Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Purple Corn: For Mental Sharpness

You want your child to perform better academically? He or she may be helped by purple corn juice. It boosts mental sharpness, especially the ability to memorize. And not just for your kid--it is also good for boosting your mind health.

Anthocyanin in purple corn is anti-aging. And it's not just skin and collagen health we're talking of but also mind health. It promotes cell health, including brain cells, and healthy cells automatically reproduce healthier cells. And you know what healthier brain cells can do to your brain performance.

Of course, while taking purple corn juice, you have to keep using or challenging your brain by making it make decisions and analyses. This exercises the brain to make it healthy, the way muscles are exercised to make them strong. Always do mind-stimulating activities, especially reading and using new words and adding up regularly to your vocabulary. Write a lot--create and develop blogs.

The important thing is doing challenging decisions regularly. If you regularly surf the net, you are often faced with decisions what to click or what options to take--your brain is exercised, say mind experts. Thus, if you research and write blogs online, your brain exercises a lot. Couple that with drinking brain booster purple corn juice also regularly.

Mental sharpness also comes with frequent meditation. Meditation helps your mind relax so it can do a better job the next round of work. Meditation enhances the ability to focus. And it helps a lot to meditate while slowly sipping a tall glass of iced purple corn juice while you are sitting comfortably in a quiet place, being aware of the Creator around you.

Purple corn coffee can also do the trick. I love its rich flavor and aroma and aids a lot in calming the mind and making it relax. Then, after a meditative coffee break, your mind becomes focused and sharp again to continue with hectic work.

To avoid brain diseases, promote your brain health. And this means, along with meditation and brain challenging exercises, a regular glass of purple corn juice.

Amino Fertilizers: Why Not Cassava?

Compared to rice and vegetables, cassava is much easier to raise. It's not easily affected by climatic conditions, it does not need much attention and care, it grows almost all by itself, and the demand is enormous. So, why not cassava?

With just minimal amount of fertilizer in the soil and on the plant, cassava is less costly to grow. Just make sure enough fertilizer is applied in the soil (throrough land preparation)--like a liter of BIOnix Max 1 to 200 liters of water per hectare (or 50ml BIOnix in 16 liters water) sprayed on solid organic or chemical fertilizer--then foliar application using Nano BIOnix or BIOnix Max 2 twice or thrice a monthfor 4 months.

San Miguel Corporation buys cassava in bulk, and there's reportedly a great demand, so why not visit the nearest SMC branch to you and inquire about contract-growing cassava? With organic BIOnix amino fertilizers, you can harvest about 10 kilos or even more per tree.

Stick Soaking

Before planting cassava sticks in the ground, it is highly recommended that stick soaking be done. Soak the sticks in 20ml BIOnix Max 1 and 80ml Nano BIOnix plus 20 liters of water. Soak for 12 to 24 hours, then plant. Spray the soaking solution onto the soil. This will boost cassava plant health more, and improve the crop much better.

Easy to Raise

You can leave a cassava plant in the soil and watch it grow and produce the crop all by itself. If the tree and leaves get destroyed in a storm, the root crop will still continue developing. There's not much fuss about raising cassava plants. You are sure to harvest good with it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amino Fertilizer: When Plants Seem Burnt

Sometimes, while using BIOnix organic amino fertilizers, like Nano BIOnix coupled with BIOnix Max 1 and 2, plants seem burnt later, or have defective or discolored leaf tips, and users would blame it on BIOnix. Remember: this amino fertilizer has no overdose or harm to plants. When things like this pop up, we investigate and see what really happened.

Most times, the real culprit is that they sprayed chemical pesticide on the plant, or herbicide. Herbicides, especially, can damage plants as they kill weeds. Remember that palay or rice plants are weeds, too, so when you apply herbicides they get affected. Another culprit is heavy rains. Too much rain washes out all the chemical or organic fertilizer you put on the soil, leaving the plants with no nutrition and food, and thus wither. But there is a quick solution to this.

If the above happens, simply apply enough Urea side dressing to enable the plants to recover from starvation. Starvation causes too much stress to plants, so they wither, which is a sign of being too stressed out. If not remedied soon, they will die.

