Monday, June 6, 2011

Network Marketing: Relational Sales

Any sales--be it direct selling or network marketing--becomes powerful if it's relational. Relational is not only when you seek referrals from someone you know to reach other prospects. It's first and foremost establishing good will with people, prospect or otherwise. You need to be kind and friendly to everyone. You have to be there to help and second only to make a sale.

When sales is relational it is intentional. You have intentions, and they are good. You're there as an expert consultant who want to help your client. Sure enough, you can make lots of money by just selling to people and not be concerned about relational sales. But you will have to keep looking for new clients to sell to because your former clients may not buy from you again. If you want regular customers who seek your sales, be relational.

I have found lots of people who hate sellers who just want to make a profit from them, and especially so if the sellers reflect in their salesmanship their greed for profit-making. In a sense, you are what you eat. If you eat money, it will show in your salesmanship. Greedy people are often rude, impatient, and arrogant.

Being relational means you become genuinely interested in your client. Get to know a bit about his business and his business needs. See where you can help and make the offer. If need be, get to know his family, too, or his interests. People like to talk about their achievements and sometimes you'd have to be their audience. But have the marketing wisdom to know when enough is enough and get back to how he needs your help and how you can help him.

Most doctors are good salesmen, as it were. They kindly listen to your need or problem, and then they offer help. They may even listen to your life story a bit. But they know when enough is enough and go back to talking of your problem. Some of them are patient and kind enough to know their patients well. You'd like to go back to such a doctor whenever you have medical problems, wouldn't you? And prefer him to other physicians.

You need to make your clients comfortable with you. And this often takes time--thus, relational. Relations often take time to build. You need to keep going back to the person, not to make sales but to ask how he or she is, just to show concern. I often make a call or visit people and ask how they are, often without intending to sell them anything. Do make them know that you're into sales or network marketing. When the relationship is there, it will be an easy thing to offer them something of help to them.

Because relational is trust.

In sales or network marketing, we often look for people to sell to. We may hit it one time and make money on that. But the best thing to do is to share, and sharing means you do it in a relational context. You often share with people who matter to you. Then they'd share you more.

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