Friday, June 3, 2011

Purple Corn: Diabetes Control

The ideal thing to do is combine your maintenance drug with purple corn. Anyway, this corn is not a drug. There won't be any overdose--it's just plain eating corn. If your physician believes in the power of natural health supplements, he or she can be a big help to you. In case he or she does not, and your doctor thinks that for some reason it will bad for you, then don't. Always follow your physician's orders. But he or she gives you the go signal, then have your blood sugar regularly checked as you consume this corn. That's proper diabetes control.

You may ask--where on earth am I going to get my purple corn if it grows only in Peru, and I'm not from there? Simple...get yourself purple corn juice. And this is where you get it...

Anyway, let the doctor himself see your progress and lower your maintenance drug dose. Later on, he may have to do away with it if there is no cause for it. Do not self medicate. Always check with your doctor and let him decide what to do with your medication. Don't get rid of your maintenance just because you feel good already, or you believe in purple cornt. Work closely with your doctor. That's proper diabetes control.

Purple corn is not anti-diabetes in the sense that you can now eat all the sweets you like, because anyway, there's the corn juice to counter them with. Even with the juice, you should watch what you eat. Do away with too much sweets and carbohydrates (eat only as recommended by the doctor) and exercise regularly. Brisk walking daily for 40 minutes to an hour is good, of course with doctor's approval. And drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Diabetes control takes patience and discipline. I've seen people get better through this. I know a diabetes patient personally who quit eating food bad for him and who exercised regularly. At first, he had lots of troubles trying to cope with a regimented life. But then, after seeing him recently (we met during one of my brisk walking sessions) he looked so well and seemed very accustomed to a life of discipline. He smiled brightly and didn't seem sick.

If you couple that with this super blue corn, you can just imagine the progress.

Because Purple corn rejuvenates the body (makes you feel young because of what it does to your cells and collagen) and protects it from free radicals through antioxidants, it can prevent diabetes from having complications with cancer. And it can help strengthen other organs, like your kidney, through cell rejuvenation. Because antioxidants guard and protect the cells.

If you're a health buff watchful of what you eat, purple corn will work much better for you. The only reason natural health supplements may sometimes not work is due to abuse. They take health supplements and think they've become immune against what doctors have ordered. Be a rigid health buff.

Remember, this corn is not a cure for diabetes itself. It helps your body get well and really healthy and stronger to combat high sugar levels and regulate natural insulin in the body with patience and discipline. Then you share the good news with other people who need the same benefit. That's quality life with a purpose.

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