Monday, June 20, 2011

Purple Corn: Anti-Stress

Purple corn is good anti-stress. If you get headaches due to stress, a gulp of it (about 20 to 30 ml) gets rid of it. Antioxidants, particularly anthocyanin (which is abundant in purple corn) powerfully fights oxidative stress, among many others. Oxidative stress can make you older than your age, weaken your brain, and cause the overall breakdown of your body systems, including your immune system. And this could trigger the rampant proliferation of free radicals.

Oxidative stress starts oxidation, or the "rusting" of the body, thus the term oxidative. This can lead to neurotoxicity, increasing neuronal membrane malfunction. But anthocyanin can reverse all these stress-induced negative effects. By eating fruits rich in anthocyanin, many health experts believe such stress can be thwarted. And the most powerful anthocyanin-containing natural food is purple corn. Berries only come in second.

It used to be that blueberries were the most powerful food on earth. They contain 7.2 ml of anthocyanin per gram. But experts have recently found out that purple corn has 16.4 ml of it per gram.

Daily life entails a lot of stress. Some are good stress--stress that our bodies need to perk up enthusiasm. Doctors say this is healthy stress. But there is a negative or bad stress, called distress. This weakens the immune system and triggers ailments, some of which are degenerative and lethal. But a powerful bombardmnt of anthocyanin will neutralize the degenerative process that oxidative stress brings about. The more purple corn you take, the better chances you have at preventing stress, ailments, and body system oxidation.

People with distressing jobs and lifestyles ought to have a lifestyle change. The more they should have regular physical workouts and eat healthy food, particularly fruits. And here, purple corn is the best. Purple corn is now available in liquid (juice) form.

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