Why Urea and not organic fertilizer?

Chemical fertilizers have immediate results compared to their organic counterparts, although too much use of chemical fertilizers ruin the soil to terrifying degrees. Plants too stressed out from nutrition lack and starvation need immediate feeding and nutrition supplementation to get back to good health. Chemical fertilizers can do the job. Organic fertilizers take long to work, although they never harm the soil or plant or crop.

It's like all-natural health supplements for our bodies and synthetic vitamins. All-natural supplements usually take long to take effect while synthetic vitamins and even medicines give us immediate results. If you have migraine and get a headache and take a synthetic medicine, it will instantly give relief. But it will never heal your migraine. But if you take an all-natural powerful supplement like purple corn juice, it will take a bit longer but the results are permanent and have no side effects to your body. Plants are very much like our bodies.

So, when plants seem burnt and you use BIOnix organic amino fertiizers and boosters, don't blame it on them.  Re=trace what you just applied to the plants.

Purple Corn: Anti-Dengue Juice

This is definitely good news to all purple corn juice users and parents! This super health drink is an effective anti-dengue supplement that can be incorporated to usual dengue medical treatment and considerably shorten the healing and recovery process. It's an anti-dengue juice!

A doctor-friend who regularly lectures at the TRENZ office about the relevance of purple corn juice in the body's various systems uses this powerful health drink in conjunction with traditional dengue medical treatment. And the results are amazing! Dengue patients usually take 4 to 5 days confinement in a hospital for strict monitoring and medication. But in this doctor's patients, healing and recovery takes only several hours to a day after drinking purple corn anti-dengue juice.

The blood platelet immediately stops plunging down and rises up to normal levels once this deep purple juice is taken. It's all in the power of anthocyanin to arrest blood vein destruction due to the dengue virus infection and help the body to recover fast from deterioration. Dengue weakens and destroys the blood vessels so that they become porous and cause massive internal bleeding. Platelets will try to stop this by patching up the holes, but soon the holes become too many for the platelets to remedy, plunging the platelet count, and starting the internal bleeding. Thus the rashes and other symptoms of internal bleeding.

But anthocyanin in purple corn, the anti-dengue juice, stops all that! God, the Creator of purple corn, has designed it to remedy a lot of major and minor diseases, even those as deadly as dengue fever. A pastor-friend of mine had dengue recently, causing his platelet count to plunge to 104 (the normal is 200 up). Ordinarily, platelet count goes down to 60 or 30 with dengue fever, but this pastor's platelet count dive stopped to 104 the moment he took purple corn, the anti-dengue juice. Then, after just several hours it started climbing to 106 and then 112.

God is the best Pharmacist, formulating the natural healing benefits of purple corn juice, the anti-dengue juice! Thus, parents, start giving your kids this super drink regularly! And drink it, too!

Friday, September 9, 2011

PURPLE CORN: Purple is Healthy!

The Power of Purple Corn is the latest astounding discovery in the world of nutrition. More scientists are amazed by its antioxidant power, which is higher than Vitamin C and Vitamin E, making your immune system stronger and giving you renewed vigor. That’s powerful health for you on the cellular level!
Blueberries and Acai berries used to have the most number of anthocyanins. But Purple Corn, they discovered, has more than double their content so that today, Purple Corn is the most powerful food on the planet due to its rich anthocyanin count.
Anthocyanin is a very powerful antioxidant in plants. It brings wonderful healing and health maintenance to your body systems. In the Philippines, Purple Corn Juice is now available, exclusively distributed by TRENZ!
Basically, anthocyanin in Purple Corn boosts cell health. When these empowered cells divide and reproduce, they result in much healthier cells. With healthy cells you get healthy immune system.
It grows only in the mountains and coastlines of Peru. With the harsh environs, and especially the intense UV rays from the sun, Purple Corn developed its own unique immune system, adding on extra anthocyanin (16.4mg/gram), and thus its natural purple color. Its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which tests for antioxidant activities, is 3.5 times higher than Trolox.
Actually, the first corn on earth was naturally purple colored. And we all know that the original is always the best.
10 PURPLE CORN Health benefits

