Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apparels: Big Money in Apparels

They say the wellness industry will take the lead in business in this age, making billions (or is it trillions?) of dollars. Maybe so. But have you taken a real good look at apparels? Not much hype on it, probably because dealers want to keep things secret. So, how big is the money in apparels?

You'd get a good idea if you just watch how malls operate. About 70 to 80 percent of what they sell there is what? You guessed it!--garments. How many percent of it is wellness or health shops? Well, the way I see it, the remaining 20 percent of most mall areas is shared by fast food, groceries, health shops, and others. Now, if the wellness and health industry is raking in billions as they say it is, why do mall operators still have majority of their items in apparels? Probably because there's bigger money in apparels.
Have you seen a big mall selling 80 percent wellness and health products? SM super malls, for instance, fill their department stores with apparels and accessories connected to it. Shops leasing from SM also often sell apparels even if SM already offers bulks of it to customers. Why the insistence to sell garments? We should be taking hints from this and sharing in the profits.
I'm all for health products. I'm a health buff. We should be selling people more purple corn juice for them to reap its health benefits. However, if we have the marketing excitement for wellness and health products, we should all the more have it for garments. They say health products are consumable and garments are not. So health products are more profitable.

Well, probably. But I don't know...I haven't seen anybody walking in the streets naked--they all wear something--but I've seen people walking around who never have tasted a health supplement product in their lives. Do you jog? Try asking joggers around if they take health or wellness supplements. Chances are, you'd find about 8 in 10 of them saying no. But you'd find them wearing some jogging outfit.
Ask your neighbors around if they're taking any health supplements. Maintenance drug, yes, but health supplements? Cigarettes, yes, and they take them 27/7. But supplements? You'd be lucky to find 4 persons out of 50 who take supplements in the Philippines. But I'm sure, they're all wearing something everyday. This is probably why super malls continue to fill their department stores with lots and lots of garments. There's big money in apparels, and consistently at that, not just seasonal.
Direct selling sales reps dealing on apparels just need a little imagination to realize the potential in garments. Now, they'd probably say yes, there's a real big need for clothes and wears, but people would always prefer buying from malls, not direct sellers. Well, it's just a matter of marketing imagination, really. And you know what? This maybe news to you, but most people would rather not go to malls just to buy clothes for the following reasons:
1.     Traffic
2.   Smoke pollution
3.   Parking
4.   Most husbands don't like the idea of taking their wives to the malls because wives have the propensity to shop more, especially things they don't need.
5.   Some parents don't like the idea of taking their kids to the malls because for sure, there would be a lot of added and unplanned expense. 
6.   People are too tired from work, they hardly have time to go to malls.
7.   Too many cholesterol rich and unhealthy food in malls that tempt them.
These are just some of them. So, why are malls full of people most of the time? Well, for the following reasons:
1.     Because they have no other option. Not too many direct sellers around to offer them alternatives.
2.   They like the air condition.
3.   They go there just to buy little things, some finger food, a snack perhaps, and then kill time by roaming around.
4.   It's a short cut to where they're going, or it's on the way so they might as well pass through.
5.   To meet friends and hang around.
6.   There's a super sale.
7.   They want to know the latest, or meet some movie idols.
Well, some folks do intentionally go to malls to buy clothes. It's because it's the usual thing people do. But we can change all that with a little imagination. We can make them realize how more practical it is to often consider preferring to buy from direct sellers. You just have to educate buyers from time to time.

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