Monday, July 11, 2011

Purple Corn: Revived Failed Kidneys

This is a recent true story.

A woman was brought to Cavite for treatment because she had been suffering from kidney failure. She'd been severely bloated, her kidneys were not functioning any longer, she hadn't been urinating and defecating for days, and her doctors had given up on her. They said the family should take her back to Pangasinan to die there in her hometown.

To make matters worse, she and her family had spent millions for her recovery, to no avail. She only got worst. She'd turned black in color, the color of death, and could no longer stand up, much less, walk. So she was brought home to Pangasinan to wait for her death.

A TRENZ networker saw her in Pangasinan and suggested that she try purple corn juice. Thinking she'd lose nothing anyway with her condition, she agreed, but told the networker she had no money to pay for the product. The networker told her that payment was no problem. Just try purple corn juice. She did. She took about 45 ml, careful not to ingest too much liquid because with her malfunctioning kidneys, liquid intake might drown her to death sooner. Already her lungs were almost flooded with fluids.

The networker left, and after about half an hour he received a call--the kidney patient was starting to urinate and defecate! And it went on further as the patient continued taking purple corn. After a few days, the patient looked better and could stand up and walk. It was a miracle! She was shaking her hands in the air, shouting that she'd been cured. She said she felt very strong and well.

God, the Creator of all things, including purple corn, is great! The patient then decided to pay for the bottle of purple corn juice and buy some more.

But days later, the fluids in her lungs caught up with her and she died of Pneumonia. Her kidneys recovered but the fluids in her lungs should have been sucked out.

Inflamed Goiter Healed!

That same networker tried purple corn on the swelling goiter of his wife. One day, his wife was over-worked and could not get up from bed at all. She asked to be rushed to the hospital because she felt it was already an emergency. The networker agreed, but then remembered our purple corn juice. After taking it for two days, the wife was back to work and felt her enlarged goiter considerably decreased in size.

She had her husband (the networker) feel the goiter on her neck, and the networker indeed found that it could no longer be felt or seen. It disappeared.

Why All These?

This is because purple corn is super rich in antioxidant, particularly in anthocyanins. The amount of anthocyanin is the gauge by which a the power of an antioxidant is measured. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation or destruction of our cells and immune system, thus helping our body heal itself better and faster. Purple corn has the most number of anthocyanins, more than double what blueberries have. Blueberries used to be number one in antioxidant content until recently when scientists began discovering the power wonder of purple corn. Thus, it is the most powerful food on the planet.

Purple corn grows only in Peru but is now available in pure, concentrated juice form in the Philippines. A bottle contains a liter and costs P2,200 for non members. Members get a 25% discount. To be a member, simply buy a bottle from a TRENZ distributor and be a Bronze distributor yourself! You can also enjoy more business incentives and bonuses if you join as a Gold (P9,888 with 5 bottles) or Silver member (P5,888 with 3 bottles). Stockists, business centers, and depots are also open with a discount from 27.5 to 35%.

TRENZ is the exclusive distributor of purple corn in the Philippines and Asia. If you're interested to be a distributor, email and title your email "PURPLE CORN."