Sunday, September 18, 2011

Purple Corn: Anti-Dengue Juice

This is definitely good news to all purple corn juice users and parents! This super health drink is an effective anti-dengue supplement that can be incorporated to usual dengue medical treatment and considerably shorten the healing and recovery process. It's an anti-dengue juice!

A doctor-friend who regularly lectures at the TRENZ office about the relevance of purple corn juice in the body's various systems uses this powerful health drink in conjunction with traditional dengue medical treatment. And the results are amazing! Dengue patients usually take 4 to 5 days confinement in a hospital for strict monitoring and medication. But in this doctor's patients, healing and recovery takes only several hours to a day after drinking purple corn anti-dengue juice.

The blood platelet immediately stops plunging down and rises up to normal levels once this deep purple juice is taken. It's all in the power of anthocyanin to arrest blood vein destruction due to the dengue virus infection and help the body to recover fast from deterioration. Dengue weakens and destroys the blood vessels so that they become porous and cause massive internal bleeding. Platelets will try to stop this by patching up the holes, but soon the holes become too many for the platelets to remedy, plunging the platelet count, and starting the internal bleeding. Thus the rashes and other symptoms of internal bleeding.

But anthocyanin in purple corn, the anti-dengue juice, stops all that! God, the Creator of purple corn, has designed it to remedy a lot of major and minor diseases, even those as deadly as dengue fever. A pastor-friend of mine had dengue recently, causing his platelet count to plunge to 104 (the normal is 200 up). Ordinarily, platelet count goes down to 60 or 30 with dengue fever, but this pastor's platelet count dive stopped to 104 the moment he took purple corn, the anti-dengue juice. Then, after just several hours it started climbing to 106 and then 112.

God is the best Pharmacist, formulating the natural healing benefits of purple corn juice, the anti-dengue juice! Thus, parents, start giving your kids this super drink regularly! And drink it, too!

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