Monday, June 13, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: How They are Best for Your Vegetable Garden

L-Amino Acid organic fertilizers (derived from plants, not chemicals) are best for all types of plants and trees. They're the best fertilizers for rice plants. And the good news is, your vegetable garden will also yield better with it. L-Amino Acid fertilizers work perfectly for vegetables, and this was attested to by several vegetable farmers, one of whom came to our office yesterday marveling at how their eggplants and string beans became bigger and so vibrant looking after a spray. Yup, amino fertilizers are the best for your vegetable garden!

Most vegetables take only 45 days to grow. Spray your organic L-amino acid fertilizer once or twice during the duration, and that's it. Spray early in the morning and late in the afternoon--best spraying times. And spray on the leaves. Don't worry about being washed away by rain or water. Some organic L-amino acid fertilizers, like Bionix for instance, have natural binding or sticking properties that make it stick to the plant until the plant eats it all. You see now why it's the best for your vegetable garden?

For hanging vegetables, like amplaya, string beans, and squash, growing them often takes about 2 months. In this case, spray 2 or 3 times during the duration. Bionix, specifically, is a flexible thing to handle. You literally have a freehand on how many times you'd like to spray it. Spray it once, twice, or thrice. It depends on how you estimate your budget as a farmer. Just spray as you see fit and don't worry about overdose because it is not chemical. It is natural food.

Just a word of caution: when your vegetables or fruits begin to bear flowers, refrain from spraying anymore. The flowers may fall off. However, if you do accidentally spray on the flowers and they fall off, don't worry. Your plants will bear flowers again, only this time, they will bear much more flowers.

Some farmers in the Philippines make a habit of re-plowing the sides of plots planted to vegetables, like eggplants for instance, when they see them bearing small yields already. They do this is to discourage the growth of weeds. But this may prove harmful. The re-plowing may hurt eggplant roots and upset the fruition altogether and may even damage the whole plant. There's no need to re-plow. Just let the organic amino do its job naturally.

If you're planning on selling your orgnic L-amino acid fertilizer to your neighbor farmers and you need a quick way to show them the power of your amino fertilizer, do it with vegetables. Spray your vegetables and your neighbors will see truly amazing results after just 7 days. Show off your plants. And then during harvest, make another exhibit of your unbelievable crops--bigger, brighter in color, no pest marks, and greater in number. Tastier and more nutritious, too!

Then your neighbors marvel at them and buy the fertilizer from you and you make a lot of profits. Better if you do it with network marketing! You and your neighbor farmers earn a lot of profits from your veggie harvests and from networking income!

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