lesson should be to genuinely love people. The very essence of "networking" is working with people--not using people. People users give network marketing a bad name so that many people see it as a bad business. Love people by being interested in their well being (as you also watch out for those who would abuse your love for people). If you love people, it shows how you love yourself in a healthy way, and people would love networking with you, or doing business with you.

And this isn't just for networkers or sales agents. Everyone in the company--from janitors and messengers to clerks to the staff, to officers, to the VPs, and to the big bosses--everyone should realize and apply the power of a smile and handshake. Company people all rely on the success of the company, and they all should be part of it. They should all make sure that every visitor to the company--other company's messengers, postmen, bill collectors, inquirers, guests, especial guests, and investors--should get fair treatment.

And everything starts with a simple but powerful initial approach--the power of a smile and handshake. It should be a priority personal character and marketing strategy in business.

So, smile! Extend the hand. The facial and arm exercise is crucial for your company's health and fitness.

Amino Fertilizers: Marketers' Role in Nation Building

Marketing amino fertilizers is larger than merely selling health juices or supplements. You sell health supplements and help an individual get healthier. Market L-amino acid organic fertilizer and you make a whole nation healthier. How? Here are 12 reasons.
  1. Produce food crops that are more nutritious in a natural way.
  2. Produce more fruits and veggies that are better looking, definitely bigger in size, and better tasting, naturally.
  3. Bring back the quality of fruits and vegetables produced during the pre-inorganic fertilizer years.
  4. Produce more and more of these quality food crops until the inferior kinds are eliminated.
  5. Double or triple the nation's quality food crop produce.
  6. Improve the nutrition and health of the populace (reducing malnutrition and sickness).
  7. Help in the agricultural development and economy of the nation.
  8. Help restore and enrich the soil and protect the agricultural environment.
  9. Help small farmers earn potentially increasing income yearly.
  10. De-congest the cities (more folks in the city originating from the provinces will decide to go back to lucrative farming).
  11. Help alleviate poverty.
  12. Lessen countryside insurgency.
Thus, the slogan: "Quality life with a purpose." And thus, too, the logic behind marketing amino fertilizers, purple corn, and apparels, among many other reasons. By offering network marketing with a health product and apparels, we help people have quality lives. With organic fertilizer, we market for a noble and honorable purpose--nation building.

Never before has any network marketing company carried a product that has tremendous nation building impact. They often carried products good only for individuals and were never a national necessity. Health supplement products are always seen as a personal need and choice but never a national concern. If we say network marketing has lots of potential to grow and enrich a business, then why not apply it to a nation's economy? Well, this is the first time a networking business will be finally applied for national economic and agricultural growth.

When marketing all-natural and genuinely organic amino fertilizers, like Bionix for instance, always bear in mind that you're not only marketing for quality life. You're marketing for a noble purpose. And you help not just an individual; you help a whole nation.

Purple Corn: Anthocyanin and Its Anti-Angiogenic Effect

Anthocyanin, a type of antioxidant abundantly found in purple corn, can be used in a broad spectrum of anti-carcinogenic and therapeutic purposes. In fruits, it functions as pigmentation for their bright colors and as natural antioxidants to protect the plants and their fruits from elemental harm, like the sun’s UV rays. It repairs and protects genomic DNA integrity. 
Berry anthocyanin works in controlling age related oxidative stress. It also improves the cognitive and neuronal functions of the brain. Combined berry varieties were found to be effective in their anthocyanic values in the following:  antioxidant efficacy, their potential for cytotoxicity, cellular uptake, and the ability to fight angiogenic problems. 
Angiogenic problems cause abnormal growths of blood vessels which can cause tumors and varicose veins. Anthocyanin can help prevent this. Since purple corn has recently been found to contain more amounts of anthocyanin than any other fruits or berries, the benefits with it can be astounding. It’s easy to see how it can have the same high Oxygen-Radical Absorbing Capacity (ORAC) value, powerful anti-angiogenic and low cytotoxicity properties as these mixed berries have, if not higher. 
What’s the significance of having high anti-angiogenic properties? It is crucial in treating cancer in vascular tumor biology. In fact, some medical scientists see it a priority area. Studies are being conducted evincing further the potential of anthocyanin as an anti-carcinogen phyto nutrient. For bottled purple corn...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Purple Corn: Other Anthocyanin Health Benefits

Anthocyanin is an antioxidant abundant in purple corn. Recent studies say this corn has more anthocyanin than blueberries. So what if it has? Well, according to some experts, here are some anthocyanin health benefits.

