Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Network Marketing: On Binary Flush Outs

Actually, it could be termed as "flash out" (it's out of your earnings in a flash) or "flush out" (your earnings all down the toilet). Anyway...

The best way to market a product, like an L-amino acid fertilizer (especially Bionix), is through binary networking. You just get two people as downlines who'd do exactly as you're doing--using the product and getting their two people each who'd also do the same things. We call this duplication. More on duplication soon.

Anyway, binary system should have a flush out feature. It's a safety mechanism in the system to make sure the company is healthy financially. The company should make a lot of profits for networkers to continue enjoying their business. Networkers should prioritize the profit of the company. You should bear this in mind.

Flush out is based on a maximum income potential (MIP) per day. Let's take this example:

Let's say, you can join a company (like Purple Netwrox) through one of 3 different distribution capacities:

  • GOLD: with P20,000 MIP a day. Investment: P9,888.00 for 5 bottles. (P2,000/pair)
  • SILVER: with P10,000 MIP a day. Investment: P5,888.00 for 3 bottles. (P1,000/pair)
  • BRONZE: with P4,000 MIP a day. Investment: P2,200.00 for a bottle. (P400/pair)
Binary works this way: Per pair or match you have (one on your left and one on your right) you get a cash bonus. If you're a GOLD and one person joins you on your right and another on your left, you get a P2,000 pair bonus. Get it? Each time you get a pair, you get P2,000.

Let's say you chose SILVER. You bought 3 bottles for only P5,888 though it should've cost you P6,600 because per bottle is P2,200. Buying makes you a member. Then you invited people to join you in the business. As time went on, your earnings reached P10,000 a month, and then P10,000 a week, and then finally P10,000 a day! With networking, this happens as an ordinary affair. So don't marvel too much about it.

Say, today you start getting a P10,000 check. Tomorrow, it won't be just P10k anymore--because your downlines will keep getting people joining under them. Say, tomorrow you get P20,000. Because being SILVER entails having a limit of P10,000 MIP a day, you don't get a P20,000 check. Instead, you still get a P10,000 check. If still the next day you get a P100,000 pair bonus, you won't get the whole amount. You'd just get P10,000 being a SILVER.

Remember, this starts happening when you start earning P1,000 a day as SILVER.

Now, some people hate flush outs and would try to manipulate it by manipulating the entry of new members. You can do that, but I won't if I were you. I would want the company to earn good so that my business would be stable. Stability in networking depends on the company's stability. And anyway, manipulating the entry of new members would be a difficult task. Why not just sit down and enjoy what's given you and just thank God for it! Why suffer? There's wisdom in contentment, said Paul in the bible. Greed is the cause of so many life woes, the same book avers.

Proverbs says, those who love money never get enough of it. Ecclesiastes says God designed that greedy rich people will never enjoy their money. They will actually die 'poor.' What an irony. You cannot serve God and money at the same time. And wasting time monitoring and manipulating the entry of new members is serving money. However, you can serve God and enjoy his blessings at the same time--if we learn to be content with what he gives us daily.

I don't mind having frequent flush outs. It's better to give than to receive, says the Lord Jesus. Flush outs means not only the company is helped but also all those who have joined and are doing the business, especially those under me.

So don't feel short changed with flush outs. Just enjoy the good life---thank God and help people with your wealth. God gave us power to produce wealth so we can use the wealth for his glory. Smile and feel good and help other people earn. Forget about yourself and God will  take care of you more.

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