Monday, June 6, 2011

Purple Corn: What's So Deadly About Inflammation?

What’s  so deadly about inflammation that experts caution against it? Inflammation is “swelling,” and we often wonder, so what if I bump my head and it swells?

Well, swelling is God’s way of keeping us safe from internal injuries. In a sense, inflammation is good. It’s an internal emergence reaction of the body, quickly responding to biochemical distress hints sent by damaged tissues. When swelling happens, it means the affected area has already be cordoned off for protection and invading bacteria put out of commission. The whole thing is faster than the emergency response you’d get from dialing 911.

Thus, in a way, inflammation is our first line of defense when we’re injured or infected. However, it works in another way that is harmful to us and may even prove lethal if uncontrolled. If your natural inflammation reaction against infection goes haywire, it can ruin your healthy tissue and do more damage than the infection. And if it goes haywire, it means your immune system has been compromised seriously.
The immune system should maintain a balance between heating off and cooling down our natural inflammation reaction.

A defective immune system can trigger a strong inflammatory reaction. Then, you may get psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, to name a few. Too much inflammation is dangerous, but what can we do to normalize it?
Well, God is so good to have blessed Peru with purple corn.

Purple corn is anti-inflammatory. With it, your defensive inflammatory response is regulated. You now have an ally inside your body to help prevent inflammation of internal organs and other internal swelling effects that may block the healthy flow of your body systems.

Do you suffer from sinusitis or recurring headaches? These are sometimes caused by swelling. Something in your nasal system swells, blocks, and pressures nerves and causes the pain. Do your bone joints ache? It may be due to inflammation. Purple corn can help you.

You don’t have to go to Peru for purple corn. It’s made available in all-natural juice form. For more on this…

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