Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Purple Corn: For Mental Sharpness

You want your child to perform better academically? He or she may be helped by purple corn juice. It boosts mental sharpness, especially the ability to memorize. And not just for your kid--it is also good for boosting your mind health.

Anthocyanin in purple corn is anti-aging. And it's not just skin and collagen health we're talking of but also mind health. It promotes cell health, including brain cells, and healthy cells automatically reproduce healthier cells. And you know what healthier brain cells can do to your brain performance.

Of course, while taking purple corn juice, you have to keep using or challenging your brain by making it make decisions and analyses. This exercises the brain to make it healthy, the way muscles are exercised to make them strong. Always do mind-stimulating activities, especially reading and using new words and adding up regularly to your vocabulary. Write a lot--create and develop blogs.

The important thing is doing challenging decisions regularly. If you regularly surf the net, you are often faced with decisions what to click or what options to take--your brain is exercised, say mind experts. Thus, if you research and write blogs online, your brain exercises a lot. Couple that with drinking brain booster purple corn juice also regularly.

Mental sharpness also comes with frequent meditation. Meditation helps your mind relax so it can do a better job the next round of work. Meditation enhances the ability to focus. And it helps a lot to meditate while slowly sipping a tall glass of iced purple corn juice while you are sitting comfortably in a quiet place, being aware of the Creator around you.

Purple corn coffee can also do the trick. I love its rich flavor and aroma and aids a lot in calming the mind and making it relax. Then, after a meditative coffee break, your mind becomes focused and sharp again to continue with hectic work.

To avoid brain diseases, promote your brain health. And this means, along with meditation and brain challenging exercises, a regular glass of purple corn juice.

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