  1. It prevents your blood cells from sticking together. If they do stick together too much, it crowds the vessels and arteries and constricts them. 
  2. It prevents arteries from being constricted.
  3. It improves blood vessel elasticity.
  4. Thus, it keeps the BP or blood pressure normal.
  5. Immune system boost.
  6. It increases energy levels, making you energetic, of course.
  7. Helps your body stand erect by preventing osteoporosis.
  8. Prevents fast ageing and promotes mental sharpness.
  9. So, that's lesser chances of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  10. For good eyesight, because it protects from cataracts and macular damage.
  11. Lessens night blindness, if you have it.
  12. Protection from free radicals.
  13. New supply of Vitamins C and E during oxidation.
  14. For normal anti-inflammatory reaction.
  15. For protecting yourself against UV rays and air pollutants.
  16. Reduced allergies and histamine (good for asthma).
  17. For faster healing of soft tissue.
And the count down goes on as more studies are conducted on anthocyanin. So don't be surprised to see how the health benefits keep adding regularly. So, why is anthocyanin this powerful?

Well, as far as purple corn's anthocyanin is concerned, the plant, being exposed to harsh elements on the high mountains of Peru and along the coasts (imagine the increased UV rays from the sun at 10,000 feet above sea level, and other extreme weather conditions), the plant developed an immune defense to protect itself especially from free radicals and survive. Thus, its increased level of anthocyanin. Thus, it's deep purple or "blue" color.

Now, you won't have to eat and gnarl a lot of the grain daily. All you have to do is gulp purple corn juice. They come in bottles, with the same potency. And you can even earn lots of profits by sharing it with friends. More on this...

Amino Fertilizers: Disadvantages of Soil-Base Fertilizers

It's often said that good gardening means good, healthy soil. That still holds true. However, in large scale farming, soil bombarded with too much inorganic fertilizers are damaged big-time. The soil becomes too acidic because of fertilizer types that use rock ingredients that harden the soil. When you apply fertilizer on such soil, you lose a lot of money. Why? Here are the disadvantages of soil-base fertilizers:

Loss Due to Evaporation

When you apply fertilizer on the soil, it takes a long slow process for it to generate food for the plant. In the meantime, some experts say about 60 percent of the fertilizer you applied have been lost to evaporation. The soil takes time to get something from the soil-base fertilizer you applied, to get the micro organisms benefited from it, and then mix soil nutrients with the action of the sun, air, and water for photosynthesis. That process produces amino acid which the plant needs as food. Then proteins are produced to make the plant grow and produce crops.

But the fact of nature is, there is the thing called evaporation. Water evaporates within minutes, and because your fertilizer is mixed with water, it evaporates with the water fast. And it's easy to see why 60 percent of your soil-base fertilizer goes to waste: water evaporates so fast and almost entirely immediately, especially under the sun.

Loss Due to Seepage

Because you applied it on the soil, your liquid fertilizer is easily seeped into it. Soil allows easy seepage for liquids, except in instances of severe flooding when soil seepage properties lessen or slow down. But then, your fertilizer easily washes away in the flood even if it does not get seeped deep into the soil, not to mention the flood ruining your plants. Some experts say about 30 percent of it is wasted through seepage. Just imagine, you buy kilos of costly fertilizer just to lose 30 percent of it to seepage. And that's not counting the quantity lost to evaporation.

10 Percent Benefit

The remainder is a measly 10 percent benefit for your plant. You buy fertilizer worth, say, P3,000 for a hectare and the benefit is only worth some P300. All the P2,700 is all trashed down the drain. And that's not counting the labor cost to have the sacks brought from the warehouse to your truck, and then from your truck to the site. And that's not counting your truck rent. If the labor cost is, say, P500, and the truck rent is P1,500, you lose about P4,700 in all each season. All that for a 300-peso benefit. What if you plant and harvest thrice a year? The loss is P14,100 per hectare with only a 900-peso benefit annually for fertilizers. What if you have 3 or 5 or more hectares? See the disadvantages of soil-base fertilizers?