1. Anti-Diabetes
-Normalizes blood sugar levels.
2. Anti-Obesity
-Regulates fat storage.
-Eliminates excess fats.
-Lowers cholesterol.
3. Anti-Cancer
-Stops cancer cell growth.
-Strengthens immune system.
-Strengthens good cells.
-Fights free radicals.
-Fights atherosclerosis.
-Strengthens capillaries.
-Lowers bad cholesterol
5.Anti-Heart Disease
-For healthy cardiovascular function.
-Healthy capillaries
-Smooth blood flow.
-Unclogs arteries
6. Anti-Aging
-Invigorates collagen
-Neutralizes free radicals to delay aging
7. Anti-Inflammation
Controls inflammation or swelling.
8. Anti-Stress
De-stresses your body. It also helps relax your over-worked colon.
9. Smooth Blood Flow
Clears arteries and capillaries of fat and calcium deposits. Prevents dangerous blood clots.
10. For Health Maintenance
If you’re already healthy, it maintains good health.
Other Health Facts on Purple Corn
Scientists discovered that food with natural purple color is very rich in antioxidant, particularly ANTHOCYANIN, and especially C-3-G. Purple Corn is also high in dietary fiber.
It takes just 14 micrograms of Purple Corn C3G to reduce cancer cell growth by half.
Anthocyanin in Purple Corn is rich in Selenium and Lutein which strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer.
It powerfully prevents atherosclerosis by preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and the capillaries from oxidative damage.
It has more antioxidant activities than Vit. C and Vit. E. The deeper the purple, the healthier!
It’s a great energy drink, perfect for maintaining good health. It is deliciously refreshing.
More powerful than blueberries and Acai berries.
Improves eye sight and has anti-bacterial infection properties.
Its high phenolic content fights against degenerative diseases.

Dangerous City Diet and Lifestyle
The widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, plus synthetic preservatives and artificial color and flavor on our processed food, make it harder to attain true health each day. Not to mention the antibiotics on poultry which stay in pork and chicken and are not eliminated by cooking (overdosing our bodies with antibiotics). Purple Corn can give us and our children protection from all these.
How Much?
Purple Corn Juice (1 liter) costs only P2,200. It is comparably cheaper than being seriously ill. Some people drink more than 75 liters of white-sugar-rich softdrinks a month, which is very bad for health. That costs more than P2,200. Drink Purple Corn any way you like, but our recommendation is 10 to 20 ml daily, morning and night.

For more information and for doing the Purple Corn business, please contact me:

Teams Synergy: Special Presentations Each Second Friday of the Month

TRENZ has decided to launch yesterday afternoon what is dubbed as "Teams Synergy." It is a special meeting of network leaders from different parts of the country for camaraderie, morale boosting, and network updates. Initially there were about 20 participants, mostly from the north and Metro Manila. Company chemist, Roman Sunga, and Physician speaker Dr. Carlos Haplasca were speakers, dealing on BIOnix and Purple Corn respectively.

Choy Gaerlan was anchor man of the event that lasted to 8pm.

Teams Synergy is an effort to bring together the different teams of networkers to realize a common objective, which is to help the organic awareness of the populace through re-educational marketing activities. Sir Roman spearheaded the discussion on how to approach traditional farmers who have been so accustomed with chemical fertilizers that they have become "more addicted to chemical fertilizers than the acidic soil itself." He averred that the right and effective approach is to "present them the beauty and benefits of organic farming." He added that if they buy the idea, "then we start talking business."

Teams Synergy also aims to instill into the networkers' lives the awareness of God as the source of all good successes, even in network marketing. Hence, the plan to regularly inject inspirational talks into the events. TRENZ believes that God owns everything and is the authority in the success or failure of any endeavor. Sir Roman declared in his prayer that God owns the company.

After the business discussions came the best part of all--SUPPER! Supper was managed by Aina, TRENZ secretary. And then there was a Purple Corn Juice free taste session.

Members who missed this occasion can look forward to it every second Friday of the month. If you're not yet a member and wish to be so, just email me at: and enjoy the full benefits of being a TRENZ networker. See you then!