Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Do They Expire?

Among questions often asked in presentations is, do amino fertilizers have an expiration date? The wonder with organic amino fertilizers with real L-amino acid and live micro organism contents is that they never expire in their bottles. The longer you keep them the more potent they become. There is no expiry date with amino fertilizers in bottles.

Just keep them in your warehouse and they remain stable. Even room temperatures are not a problem. For instance, BIONIX in bottles is not affected by room heat or when exposed to sunlight. However, when mixed with water, make sure to use it within 7 days. The live micro organism can saturate the water content and overcrowd it. Micro organism, when exposed to water, needs to be applied on the plant or soil to take in nitrogen.

By the way, when you spray foliar organic amino fertilizers on plant leaves, some micro organism residue remains on the folds of new leaves. They are then positioned to catch nitrogen in the air (there's more nitrogen airborne than there is in the soil) and thus, these micro organism are able to convert more nitrogen to plant food, which is L-amino acid. The plants get healthier this way.

Storing Liquid Fertilizers in Bottles

It's easier to store amino fertilizers in bottles than fertilizers in sacks. For one, you do not use up too much space in your warehouse with bottles. Another, fertilizers in sacks easily get wet. Liquid fertilizers in bottles do not. We all know that fertilizers in sacks getting wet is a BIG problem.

So, always go for organic amino fertilizers in bottles!

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