The question is, is there a plant-base fertilizer? A plant-base fertilizer is applied directly to the plant, not the soil. So it's not soil-dependent. Next time, we'll discuss about the advantages of plant-base fertilizers.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Network Marketing: Relational Sales

Any sales--be it direct selling or network marketing--becomes powerful if it's relational. Relational is not only when you seek referrals from someone you know to reach other prospects. It's first and foremost establishing good will with people, prospect or otherwise. You need to be kind and friendly to everyone. You have to be there to help and second only to make a sale.

When sales is relational it is intentional. You have intentions, and they are good. You're there as an expert consultant who want to help your client. Sure enough, you can make lots of money by just selling to people and not be concerned about relational sales. But you will have to keep looking for new clients to sell to because your former clients may not buy from you again. If you want regular customers who seek your sales, be relational.

I have found lots of people who hate sellers who just want to make a profit from them, and especially so if the sellers reflect in their salesmanship their greed for profit-making. In a sense, you are what you eat. If you eat money, it will show in your salesmanship. Greedy people are often rude, impatient, and arrogant.

Being relational means you become genuinely interested in your client. Get to know a bit about his business and his business needs. See where you can help and make the offer. If need be, get to know his family, too, or his interests. People like to talk about their achievements and sometimes you'd have to be their audience. But have the marketing wisdom to know when enough is enough and get back to how he needs your help and how you can help him.

Most doctors are good salesmen, as it were. They kindly listen to your need or problem, and then they offer help. They may even listen to your life story a bit. But they know when enough is enough and go back to talking of your problem. Some of them are patient and kind enough to know their patients well. You'd like to go back to such a doctor whenever you have medical problems, wouldn't you? And prefer him to other physicians.

You need to make your clients comfortable with you. And this often takes time--thus, relational. Relations often take time to build. You need to keep going back to the person, not to make sales but to ask how he or she is, just to show concern. I often make a call or visit people and ask how they are, often without intending to sell them anything. Do make them know that you're into sales or network marketing. When the relationship is there, it will be an easy thing to offer them something of help to them.

Because relational is trust.

In sales or network marketing, we often look for people to sell to. We may hit it one time and make money on that. But the best thing to do is to share, and sharing means you do it in a relational context. You often share with people who matter to you. Then they'd share you more.

Purple Corn: What's So Deadly About Inflammation?

What’s  so deadly about inflammation that experts caution against it? Inflammation is “swelling,” and we often wonder, so what if I bump my head and it swells?

Well, swelling is God’s way of keeping us safe from internal injuries. In a sense, inflammation is good. It’s an internal emergence reaction of the body, quickly responding to biochemical distress hints sent by damaged tissues. When swelling happens, it means the affected area has already be cordoned off for protection and invading bacteria put out of commission. The whole thing is faster than the emergency response you’d get from dialing 911.

Thus, in a way, inflammation is our first line of defense when we’re injured or infected. However, it works in another way that is harmful to us and may even prove lethal if uncontrolled. If your natural inflammation reaction against infection goes haywire, it can ruin your healthy tissue and do more damage than the infection. And if it goes haywire, it means your immune system has been compromised seriously.
The immune system should maintain a balance between heating off and cooling down our natural inflammation reaction.

A defective immune system can trigger a strong inflammatory reaction. Then, you may get psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, to name a few. Too much inflammation is dangerous, but what can we do to normalize it?
Well, God is so good to have blessed Peru with purple corn.

Purple corn is anti-inflammatory. With it, your defensive inflammatory response is regulated. You now have an ally inside your body to help prevent inflammation of internal organs and other internal swelling effects that may block the healthy flow of your body systems.

Do you suffer from sinusitis or recurring headaches? These are sometimes caused by swelling. Something in your nasal system swells, blocks, and pressures nerves and causes the pain. Do your bone joints ache? It may be due to inflammation. Purple corn can help you.

You don’t have to go to Peru for purple corn. It’s made available in all-natural juice form. For more on this…

Friday, June 3, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Healing the Soil

Chemical inorganic fertilizer can cause the soil to give up producing anymore. The more such fertilizers are applied, the more the soil is harmed, the more costly agricultural maintenance becomes. Why would we wait the time when soil wouldn't produce anything for us any longer? But organic amino acid fertilizers can start healing the soil.

