Friday, September 9, 2011

Teams Synergy: Special Presentations Each Second Friday of the Month

TRENZ has decided to launch yesterday afternoon what is dubbed as "Teams Synergy." It is a special meeting of network leaders from different parts of the country for camaraderie, morale boosting, and network updates. Initially there were about 20 participants, mostly from the north and Metro Manila. Company chemist, Roman Sunga, and Physician speaker Dr. Carlos Haplasca were speakers, dealing on BIOnix and Purple Corn respectively.

Choy Gaerlan was anchor man of the event that lasted to 8pm.

Teams Synergy is an effort to bring together the different teams of networkers to realize a common objective, which is to help the organic awareness of the populace through re-educational marketing activities. Sir Roman spearheaded the discussion on how to approach traditional farmers who have been so accustomed with chemical fertilizers that they have become "more addicted to chemical fertilizers than the acidic soil itself." He averred that the right and effective approach is to "present them the beauty and benefits of organic farming." He added that if they buy the idea, "then we start talking business."

Teams Synergy also aims to instill into the networkers' lives the awareness of God as the source of all good successes, even in network marketing. Hence, the plan to regularly inject inspirational talks into the events. TRENZ believes that God owns everything and is the authority in the success or failure of any endeavor. Sir Roman declared in his prayer that God owns the company.

After the business discussions came the best part of all--SUPPER! Supper was managed by Aina, TRENZ secretary. And then there was a Purple Corn Juice free taste session.

Members who missed this occasion can look forward to it every second Friday of the month. If you're not yet a member and wish to be so, just email me at: and enjoy the full benefits of being a TRENZ networker. See you then!

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