Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Bio Organic Land Prep

If you want to go full organic with your farming (which is the greatest agricultural need of the times), and you have been using chemical fertilizers on your soil a long time, you need to remember that proper Bio Organic land prep is of utmost importance. Otherwise, all your efforts and expenses will just go to waste.
Materials needed:
·         A powerful organic liquid fertilizer (like BIONIX Max 1)
·         Soil Softener (like APSA 80)
·         Solid organic fertilizer (like Greenland)
·         Water
Procedure (per hectare):
Mix 1 liter of organic liquid fertilizer (like BIONIX Max 1) in 200 liters of water. Mix in 800 ml of soil neutralizer (like APSA 80) and spray this mixture on the solid organic fertilizer (like Greenland) previously spread over the entire hectare. Apply 40 bags of Greenland initially. When your soil has become organic, you just need to apply 5 to 10 bags per hectare.

Leave it thus for 14 days, spraying water over it on the 7th day and 14th day. Keep the soil wet but not submerged in water. On the 14th day, plant.

Seed Soaking

Seed soaking is strongly encouraged to keep seeds strong and well nourished with essential nutrients. Seeds prepared like this grow lots healthier and able to fight off diseases and insects. Seed soaking also ensure a good and full harvest. It also eliminates the possibility of empty palays or ipa. Soak seeds prior to planting in 20 liters of water mixed with 20 ml of a powerful organic liquid fertilizer like BIONIX Max 1 and 80 ml of a potent amino fertilizer like Nano BIONIX. Soak seeds in this mixture for 12 to 20 hours. Then the seeds are ready for planting in a nursery.

Spray the soaking mixture over the soil where planting is to be done. 

What is BIONIX Max 1?

BIONIX Max 1 is a powerful concentrate of micro organisms that help enrich the soil with needed nutrients, prepare soil minerals for easy absorption by the plants, cleanse the soil of chemical residues, and pack the soil with reserves of organic minerals for future use. In short, it makes the soil alive and healthy again.

What is Nano BIONIX?

Nano BIONIX is sprayable L-Amino Acid able to easily penetrate the stomata of leaves. L-amino acid is what plants eat to grow, bear fruit, and strengthen to stay fit and resistant. Nano BIONIX has 18 types of L-Amino Acids, 14 types of minerals, and 3 types of micro organism. Spray it on plant leaves and the plants eat pronto. Nourishment is immediate.

What is APSA 80
APSA 80 softens the soil by aiding the evenly spread of micro organisms on the land and breaks the hard pan on the subsurface of the soil produced by chemical fertilizer byproducts. It is also mixed with Nano BIONIX when spraying to ensure penetration and binding of sprayed Nano BIONIX on the leaves. APSA 80 is an effective sticker.
What is Greenland?
Greenland is a powerful solid organic fertilizer with 80 types of micro organisms and essential minerals.
NOTE: Micro organisms are very important in soil fertility. Along with natural minerals in soil, they contribute to the excellent performance of plants in tillering, flowering, and fruiting stages. Always make sure that your soil is rich with micro organism.