How? By making it rest. Even in the bible, the land is given enough time to rest from any agricultural activity. On the seventh year, it is not to be tilled or planted to anything at all. That healed the soil and conditioned it to retain its productivity. In a way, amino fertilizers are bible based. They work with God's purposes.

Being plant-base, amino targets the stoma of the plant or trees itself. You may spray it on the soil to help micro organisms there enrich the soil. But it is really sprayed on the plant. The plant need not get nutrition from the soil. All it needs the soil for is a base on which to stand--like a chair to sit on while eating dinner. But it no longer derives food from the soil, because amino acid is itself the plant food. All your plant needs is to sit down and eat.

As you can eat while standing up (not needing a chair to sit on), so plant feeding on this unique fertilizer does not need soil to "sit on." You can have your plant on sand or water--as long as it sprouts leaves on which you may apply the spray. Then your plant will surely thrive and produce terrifically. In the meantime, because the soil is not needed for plants to get food from, it rests and recovers and restores its vigor and usefulness. Thus, organic fertilizers, like those with natural amino acids, can help in healing the soil.

Healing the soil needs de-acidity, or taking away its acidity. Acidity is due not only to inorganic fertilizers but also animal manure overly used as fertilizer. Acidic soil is among the culprits of poor crop production in quality and quantity. Some folks, to remedy this, cover old soil with new soil. Or, they get rid of the top soil and replace with fertile soil. This is labor intensive and quite expensive. They need not do all that. They only need organic amino fertilizers.

And bionix is easy to apply. Just mix with water and spray over plant, tree, or soil. The general ratio is 1:250. You don't need to carry heavy sacks of it to your site. Just carry 3- one litter bottles per hectare. And it's definitely cheaper then other fertilizers.

As you triple your harvest and profits (and considerably reduce cost), you help in healing the soil with amino. You improve your finances, your life, and you also help the nation and the agri environment. That's quality life with a purpose.

Purple Corn: Diabetes Control

The ideal thing to do is combine your maintenance drug with purple corn. Anyway, this corn is not a drug. There won't be any overdose--it's just plain eating corn. If your physician believes in the power of natural health supplements, he or she can be a big help to you. In case he or she does not, and your doctor thinks that for some reason it will bad for you, then don't. Always follow your physician's orders. But he or she gives you the go signal, then have your blood sugar regularly checked as you consume this corn. That's proper diabetes control.

You may ask--where on earth am I going to get my purple corn if it grows only in Peru, and I'm not from there? Simple...get yourself purple corn juice. And this is where you get it...

Anyway, let the doctor himself see your progress and lower your maintenance drug dose. Later on, he may have to do away with it if there is no cause for it. Do not self medicate. Always check with your doctor and let him decide what to do with your medication. Don't get rid of your maintenance just because you feel good already, or you believe in purple cornt. Work closely with your doctor. That's proper diabetes control.

Purple corn is not anti-diabetes in the sense that you can now eat all the sweets you like, because anyway, there's the corn juice to counter them with. Even with the juice, you should watch what you eat. Do away with too much sweets and carbohydrates (eat only as recommended by the doctor) and exercise regularly. Brisk walking daily for 40 minutes to an hour is good, of course with doctor's approval. And drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Diabetes control takes patience and discipline. I've seen people get better through this. I know a diabetes patient personally who quit eating food bad for him and who exercised regularly. At first, he had lots of troubles trying to cope with a regimented life. But then, after seeing him recently (we met during one of my brisk walking sessions) he looked so well and seemed very accustomed to a life of discipline. He smiled brightly and didn't seem sick.

If you couple that with this super blue corn, you can just imagine the progress.

Because Purple corn rejuvenates the body (makes you feel young because of what it does to your cells and collagen) and protects it from free radicals through antioxidants, it can prevent diabetes from having complications with cancer. And it can help strengthen other organs, like your kidney, through cell rejuvenation. Because antioxidants guard and protect the cells.

If you're a health buff watchful of what you eat, purple corn will work much better for you. The only reason natural health supplements may sometimes not work is due to abuse. They take health supplements and think they've become immune against what doctors have ordered. Be a rigid health buff.

Remember, this corn is not a cure for diabetes itself. It helps your body get well and really healthy and stronger to combat high sugar levels and regulate natural insulin in the body with patience and discipline. Then you share the good news with other people who need the same benefit. That's quality life with a purpose.

