Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amino Fertilizer: When Plants Seem Burnt

Sometimes, while using BIOnix organic amino fertilizers, like Nano BIOnix coupled with BIOnix Max 1 and 2, plants seem burnt later, or have defective or discolored leaf tips, and users would blame it on BIOnix. Remember: this amino fertilizer has no overdose or harm to plants. When things like this pop up, we investigate and see what really happened.

Most times, the real culprit is that they sprayed chemical pesticide on the plant, or herbicide. Herbicides, especially, can damage plants as they kill weeds. Remember that palay or rice plants are weeds, too, so when you apply herbicides they get affected. Another culprit is heavy rains. Too much rain washes out all the chemical or organic fertilizer you put on the soil, leaving the plants with no nutrition and food, and thus wither. But there is a quick solution to this.

If the above happens, simply apply enough Urea side dressing to enable the plants to recover from starvation. Starvation causes too much stress to plants, so they wither, which is a sign of being too stressed out. If not remedied soon, they will die.

Why Urea and not organic fertilizer?

Chemical fertilizers have immediate results compared to their organic counterparts, although too much use of chemical fertilizers ruin the soil to terrifying degrees. Plants too stressed out from nutrition lack and starvation need immediate feeding and nutrition supplementation to get back to good health. Chemical fertilizers can do the job. Organic fertilizers take long to work, although they never harm the soil or plant or crop.

It's like all-natural health supplements for our bodies and synthetic vitamins. All-natural supplements usually take long to take effect while synthetic vitamins and even medicines give us immediate results. If you have migraine and get a headache and take a synthetic medicine, it will instantly give relief. But it will never heal your migraine. But if you take an all-natural powerful supplement like purple corn juice, it will take a bit longer but the results are permanent and have no side effects to your body. Plants are very much like our bodies.

So, when plants seem burnt and you use BIOnix organic amino fertiizers and boosters, don't blame it on them.  Re=trace what you just applied to the plants.

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