Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: How to Apply to Your Vegetable Garden

Among the wonders of an L-amino acid organic fertilizer is its good effects on vegetable plants. The question is often, how to apply to your vegetable garden? It's really simpler than you think.


When you buy an amino fertilizer, make sure it's really organic, made from plant elements. Don't buy mineral organic fertilizers. Make sure it's 100 percent organic L-amino acid, like Bionix for instance. Here's the ratio: 5ml is to 1 liter of water. Put the mixture in a spray and spray on the vegetable plants.

Spraying Schedule

Just spray as you think fit. There's no protocol or procedure--if it's genuinely organic. After all, it's just natural food. Natural L-amino acid is plant for food. The organic fertilizer should be certified as thus by an authoritative product analyst. Anyway, spray once in the morning and afternoon, and do it twice or thrice before the plants start flowering. During flowering, stop the spraying--it may affect or abort maturation. However, if you do accidentally spray, don't worry. New flowers will appear soon in much greater numbers. You won't believe it!

The question often is, how many times should I spray? Spray any number of times you think you ought to. Don't over spray, not because the plants will burn or die, but because we're thinking of economics here. Spend just enough on your garden. Too much may not be cost effective. But regular spraying will definitely make your plants healthier and bear more flowers and fruits, if they are fruit bearing, of course.

Applying on the Soil

Can you apply on the soil? Yes, do it anyway you like. Spray on the soil and the plant. Spraying on the soil makes it more fertile and rich to plant on. Bionix, for instance, has 3 microorganism that prepare the soil for the plants' nutrient sucking. Plants easily get nutrients from the soil that way. Then you may spray on the plant, too. That's double nutrition. The more nutritious food the plant gets, the healthier it becomes. The more fruits it bears.

So you see, a liter bottle can go a long way. But if you increase your garden size, you'll need more of the fertilizer--and that's more harvest. Turn your home garden into a business. Fresh, organic vegetables are everybody's health need. They make a fortune. A lot of people love fresh, organic veggies. If you start your home garden seriously, you can soon make free home deliveries to your customers. That's quality life with a purpose. And that's God's blessing!

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