Network Marketing: Success is a Mindset

Philosophically speaking, success is an illusion. Some people perceived as successes are actually failures in private life.  And some "failures" are really successful. It all depends on how people see things. But what's important is how you see yourself. No matter if people say negative things about your future, think of yourself as a success and get the drive to make it real.

It's how you picture yourself in your mind that really matters.

Thus, in the bible, God often gave the Israelites visions of their destiny. The nations around them taunted them of their smallness and incapabilities, but God told them they were big. "Go in and take the land! Do not fear. No one will be able to stand up against you because of me!" And they did defeat all their enemies and conquered the Promise Land, even if they were the smallest and fewest, with a ragtag army.

If your company is big and rich and flashy and posh, good for you. But it doesn't mean anything. It's all an illusion. You can use that illusion to your advantage or disadvantage. Big and rich companies sometimes even spell defeat for some sales people, because you'll have to measure up to the company's name. If you don't look like it, your clients will look for other sales people who do.

In network marketing, it makes no difference whether you work for a big or small company, as long as the company is truthful and sincere, especially with its products and delivery. If you have a good product and you can deliver, then you're "big." I've watched networking companies start really small and grow big, not because of their money or attractive office. But because they were sincere and truthful and delivered. I even saw one who offered a really good product but with yet poor packaging. But they managed to take off and hit it really big. It was because they believed in themselves, the product, and the company. Some companies have the tendency to go lax with their promises and delivery once they get big. It's a pitfall for starting networkers, especially. I'd rather join a pioneering company with sharp attention to details than with a big company losing its grip on everything, especially delivery.

Using an Illusion to Your Advantage

How do you use illusion to your advantage? First, make positive illusions about yourself and your place in the company. In other words, dream. Forget about disillusionment. Dream and be driven to it. After creating your illusions or dreams, don't listen to anything else except that which feeds the dream. Anyway, everything is just an illusion. If people around you have a negative illusion of you, why listen? Use your own self-illusion. Be driven to and by it.

If people say networking is a pitfall (many folks still do not see networking as a real and legit career and will say lots of negative things about it), let them speak, but don't listen to their negative inputs. Everything they say is just an illusion, a mindset created by the limitations of their experience and knowledge. They are entitled to that, but don't buy it. Buy your own illusions. It's a free country, anyway.

If people say your networking company is small and won't last, suit themselves. But don't listen. It's just their own crafted illusion. Craft your own.

The key to this is faith. Believe in your company and product. Do you? You have to be sold out to them. You have to use the product and love the company. You should be totally committed to grow the company and make it rich because you treat it as your own business. Create the illusion that you will grow rich with the company and be able to help a lot of people--by the hundred thousands!

Why call it "illusion"?

Because it will sound crazy to other people. Only you, (and perhaps the company you work for and your downlines) will be able to capture its worth. To other people, it's just your mad illusion, Your daydream. But to you, it's your life vision. To you, it will work. You see the invisible, so you achieve the impossible. If you see the invisible, you do the impossible.

And a dream or illusion, to turn into a vision and reality, needs faith in God. Prayer works. Faith in God makes him put faith in what he has put in you. Then you become successful. Then you help a lot of folks. That's quality life with a purpose!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Network Marketing: Presenting Your 'Unique' Business

What if you're carrying a unique product line consisting of apparels, a health juice, and fertilizer? Fertilizer? Yeah, you heard right! Fertilizer. Would you back off or be excitedly challenged? Most ornery distributors would back off, but enterprising and adventurous ones would grab the opportunity to be different.
Network marketing is radical, and it's the best method of pioneering and presenting to the public a unique product. Now, why fertilizer with apparels and a health product, you may ask? The real question is, why not? Why not get involved in the nation's economic recovery program while you enjoy sharing with people good health and good looks?
The problem with having good health and looks in a poor country is that, your health and financial  gain is superficial. A few make it rich while the majority remain impoverished. Are you still happy with that? There has to be a revolutionary and unique program that should address all--maintain the usual trend of network marketing, which is health, wellness, and good looks, and introduce a new thrust in alleviating poverty, not just on a personal level but on a national scale.
We all mouth out that network marketing is effective. Then by all means, let's put that effectiveness to work on the national economy! That's new, revolutionary, and unique! So how do we start this? Well, let's create a premise---say we carry a unique product line: apparels, a health product, and organic fertilizer. Why organic fertilizer? Because crop production is a national basic need. And the organic fertilizer should also be a unique one. We start the business this way:
Introduce Yourself

