Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Making Your Home Garden Earn P50K a Month

Your home garden earning some P50,000 a month--how does that sound? Unbelievable? You'd probably say, yeah that's possible if your home garden were 3 to 4 hectares big. But nope, I'm not talking about a big home garden here. I'm talking about that small garden nook in your kitchen or in your backyard or laundry area where you plant tomatoes and green leafy veggies in small pots.  Just spray them with L-amino acid organic fertilizer and see it making your home garden earn P50k a month or more!

I'm not kidding. I'm dead serious.

First, build yourself a nice home garden. If you don't have the space, make layered stools (like a stair) and put medium-size pots or buckets on each level. Make about 3 to 5 of them and place them in a corner of your backyard. Plant vegetables there and spray with L-amino acid organic fertilizer. A one-liter bottle is enough, like a liter of Bionix. The ratio is 5ml of L-amino acid fertilizer to a liter of water or 5ml :1 liter. Then spray the mixture on the leaves of your vegetable plants.

For non-hanging veggie plants, it should take about 45 days before harvest. Spray once or twice during that period, depending on how you see the interval fit. The better sprayed the bigger the crop size and the more the fruits. But of course, think of economics and costing.

For hanging ones, it should take about 2 months before harvest, so spray twice or thrice during that period. It all depends on how you judge your plants needing the fertilizer. Don't worry about overdose--it isn't possible. THERE'S NO OVERDOSE OR OVER USE. Organic L-amino acid fertilizers, like Bionix, is the plant's natural food. Just freely spray, as you see fit, one in the early morning, and one in the late afternoon.

Remember to spray on the leaves, not on the seed or soil. Wait for the seeds to sprout and grow enough. When leaves are big enough, spray. When flowers appear, do not spray to avoid aborting the fruits. Phenomenal growth should start on the 7th day after spraying. Show your friends and neighbors and prospects the results. Tell them the extraordinary and amazing results is due to the L-amino acid fertilizer. Then come harvest time, before you harvest (while your veggie produce are still in the garden), invite your friend, neighbors, and prospects again to show off the super big, naturally and brightly colored, and abundant fruits or veggie crops.

Then tell them all about the L-amino acid and challenge them to start a green revolution in their homes and communities for a worthy, life-changing and community-transforming hobby. Then sell them the amino fertilizer and tell them to try it at home. They'd surely try it. Offer them the discounted price if they signup for membership. Having them signup for membership starts your networking business, and your P50k a month extra income.

When their harvest comes (after 45 days to 2 months) they can also start showing off to their friends and neighbors and prospects and have them signup for membership and start the home garden hobby.

Soon, your network will reach different communities and barangays in the city and other cities (these are non-farmers who have found a new hobby and "go-green" cause, thanks to your marketing ingenuity! And some of them have bigger home gardens and orchid green houses) before you know it. Soon, it reaches the community and city park operators and even malls with gardens and buildings with roof deck gardens. The city soon becomes crazy about gardening! And your P50k a month becomes P50k a week, and much later--probably after 2 or 3 years, conservatively--P50k a day. That's P1.5 million a month "extra" income. How about that?

You think it's a good idea? If you can see it in your mind, it can happen--if you make it happen. Pray and do it with God--He makes everything possible! Oh, come on! Don't just sit there and dream about it. Start it now!

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