Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amino Fertilizers, Purple Corn, and Apparels

These products themselves are creating an excitement and urgency in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. They're  not yet full blown promoted in network marketing--particularly, the promotion and selling of amino fertilizers have started just recently, and the thrust is still in it's fledgling stage. Yet, it's already making major headways, getting people excited in the countryside, particularly farmers. Amino fertilizers, purple corn, and apparels will soon invade network marketing in the country, changing it's character and orientation.

Network marketing is often oriented in major cities. Amino fertilizers will change all that. It will bring the city to the countryside and the countryside to the cities. And soon, the imbalance in the geographical distribution of wealth, jobs, and industries will be a thing of the past. People, especially the marginalized, will be moving away from the congested cities and go back to the countryside to settle down, make, money, and prosper. Finally, a real economic boom equally distributed across the nation.

What is Amino Fertilizers?

The triggering product is amino fertilizer. It's an all-natural (genuinely organic) liquid plant fertilizer heavy with L-amino acids, minerals, and micro organism. In short, it's packed with natural plant food directed on the plant itself (leaves and branches) bypassing the long process of food making that starts from the soil, air, and sunlight. Photosynthesis is a vital food-making process that goes on in plants with the interaction of soil nutrients, sunlight, and air to produce amino acids and start the protein synthesis going. That takes time and plenty of care--which means costs.

But with this fertilizer sprayed directly on the plants and trees, the food processing is eliminated and all the plant has to do is eat. The L-amino acid sprayed on the plant goes directly to the stoma where amino acid is converted into protein through protein synthesis. With amino, all your plant has to do is eat and bear fruit. Not only this, it considerably shortens the period for fruit ripening, and the fruits grow bigger, brighter in color, sweeter, and greater in quantity. The leaves, too, become more lush and green, plant height taller. You'd be amazed how sugarcane grows taller and bigger in diameter for instance.

What is Purple Corn?

Purple corn grows in the high mountains of Peru. Through time, it has acquired a powerful immune system to withstand extreme temperatures in the mountains, thus the ordinary corn turning purple. And we all know that natural color in vegetables and plants are rich in powerful phyto nutrients good for the human body to improve health, wellness, resistance, and longevity--especially natural purple, blue, red, and orange color in food.

In this sense, purple corn is supreme. Experts recently say it's better than blueberries when it comes to antioxidant content. Purple corn comes in juice form packaged in secure,snug bottles for ready and easy consumption. You won't have to gnarl and chew a great quantity of the corn to get best results. You're just a gulp away from them! Purple corn is also best for anti-diabetes, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity! Go fit and healthy now with purple corn!


Why market apparels with a health product and fertilizer? Well, it's logical to enjoy your profits and good health by looking good. Amino is a power income booster! Purple corn is a power health booster! These products will change your lifestyle and good apparels should naturally go with it. Good health and income often shows in clothing.

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