Thursday, June 2, 2011

Network Marketing: Presenting Your 'Unique' Business

What if you're carrying a unique product line consisting of apparels, a health juice, and fertilizer? Fertilizer? Yeah, you heard right! Fertilizer. Would you back off or be excitedly challenged? Most ornery distributors would back off, but enterprising and adventurous ones would grab the opportunity to be different.
Network marketing is radical, and it's the best method of pioneering and presenting to the public a unique product. Now, why fertilizer with apparels and a health product, you may ask? The real question is, why not? Why not get involved in the nation's economic recovery program while you enjoy sharing with people good health and good looks?
The problem with having good health and looks in a poor country is that, your health and financial  gain is superficial. A few make it rich while the majority remain impoverished. Are you still happy with that? There has to be a revolutionary and unique program that should address all--maintain the usual trend of network marketing, which is health, wellness, and good looks, and introduce a new thrust in alleviating poverty, not just on a personal level but on a national scale.
We all mouth out that network marketing is effective. Then by all means, let's put that effectiveness to work on the national economy! That's new, revolutionary, and unique! So how do we start this? Well, let's create a premise---say we carry a unique product line: apparels, a health product, and organic fertilizer. Why organic fertilizer? Because crop production is a national basic need. And the organic fertilizer should also be a unique one. We start the business this way:
Introduce Yourself

Whether you are in direct selling or network marketing (which is really a enhanced direct selling), you need to know the best ways of presenting your business--and yourself. This is very crucial. You start out right, you launch out smooth. And you can hit it big. You start out wrong or clumsy and you may never end up anywhere you want to be. So how do you do it?
For a short moment (about a few seconds), break the ice by always asking how your audience is. Smile and look intently at the audience (don't give them a casual look) and ask, "Hello! How are you?" Then, introducing yourself. Always. You first sell yourself as a rep of your company.

Even if you’re just presenting to an acquaintance, you need to shift role from mere friend to friendly company representative. But make everything light and warm, not too formal. People have a habit of putting their defenses up when things get too formal. Then you’d have difficulty connecting. And connection and access are what we need to close sales. You want to maintain access to their minds and hearts.

So, share your:

·         Name

·         Your connection with the products.

·         Your connection with the company. 
      Don’t share anything else to keep your intro short and compact.

A sincere smile often does the job. And I say sincere. Most people detect falsehood or insincerity, and they hate it, especially in networking businesses. Talk with a heart to help them—because you are there to help them, not make money from them. Yes, you earn, but the earning is just a by-product. It’s a natural result when they’re helped. It’s a universal principle. Doctors help, and when they do, they earn. Nothing wrong about that.
Introduce yourself in the context of the product by saying something like, “Hey, have you heard of purple corn? I like purple corn. You know why?...” Make it conversational, even if you’re talking to a big group, like during a Business Career Opportunity (BCO). 

And again, when presenting your business, you're always there to help the client. A sales career person is an expert who helps the client with his need, by first identifying the client's need. Often, people don't know what they really need. Help them identify their need.

But never sound like a know-it-all person, or sound as if you know better than they do. Just ride along a friendly conversational yet on a professional tone. Remember, always have a friendly professional approach.

Conversational, rather than lecturing, is the best voice mode of communicating any business to people, especially the type we target for network marketing. To be conversational, maintain eye contact while talking to them. Simply talk to them, like a friend. Do not lecture down on them. Be a neighborhood friend, not a college professor. Be a neighborhood consultant.

“Consultant” connotes someone you can approach for help or advice. A professor is someone who grades your performance. A sales and network marketing career is really one of professional consultancy.

After talking a bit about purple corn, introduce the company and your connection to it. Make it brief. Extensive discussions about the products happen during training sessions when people want to master the business.

Make sure you’re using the product

There is no better way of shifting from introducing yourself to introducing the product than by saying why you love using the products. Thus, it’s something like, “Hey, have you tried purple corn? (Wait for their reaction) No? Well, it’s been doing wonders for me! I’m Buddy Santos and I’ve been feeling great ever since I’ve been taking the product…”

As I’ve said, people hate insincere or fake presentors. But they get curious with real ones—those who are genuine product users.

Introduce the Products

How to talk about health products? Just say a few benefits, like, for instance, your product is purple corn. Mention how it’s a strong anti-cancer drink and weight reducer and good for cholesterol and diabetes prevention. It’s important to level with laymen. Don’t get too technical—it will create an impression that our business is too sophisticated for ordinary people to do. While technical terms may impress intellectuals, they’d discourage simple folks. So put a balance. And it’s simple folks who know a lot of people and who can bring truckloads of them to our business, not intellectuals.
I’ve especially noted how simple college students (not valedictorians) can easily bring in loads of young, aggressive, and radical people to join networks and make the business rapidly spread like crazy if the business is presented well and simply. This is great with health products, like purple corn, and apparels.

