Monday, June 20, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: On Farmers' Request for Free Demos

It happens each time--when you have a new product, people ask for free samples. The same with farmers. The moment you introduce a new organic amino fertilizer, they'd surely ask for a free demo on their farms. So what do you do?

You have two options--give them one or sell them one. I love the second option. I mean, let's face it; few things in this world are free. The moment you give away something for free, word gets around and soon the whole world's running after you for free farm demos--and you're not dealing with organic fertilizer just because you love to help farmers for free. You're not into this for social welfare, after all. You also want to earn some.

Give Them a Demo

Okay, let's tackle the first option. You give them one. How do you do it? First, you don't spray on the whole farm. Just take a few plots and spray on the plants on them. Why only a few plots? So they'd see and compare how their other plants perform against our Bionix sprayed plants (let's just say we're selling Bionix). Make sure you tell the farmer not to spray anything else on the plants sprayed with your L-amino acid organic fertilizer. They'd see results just about 7 to 10 days.

What if the farmer wants a bigger demo? Then challenge him to use Bionix on half of his farm. And make sure you're dealing with a very influential farmer--influential in a sense that he has command over other farmers in his community. When he approves of and uses our product, then we get the whole community. We differentiate influential from popular. If he's just a popular farmer in his community but is not influential, we defeat our purpose--which is to make the community our captured market. We need an influential farmer. And set these conditions on this farmer:

  1. The part of his farm sprayed with your amino fertilizer should be dedicated to your fertilizer alone. Nothing else should be applied on the soil or plants.
  2. The portion of the farm dedicated to your amino should be carefully watched to make sure no one tampers on them.
Thus, it is apparent that we should know or trust this farmer, or at least a close friend of our networker in the area. Sometimes, demo farms are sabotaged by spraying chemical fertilizers on the plants we have sprayed on, or someone simply accidentally sprayed something else on our plants. That would spell disaster for you. But if your demo ends up in success, you have a market for life.

But as I've said, I hate giving free demos.

Sell Them a Demo

Instead of a free demo, why not sell them one? Offer a bottle each to them and ask them to try it on just a portion of their farms to allay their fears of a risk going haywire and wrecking their harvest altogether. It's a legit fear, mind you. But you can sell them a demo, anyway. How? It's all on how you present your product...and yourself. Remember, marketing is really, first and foremost, how you "sell" yourself. No, it's not prostitution or anything like that, it's how you present yourself to your prospects as an expert they can trust in. They buy you, they buy your products.

So, you've got to be well versed in your product and system. And be sincere with them. Excel at answering all their questions professionally, but be honest with queries you cannot answer. "I'll find out about it and inform you as soon as possible," is a reassuring note on something you cannot answer and which your prospect wants to know about. And make sure you do get back to him with the right answer. Otherwise, your image is smeared. Prospects hate insincerity. Look after your integrity.

But neither should you often use that note so that majority of their queries get an "I'll find out about it ASAP." They'll leave you and go to another sales agent ASAP, too.

So make them buy, at least one bottle each. After all, it's very affordable. I mean Bionix costs only P2,200 a bottle. Most farmers can easily afford this. They buy fertilizers in sacks worth around P9,000 to P15,000 a hectare. How much more a bottle?

Or, if they cannot afford a bottle each, make the community of farmers contribute money and buy ONE bottle. Divide that liter-bottle into 200 bottles with a mixture ratio of 5ml of Bionix to a liter of water. Then they can each have a bottle to try on a selected plot in their farms. In 7 days, they'd each find ways to buy at least a bottle after seeing the results.

So, don't fear demos. Make profits from them.

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