Thursday, June 2, 2011

Network Marketing: 12 Reasons Why

A lot of people are still scared stiff about network marketing, and we can't blame them. It's scary seeing how successful network marketers earn incredibly big amounts of money. Most of us have not yet gotten such money that we shudder at the thought of actually having it in our pockets.
Another thing, a lot of network marketing companies have given the networking business a bad name. However, just because some network marketing companies messed up, doesn't mean all of them are like that. Governments foul up almost everywhere--but that does not mean we have to forget all about governments. It only means we must have the right one. 

Try network marketing. And here are 12 reasons why:
  1. Business is the best way for a livelihood. Employment is slavery. And the realistic way for people with limited capital to start a business is through network marketing.
  2. You have lots of friends and connections anyway, so why not try a networking business?
  3. You earn from the products you buy as you enjoy them. So, it's really like starting a business without shelling out new capital.
  4. You get the products cheaper in the long run.
  5. You get the products for free in the long run.
  6. You get a fairer chance of earning bigger income based on performance.
  7. You do the business with your team. It's a team effort while you each earn individually. You're never alone.
  8. Lower risk, because of the team effort.
  9. There's a point when you earn residual income even while you're on vacation or you need to stop doing the business for a while.
  10. You grow career- and personality-wise.
  11. You get trained well for leadership, no matter how shy or timid you start out.
  12. You meet and help a lot of people on your way up.
And a good networking business is really that--helping people. It's something like having a clinic where you help people. Only here, you don't charge them professional fees--you help them start their own businesses and lives as a whole. You help them get their lives changed. As you help them, you get rewarded by the company.
So choose a good networking company--one that really aims to help people. If you choose a bad medicine brand, for instance, you can't blame all medicine brands and quit taking any meds. The same with networking companies.
Other companies won't do the same for you. They sell you their products and that's it. You won't earn a dime from them even if you and your family and descendants from generation to generation have been patronizing their products for ages. Good networking companies build you up as their customer and representative. They're not just building your sales capacity but your well rounded personality as well, making you a better career person. They want to grow networkers as mature career people.
Well, there are networking people who change for the worse as they earn big. It's not the fault of networking companies. It's always a personal choice. 
If you are contemplating on someday taking a nice vacation with your family--and this while you're young (not in your retirement age), you should go for a business of your own. So why not try network marketing today and get quality life with a purpose? More on this...

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