Whether you are in direct selling or network marketing (which is really a enhanced direct selling), you need to know the best ways of presenting your business--and yourself. This is very crucial. You start out right, you launch out smooth. And you can hit it big. You start out wrong or clumsy and you may never end up anywhere you want to be. So how do you do it?
For a short moment (about a few seconds), break the ice by always asking how your audience is. Smile and look intently at the audience (don't give them a casual look) and ask, "Hello! How are you?" Then, introducing yourself. Always. You first sell yourself as a rep of your company.

Even if you’re just presenting to an acquaintance, you need to shift role from mere friend to friendly company representative. But make everything light and warm, not too formal. People have a habit of putting their defenses up when things get too formal. Then you’d have difficulty connecting. And connection and access are what we need to close sales. You want to maintain access to their minds and hearts.

So, share your:

·         Name

·         Your connection with the products.

·         Your connection with the company. 
      Don’t share anything else to keep your intro short and compact.

A sincere smile often does the job. And I say sincere. Most people detect falsehood or insincerity, and they hate it, especially in networking businesses. Talk with a heart to help them—because you are there to help them, not make money from them. Yes, you earn, but the earning is just a by-product. It’s a natural result when they’re helped. It’s a universal principle. Doctors help, and when they do, they earn. Nothing wrong about that.
Introduce yourself in the context of the product by saying something like, “Hey, have you heard of purple corn? I like purple corn. You know why?...” Make it conversational, even if you’re talking to a big group, like during a Business Career Opportunity (BCO). 

And again, when presenting your business, you're always there to help the client. A sales career person is an expert who helps the client with his need, by first identifying the client's need. Often, people don't know what they really need. Help them identify their need.

But never sound like a know-it-all person, or sound as if you know better than they do. Just ride along a friendly conversational yet on a professional tone. Remember, always have a friendly professional approach.

Conversational, rather than lecturing, is the best voice mode of communicating any business to people, especially the type we target for network marketing. To be conversational, maintain eye contact while talking to them. Simply talk to them, like a friend. Do not lecture down on them. Be a neighborhood friend, not a college professor. Be a neighborhood consultant.

“Consultant” connotes someone you can approach for help or advice. A professor is someone who grades your performance. A sales and network marketing career is really one of professional consultancy.

After talking a bit about purple corn, introduce the company and your connection to it. Make it brief. Extensive discussions about the products happen during training sessions when people want to master the business.

Make sure you’re using the product

There is no better way of shifting from introducing yourself to introducing the product than by saying why you love using the products. Thus, it’s something like, “Hey, have you tried purple corn? (Wait for their reaction) No? Well, it’s been doing wonders for me! I’m Buddy Santos and I’ve been feeling great ever since I’ve been taking the product…”

As I’ve said, people hate insincere or fake presentors. But they get curious with real ones—those who are genuine product users.

Introduce the Products

How to talk about health products? Just say a few benefits, like, for instance, your product is purple corn. Mention how it’s a strong anti-cancer drink and weight reducer and good for cholesterol and diabetes prevention. It’s important to level with laymen. Don’t get too technical—it will create an impression that our business is too sophisticated for ordinary people to do. While technical terms may impress intellectuals, they’d discourage simple folks. So put a balance. And it’s simple folks who know a lot of people and who can bring truckloads of them to our business, not intellectuals.
I’ve especially noted how simple college students (not valedictorians) can easily bring in loads of young, aggressive, and radical people to join networks and make the business rapidly spread like crazy if the business is presented well and simply. This is great with health products, like purple corn, and apparels.

And wellness and apparels are “in” with them!
We may present purple corn first because wellness is today’s trend, or we may present apparels first. Here’s what I mean…
Everyone wants to look and feel good. Almost everyone is figure conscious and dying to lose weight, even those who don’t need to. Capitalize on that. So talk about purple corn and its health and fitness benefits and then take that to how a fit and shapely body would look great with nothing but equally good apparels. Putting shabby clothing on a fit and shapely body defeats the purpose of wanting to look fit and good. The principle of image is a fit body in nice apparel. Everyone in the Philippines wants that—and probably in the world.

