Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Amino Acid Revolutionary Agri Power

Farm yields of 100 percent, probably even 200 percent, and this without harming the soil or the environment in any way. IN ANY WAY! And that's not the really amazing part. What is, is the fact that the application of super all-natural amino fertilizers involve easy-to-do simple protocol. Why? Because it's not chemical--it's a natural food for plants. This is the revolutionary power of L-amino acid organic fertilizers in agriculture. Fertilizer use will never be the same again.
Just spray the thing on the plants, and that's it. You cannot go wrong with it--no overdose or anything like that. Spray it on leaves (yes, simply spray it on) and the plant just grows and grows and produces tremendously, no matter if your soil has problems. Even with acidic soil, the crops grow safe for consumption. Then here's the most exciting thing--it costs less than most fertilizers but gives farmers triple profits!

In an experiment, it was sprayed on cassava plants that were planted in lahar sand--the dried residue from lahar flows from Mt. Pinatubo. The plants quickly grew with lush green leaves. And at harvest time, each tree yielded some 10 kilos of root crops. Ordinarily, they say a cassava tree only yields about 3 kilos. If that isn't better profitability, I don't know what is.

You see, all-natural amino acid may be the key to tremendously reducing hunger and poverty on a big scale worldwide, if not stop it totally. Think of what it can do to the Philippines if we go amino. Think of the abundance of food and better employment opportunities--not just in crop production and processing, but more so in network marketing the product, earning from the compensation scheme designed for both farmers and non-farmers. This combined features are the revolutionary power of network marketing amino.

The amino principle is simple. Instead of going through the process of making food for the plants (the interaction of the soil, air, and sunlight where carbon dioxide, water, carbohydrate, and nitrogen mix to produce L-amino acid, which is the plant's food), this L-amino acid fertilizer is itself the plant food. It is pure and natural L-amino acid. You just have to spray it directly on the plant, bypassing the long process of food making. So the plants grow and produce crops doubly quicker.

This amino fertilizer comes from micro organisms from plants produced during fermentation. 

Nano L-Amino Acid
Amino acid is responsible not just for the quick plant growth but also for the quick and bigger crop growth. And the key enzyme here is what experts call, "Rubisco" as the Calvin cycle happens in the plant stoma. This results to 16 percent of the protein in the chloroplast, starting the protein synthesis.
There is also the D-amino acid. But this amino is not compatible with plant amino requirements. Even if forced into plants, the plants will keep rejecting it. Only L-amino acid will do. And it makes plants greener, healthier, grow faster, and produce bigger crops.
There is this case where sugarcane plants, applied with amino fertilizer, grow yields the size of bamboos, growing some 6 meters or 18 feet tall. The best part is that, they have been harvesting sugarcane from the same trees for some years now, which are being sprayed with amino now and then!
Improving Soil Quality
Amino also improves soil quality by developing the micro flora there. Moreover, because you won't have to apply any other fertilizer on your crops and the soil--especially synthetic fertilizer--you allow the soil to rest and heal itself, replenishing with natural soil restoration. Soil recovery does well for the environment. That's the revolutionary power of amino.
The good news is, it's now available in the Philippines. And the better news is, you can earn income from it through network marketing! Go conquer the agricultural sector with amino fertilizers, earn big income that would change your lifestyle, and make a big and lasting career out of it!

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