Friday, June 3, 2011

Network Marketing: Success is a Mindset

Philosophically speaking, success is an illusion. Some people perceived as successes are actually failures in private life.  And some "failures" are really successful. It all depends on how people see things. But what's important is how you see yourself. No matter if people say negative things about your future, think of yourself as a success and get the drive to make it real.

It's how you picture yourself in your mind that really matters.

Thus, in the bible, God often gave the Israelites visions of their destiny. The nations around them taunted them of their smallness and incapabilities, but God told them they were big. "Go in and take the land! Do not fear. No one will be able to stand up against you because of me!" And they did defeat all their enemies and conquered the Promise Land, even if they were the smallest and fewest, with a ragtag army.

If your company is big and rich and flashy and posh, good for you. But it doesn't mean anything. It's all an illusion. You can use that illusion to your advantage or disadvantage. Big and rich companies sometimes even spell defeat for some sales people, because you'll have to measure up to the company's name. If you don't look like it, your clients will look for other sales people who do.

In network marketing, it makes no difference whether you work for a big or small company, as long as the company is truthful and sincere, especially with its products and delivery. If you have a good product and you can deliver, then you're "big." I've watched networking companies start really small and grow big, not because of their money or attractive office. But because they were sincere and truthful and delivered. I even saw one who offered a really good product but with yet poor packaging. But they managed to take off and hit it really big. It was because they believed in themselves, the product, and the company. Some companies have the tendency to go lax with their promises and delivery once they get big. It's a pitfall for starting networkers, especially. I'd rather join a pioneering company with sharp attention to details than with a big company losing its grip on everything, especially delivery.

Using an Illusion to Your Advantage

How do you use illusion to your advantage? First, make positive illusions about yourself and your place in the company. In other words, dream. Forget about disillusionment. Dream and be driven to it. After creating your illusions or dreams, don't listen to anything else except that which feeds the dream. Anyway, everything is just an illusion. If people around you have a negative illusion of you, why listen? Use your own self-illusion. Be driven to and by it.

If people say networking is a pitfall (many folks still do not see networking as a real and legit career and will say lots of negative things about it), let them speak, but don't listen to their negative inputs. Everything they say is just an illusion, a mindset created by the limitations of their experience and knowledge. They are entitled to that, but don't buy it. Buy your own illusions. It's a free country, anyway.

If people say your networking company is small and won't last, suit themselves. But don't listen. It's just their own crafted illusion. Craft your own.

The key to this is faith. Believe in your company and product. Do you? You have to be sold out to them. You have to use the product and love the company. You should be totally committed to grow the company and make it rich because you treat it as your own business. Create the illusion that you will grow rich with the company and be able to help a lot of people--by the hundred thousands!

Why call it "illusion"?

Because it will sound crazy to other people. Only you, (and perhaps the company you work for and your downlines) will be able to capture its worth. To other people, it's just your mad illusion, Your daydream. But to you, it's your life vision. To you, it will work. You see the invisible, so you achieve the impossible. If you see the invisible, you do the impossible.

And a dream or illusion, to turn into a vision and reality, needs faith in God. Prayer works. Faith in God makes him put faith in what he has put in you. Then you become successful. Then you help a lot of folks. That's quality life with a purpose!

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