Or, talk about apparels first then gradually bring the conversation to how wears and clothes would look better if we’re fit and trim in them. A bulging tummy does no good even with the most expensive apparels. 
Thus, secondly, talk about looking fit and well proportioned. Today, image is everything. That’s why wellness clinics are making a killing. And showbiz personalities are taking the lead. Believe me, most people out there have showbiz idols they’re trying to emulate—what with media over bombarding people about trendy looks on TV, print, and broadcasting. And it’s mostly about good physique in quality clothes. There’s where you put your Purple Corn and Apparels in context.
Points to share about health products:
·         The uniqueness of the health product
·         The health benefits
·         How you find it (taste, health effects)
·         Competitive cost
Points to share about apparels:
·         The uniqueness of the apparels
·         How classy malls patronize it.
·         How you find it.
·         Competitive cost
Points to share about organic fertilizers:
·         The uniqueness of the organic fertilizer
·         How it benefits farmer’s produce and profits
·         How it benefits the soil of their fields.
·         How you find it (if you’re a farmer)
·         Competitive cost
How to Introduce Organic Amino Fertilizers
Now, organic fertilizers are quite challenging to present. How do we integrate fertilizer into our product line without raising the brows of our prospects? Wellness and apparels may be related, but fertilizer? How does it fit into the picture? The first reaction we’d probably get is, “But I’m not a farmer!”
We Need to Target Both Farmers and Non-Farmers
We should not fall into the error of focusing only on farmers because we’re excited about amino fertilizers, and then treat the other products as incidental products. An imbalance in product emphasis and salability always presents serious problems. If they’re not addressed early on or if we don’t give equal importance to all products—and our networkers fail to understand their logic and worth—complaints about them may mount up, affecting sales and distribution.
For one, the business will have less appeal to city networkers who have key and strategic connections to hundreds of other networkers who could fast-pace the business.

Well, we don’t have to suffer thus. We just need to see our product line differently—that is, positively, and educate our recruits accordingly. It’s all in the mind. If we see the invisible, we do the impossible.
Our product line allows us to be flexible about targeting both people types—farmers and non-farmers. Thus, our product line is actually a plus factor rather than a problem to network marketing.
We have a different business presentation and focus for a farmer audience. But with non-farmer, city members, we need to justify why they’d get an organic fertilizer from the product package offered. So how do we attract city networkers with fertilizers and make them sell it like crazy?
Convincing city-based networkers of Amino
You need to fully convince your city networkers that amino will work for them. And not only that. They badly need it. Without this, your fertilizer product will remain provincial, and this will affect your marketing efforts in the cities. You cannot afford to be choosy with your network base when carrying both urban and rural products. You need to establish in both cities and farms.
Organic Fertilizers are a Sales and Network Booster!

Selling amino acid as fertilizer is a sales booster. That’s why city networkers badly need it. We must present it as thus in cities. Every city networker can actually get a tremendous network boost by promoting the product to farmers they know. And who among us city dwellers do not know one? We all know someone in the province. Most of us have cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents in the province who are into small or medium scale farming. We tell our city networkers they are their potential recruits.
Moreover, all of us city residents have relatives and friends from the province who know small farmers in their hometowns, if they’re not farmers themselves. This is a big plus factor with amino fertilizers. Why? It’s because today, most people find it hard to recruit would-be networkers in the city. The cities have been saturated, and often in a negative way. 
But including unique organic fertilizers like those containing L-amino acid in your package can change all that. We can bring network marketing to farmers who would have fresh outlooks about the business. Our city members can offer the business to their relatives in the province who know small farmers there. Through this, there’s hope to start networking all over again in clean, uncorrupted, innocent minds.
If their small farmers get the whole picture and start using amino fertilizers regularly (with surefire repeat orders) and share the business with their fellow farmers, they’d see how agri organic fertilizer is a powerful networking business booster.

More than this, your city recruits can be part of a worthy agricultural revolution. They can help farmers triple their income and end countryside poverty through a genuine organic fertilizer at a very affordable price. They can also help protect the agri environment. With all these worthy features, city networkers see why organic fertilizers like those with revolutionary natural amino acid must be included in their package. They will want to buy and offer it to both farmers and non-farmers.