And wellness and apparels are “in” with them!
We may present purple corn first because wellness is today’s trend, or we may present apparels first. Here’s what I mean…
Everyone wants to look and feel good. Almost everyone is figure conscious and dying to lose weight, even those who don’t need to. Capitalize on that. So talk about purple corn and its health and fitness benefits and then take that to how a fit and shapely body would look great with nothing but equally good apparels. Putting shabby clothing on a fit and shapely body defeats the purpose of wanting to look fit and good. The principle of image is a fit body in nice apparel. Everyone in the Philippines wants that—and probably in the world.

Or, talk about apparels first then gradually bring the conversation to how wears and clothes would look better if we’re fit and trim in them. A bulging tummy does no good even with the most expensive apparels. 
Thus, secondly, talk about looking fit and well proportioned. Today, image is everything. That’s why wellness clinics are making a killing. And showbiz personalities are taking the lead. Believe me, most people out there have showbiz idols they’re trying to emulate—what with media over bombarding people about trendy looks on TV, print, and broadcasting. And it’s mostly about good physique in quality clothes. There’s where you put your Purple Corn and Apparels in context.
Points to share about health products:
·         The uniqueness of the health product
·         The health benefits
·         How you find it (taste, health effects)
·         Competitive cost
Points to share about apparels:
·         The uniqueness of the apparels
·         How classy malls patronize it.
·         How you find it.
·         Competitive cost
Points to share about organic fertilizers:
·         The uniqueness of the organic fertilizer
·         How it benefits farmer’s produce and profits
·         How it benefits the soil of their fields.
·         How you find it (if you’re a farmer)
·         Competitive cost
How to Introduce Organic Amino Fertilizers
Now, organic fertilizers are quite challenging to present. How do we integrate fertilizer into our product line without raising the brows of our prospects? Wellness and apparels may be related, but fertilizer? How does it fit into the picture? The first reaction we’d probably get is, “But I’m not a farmer!”
We Need to Target Both Farmers and Non-Farmers
We should not fall into the error of focusing only on farmers because we’re excited about amino fertilizers, and then treat the other products as incidental products. An imbalance in product emphasis and salability always presents serious problems. If they’re not addressed early on or if we don’t give equal importance to all products—and our networkers fail to understand their logic and worth—complaints about them may mount up, affecting sales and distribution.
For one, the business will have less appeal to city networkers who have key and strategic connections to hundreds of other networkers who could fast-pace the business.

Well, we don’t have to suffer thus. We just need to see our product line differently—that is, positively, and educate our recruits accordingly. It’s all in the mind. If we see the invisible, we do the impossible.
Our product line allows us to be flexible about targeting both people types—farmers and non-farmers. Thus, our product line is actually a plus factor rather than a problem to network marketing.
We have a different business presentation and focus for a farmer audience. But with non-farmer, city members, we need to justify why they’d get an organic fertilizer from the product package offered. So how do we attract city networkers with fertilizers and make them sell it like crazy?
Convincing city-based networkers of Amino
You need to fully convince your city networkers that amino will work for them. And not only that. They badly need it. Without this, your fertilizer product will remain provincial, and this will affect your marketing efforts in the cities. You cannot afford to be choosy with your network base when carrying both urban and rural products. You need to establish in both cities and farms.
Organic Fertilizers are a Sales and Network Booster!

Selling amino acid as fertilizer is a sales booster. That’s why city networkers badly need it. We must present it as thus in cities. Every city networker can actually get a tremendous network boost by promoting the product to farmers they know. And who among us city dwellers do not know one? We all know someone in the province. Most of us have cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents in the province who are into small or medium scale farming. We tell our city networkers they are their potential recruits.
Moreover, all of us city residents have relatives and friends from the province who know small farmers in their hometowns, if they’re not farmers themselves. This is a big plus factor with amino fertilizers. Why? It’s because today, most people find it hard to recruit would-be networkers in the city. The cities have been saturated, and often in a negative way. 
But including unique organic fertilizers like those containing L-amino acid in your package can change all that. We can bring network marketing to farmers who would have fresh outlooks about the business. Our city members can offer the business to their relatives in the province who know small farmers there. Through this, there’s hope to start networking all over again in clean, uncorrupted, innocent minds.
If their small farmers get the whole picture and start using amino fertilizers regularly (with surefire repeat orders) and share the business with their fellow farmers, they’d see how agri organic fertilizer is a powerful networking business booster.

More than this, your city recruits can be part of a worthy agricultural revolution. They can help farmers triple their income and end countryside poverty through a genuine organic fertilizer at a very affordable price. They can also help protect the agri environment. With all these worthy features, city networkers see why organic fertilizers like those with revolutionary natural amino acid must be included in their package. They will want to buy and offer it to both farmers and non-farmers.


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