Friday, June 3, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Healing the Soil

Chemical inorganic fertilizer can cause the soil to give up producing anymore. The more such fertilizers are applied, the more the soil is harmed, the more costly agricultural maintenance becomes. Why would we wait the time when soil wouldn't produce anything for us any longer? But organic amino acid fertilizers can start healing the soil.

How? By making it rest. Even in the bible, the land is given enough time to rest from any agricultural activity. On the seventh year, it is not to be tilled or planted to anything at all. That healed the soil and conditioned it to retain its productivity. In a way, amino fertilizers are bible based. They work with God's purposes.

Being plant-base, amino targets the stoma of the plant or trees itself. You may spray it on the soil to help micro organisms there enrich the soil. But it is really sprayed on the plant. The plant need not get nutrition from the soil. All it needs the soil for is a base on which to stand--like a chair to sit on while eating dinner. But it no longer derives food from the soil, because amino acid is itself the plant food. All your plant needs is to sit down and eat.

As you can eat while standing up (not needing a chair to sit on), so plant feeding on this unique fertilizer does not need soil to "sit on." You can have your plant on sand or water--as long as it sprouts leaves on which you may apply the spray. Then your plant will surely thrive and produce terrifically. In the meantime, because the soil is not needed for plants to get food from, it rests and recovers and restores its vigor and usefulness. Thus, organic fertilizers, like those with natural amino acids, can help in healing the soil.

Healing the soil needs de-acidity, or taking away its acidity. Acidity is due not only to inorganic fertilizers but also animal manure overly used as fertilizer. Acidic soil is among the culprits of poor crop production in quality and quantity. Some folks, to remedy this, cover old soil with new soil. Or, they get rid of the top soil and replace with fertile soil. This is labor intensive and quite expensive. They need not do all that. They only need organic amino fertilizers.

And bionix is easy to apply. Just mix with water and spray over plant, tree, or soil. The general ratio is 1:250. You don't need to carry heavy sacks of it to your site. Just carry 3- one litter bottles per hectare. And it's definitely cheaper then other fertilizers.

As you triple your harvest and profits (and considerably reduce cost), you help in healing the soil with amino. You improve your finances, your life, and you also help the nation and the agri environment. That's quality life with a purpose.

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