Monday, June 20, 2011

Purple Corn: DOC HHAI

Who's Doc Hhai, or is it Dr. Hhai?

DOC HHAI is really an acronym for the powerful health effects of purple corn. Here's what I mean:
  • D is for anti-Diabetes. It normalizes your blood sugar levels.
  • O is for anti-Obesity. It regulates stored body fats so that you get fitter and healthier.
  • C is for anti-Cancer. Being a phytochemical or phytonutrient, it fights the big C.
  • H is for anti-Hypertension. It normalizes your blood pressure and clears out bad cholesterol. Thus...
  • H is for anti-Heart ailment. It gives you cardiovascular health.
  • A is for anti-Ageing. It delays ageing, giving you healthy collagen.
  • I is for anti-Inflammation. Inflammation is normal and it is your body's natural defense against infection and muscle tissue tear. But sometimes, inflammation becomes excessive and lethal. It has to be regulated. Anthocyanin in purple corn does it best.

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