Friday, September 9, 2011

PURPLE CORN: Purple is Healthy!

The Power of Purple Corn is the latest astounding discovery in the world of nutrition. More scientists are amazed by its antioxidant power, which is higher than Vitamin C and Vitamin E, making your immune system stronger and giving you renewed vigor. That’s powerful health for you on the cellular level!
Blueberries and Acai berries used to have the most number of anthocyanins. But Purple Corn, they discovered, has more than double their content so that today, Purple Corn is the most powerful food on the planet due to its rich anthocyanin count.
Anthocyanin is a very powerful antioxidant in plants. It brings wonderful healing and health maintenance to your body systems. In the Philippines, Purple Corn Juice is now available, exclusively distributed by TRENZ!
Basically, anthocyanin in Purple Corn boosts cell health. When these empowered cells divide and reproduce, they result in much healthier cells. With healthy cells you get healthy immune system.
It grows only in the mountains and coastlines of Peru. With the harsh environs, and especially the intense UV rays from the sun, Purple Corn developed its own unique immune system, adding on extra anthocyanin (16.4mg/gram), and thus its natural purple color. Its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which tests for antioxidant activities, is 3.5 times higher than Trolox.
Actually, the first corn on earth was naturally purple colored. And we all know that the original is always the best.
10 PURPLE CORN Health benefits

1. Anti-Diabetes
-Normalizes blood sugar levels.
2. Anti-Obesity
-Regulates fat storage.
-Eliminates excess fats.
-Lowers cholesterol.
3. Anti-Cancer
-Stops cancer cell growth.
-Strengthens immune system.
-Strengthens good cells.
-Fights free radicals.
-Fights atherosclerosis.
-Strengthens capillaries.
-Lowers bad cholesterol
5.Anti-Heart Disease
-For healthy cardiovascular function.
-Healthy capillaries
-Smooth blood flow.
-Unclogs arteries
6. Anti-Aging
-Invigorates collagen
-Neutralizes free radicals to delay aging
7. Anti-Inflammation
Controls inflammation or swelling.
8. Anti-Stress
De-stresses your body. It also helps relax your over-worked colon.
9. Smooth Blood Flow
Clears arteries and capillaries of fat and calcium deposits. Prevents dangerous blood clots.
10. For Health Maintenance
If you’re already healthy, it maintains good health.
Other Health Facts on Purple Corn
Scientists discovered that food with natural purple color is very rich in antioxidant, particularly ANTHOCYANIN, and especially C-3-G. Purple Corn is also high in dietary fiber.
It takes just 14 micrograms of Purple Corn C3G to reduce cancer cell growth by half.
Anthocyanin in Purple Corn is rich in Selenium and Lutein which strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer.
It powerfully prevents atherosclerosis by preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and the capillaries from oxidative damage.
It has more antioxidant activities than Vit. C and Vit. E. The deeper the purple, the healthier!
It’s a great energy drink, perfect for maintaining good health. It is deliciously refreshing.
More powerful than blueberries and Acai berries.
Improves eye sight and has anti-bacterial infection properties.
Its high phenolic content fights against degenerative diseases.

Dangerous City Diet and Lifestyle
The widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, plus synthetic preservatives and artificial color and flavor on our processed food, make it harder to attain true health each day. Not to mention the antibiotics on poultry which stay in pork and chicken and are not eliminated by cooking (overdosing our bodies with antibiotics). Purple Corn can give us and our children protection from all these.
How Much?
Purple Corn Juice (1 liter) costs only P2,200. It is comparably cheaper than being seriously ill. Some people drink more than 75 liters of white-sugar-rich softdrinks a month, which is very bad for health. That costs more than P2,200. Drink Purple Corn any way you like, but our recommendation is 10 to 20 ml daily, morning and night.

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