Monday, June 20, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: How to Earn P10,000 Per Bottle!

So you're selling an organic amino fertilizer, and let's say the brand name is Bionix. And you're earning P550 per bottle you sell (because you get a 25% discount per bottle as distributor, so selling it at its SRP of P2,200 gives you P550 each bottle). Cool, huh? You sell one bottle and you can go home and relax--you just earned more than most employees working 8 hours a day.

But you can earn P10,000 per bottle, and it's not through network marketing. Just directly sell it to end users. How? I'll tell you a secret, and this secret is superb for non-farmers who are wondering how they'd market Bionix in the city.

You see, each 5 ml of Bionix can be mixed with a liter of water. A bottle of this amino fertilizer contains a liter or 1000 ml. How many 5 ml of amino are there in a liter bottle? ANSWER: 200. So that's 200 bottles of mixed diluted Bionix. Sell that for P70 a bottle.

I heard of a chemical fertilizer bing sold in Las Pinas for P250 per sachet, and many small farmers are buying. Beat that with your P70 per liter. Now, how much do you make in all? ANSWER: P14,000.

Goodness, you make P14,000 per bottle! And your capital is just P2,200 for one bottle of Bionix and P1,000 for the 200 bottles.

Where do you sell these? Consider the following:

  1. Small vegetable farmers in the city. You'd be amazed how many there are. Here in Quezon city, I see them in Novaliches, Fairview, and other parts. They sell their own produce.
  2. Backyard vegetable gardeners.
  3. Backyard orchid raisers.
  4. Flowering plants, pots, and garden and landscaping element sellers.
  5. Landscapers
  6. Roof deck gardeners.
  7. Plants on road center islands.
  8. Mall and restaurant gardens.
  9. Greenhouses and seedling centers (there are some along Quezon Avenue).
  10. Hospital gardens.
If you have 5 of each listed above and you sell them at least a bottle a week, you earn P3,500 a week. That's P14,000 a month. If, say, that happens only 50%, you earn P7,000 a month.

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