Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purple Corn to Detox Your Life!

Purple corn is not just for healing diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. It's generally for detoxing your body. It cleans your artery walls of clogging fatty substances. It also detoxes your colon. Thus, you need purple corn to detox your life.

Cholesterol build up in your arteries--or what they call atherosclerosis--is fatal. Once the fatty substance sticks to your arterial walls and hardens there into calcium deposits, you could suddenly drop dead. Blood flow will stop and your brain will lack blood and oxygen supply. Then your heart gets affected, too. Your blood pressure starts to shoot up.

How many times do you enjoy eating in fast food stores? Do you regularly eat fried chicken there (especially your dip fried, crunchy chicken skin), or cheese burgers, burger steaks, and hotdogs? Then you eat them with white bread? Plus your ice cream and your softdrinks. Well, congratulations--you're a candidate for a heart or hypertensive attack! You may not know it but your atherosclerosis build up may be a ticking time bomb in your artery system. It's time for purple corn to detox your life!

Look at the Food You Eat

Dip fried chicken and potato fries are rich in bad cholesterol, and your tender hotdog is rich in fats and carcinogenic artificial red food color. Your white bread has artificial margarine (which is a molecule away from being plastic), white sugar (which is food for cancer cells and diabetes), and white flour (which hardens in your colon, clogging  and stressing it). Then you eat your ice cream float and drink your softdrinks. You're literally killing yourself if you do this regularly.

Softdrinks have tons of white sugar, so does your ice cream. And cola drinks are terrible acids that literally melt your tooth after soaking it overnight there.That's what my teacher-medtech-wife discovered in their class lab experiment. In fact, some car mechanics use your favorite cola drink to wash away rust from car radiators. And then you drink that and let it melt down your body systems.

Some folks often ask if natural health supplements would hurt them, but they never ask the same about their favorite cola drink. If you can drink that black acid, you can certainly drink natural food supplements like purple corn to detox your life!

Get rid of all the "tox" in your system with purple corn juice. A gulp a day keeps health woes away. It has anti-cancer to fight cancer cells , anti-diabetes for your white sugar, anti-inflammatory to keep your colon healthy, anti-obesity for your fats and cholesterol, and it promotes smooth blood flow and prevents dangerous blood clots to clean your artery walls--among other health benefits. Yes, it's time for purple corn to detox your life!

Now, purple corn is not your free ticket to eating anything you want, because anyway you have something to counter bad food with. The key to good health is to avoid unhealthy food as much as possible and supplement with purple corn to detox your life. Of course, that's with regular exercises. God designed healthy life to have healthy food and regular exercise. You cannot change that.

I recommend early morning water therapy plus regular purple corn to detox your life.

Remember to consult your doctor about the health benefits of purple corn for you.

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