Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Marketers' Role in Nation Building

Marketing amino fertilizers is larger than merely selling health juices or supplements. You sell health supplements and help an individual get healthier. Market L-amino acid organic fertilizer and you make a whole nation healthier. How? Here are 12 reasons.
  1. Produce food crops that are more nutritious in a natural way.
  2. Produce more fruits and veggies that are better looking, definitely bigger in size, and better tasting, naturally.
  3. Bring back the quality of fruits and vegetables produced during the pre-inorganic fertilizer years.
  4. Produce more and more of these quality food crops until the inferior kinds are eliminated.
  5. Double or triple the nation's quality food crop produce.
  6. Improve the nutrition and health of the populace (reducing malnutrition and sickness).
  7. Help in the agricultural development and economy of the nation.
  8. Help restore and enrich the soil and protect the agricultural environment.
  9. Help small farmers earn potentially increasing income yearly.
  10. De-congest the cities (more folks in the city originating from the provinces will decide to go back to lucrative farming).
  11. Help alleviate poverty.
  12. Lessen countryside insurgency.
Thus, the slogan: "Quality life with a purpose." And thus, too, the logic behind marketing amino fertilizers, purple corn, and apparels, among many other reasons. By offering network marketing with a health product and apparels, we help people have quality lives. With organic fertilizer, we market for a noble and honorable purpose--nation building.

Never before has any network marketing company carried a product that has tremendous nation building impact. They often carried products good only for individuals and were never a national necessity. Health supplement products are always seen as a personal need and choice but never a national concern. If we say network marketing has lots of potential to grow and enrich a business, then why not apply it to a nation's economy? Well, this is the first time a networking business will be finally applied for national economic and agricultural growth.

When marketing all-natural and genuinely organic amino fertilizers, like Bionix for instance, always bear in mind that you're not only marketing for quality life. You're marketing for a noble purpose. And you help not just an individual; you help a whole nation.

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