Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Beware of Copycat Amino Fertilizer Companies

In the Philippines, we announce with great pride that TRENZ alone has the capability, know-how, and wealth of experience when it comes to the accurate application of BIOnix products, and other similar organic liquid L-amino fertilizer products. We have proven and tested the products to be highly effective more than a dozen times right on Philippine soil, in various parts of the country, and we alone know, through hard-earned hands-on experience, the precise application of the same.

There might be copycat companies that would try to market similar products, but ask them how well they know the technical side of organic amino fertilizers. Chances are, they don't know a thing, and they will just want you to buy their products and leave you to figure out how to use them. Application of organic amino fertilizers, like BIOnix, that contain micro organisms, should carefully consider the acidity of the soil, the timing of land prep and tillering, the timing of pesticide and herbacide applications, and the different protocols for different plant types, among many other things . So, beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies.

Organic amino fertilizer suppliers should be well aware about the basics of organic farming that further adds to the effectiveness of organic fertilizers. If certain so-called organic suppliers do not know any of this, beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies. All they're after is your money. They will just want you to buy from them and leave you to yourself to figure out how to use the product (see? I need to keep reiterating this).

So, when it comes to organic amino fertilizers in the Philippines, make sure you got the right supplier who knows the exact protocols for proper application, and beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies. They're not fakes; they just don't know what the product is all about.

If you get the right product from the wrong fertilizer company, you waste both the product and your money. So for details on BIOnix and other similar L-amino fertilizers, feel free to contact us at

Amino Fertilizers: What is Red Booster?

What is Red Booster? If our Silver Booster boosts the initial growth and resistance of young plants the way vaccine shots protect children against diseases, Red Booster boosts plant lushness. It promotes leaf growth and propagation for more photosynthesis benefit.

Plants get better benefits if they have enough number of leaves on them to maximize the beneficial effects of the sun's rays. Leaves are like antenae discs that catch sunlight and especially the sun's heat that triggers photosynthesis. Therefore, the more leaves the better the photosynthesis process. Now you know what is Red Booster.

And not just more leaves, BIOnix Red Boosters stimulate flowering. If you want earlier flowering, and if you want the flowers to be abundant and firmer, you need Red Boosters. Some flowers, like mango flowers, easily fall due to rain or strong winds. More flowers falling means more harvest loss. So spray BIOnix Red Booster at mid-phase of a plant or when they are about to bear flowers, for flower strength, stimulation, and multiplication. Boosters are used together with Nano BIOnix. This is quite vital in knowing what is Red Booster.

If you have more flowers, you have more harvest. That's more profits for you. Boosters cost P2,500 per 1 liter bottle.It's optional but we strongly recommend it for much better harvest results. Anyway, the extra cost will be more than recovered once the full harvests come in!

BIOnix Silver and Red Boosters(as well as Orange) are already proven and tested to work effectively in the Philippines. It's a product from Thailand and has been responsible, along with other organic farm supplements, for the phenomenal crop produce there. Almost every farmer there knows what is Red Booster.

In the Philippines, only our company, TRENZ, has the expertise on how best to use BIOnix products (including the boosters), and in fact how best to apply L-Amino Acid fertilizer. Other companies may sell you similar products but TRENZ alone has the wealth of knowledge and experience in this matter.

Now, do you know what is Red Booster?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For More Purple Corn Juice Enjoyment!

It's official! We will have a new marketing plan, and in fact it's softly operational. It will be launched full swing on November 11, 2011 (11-11-11)! And the company's getting wild about it! The new Networx Purple team will carry it, and it's solely for boosting Purple Corn Juice (PCJ) sales. Want to join the team?

How It Works

The first system with the Direct and Indirect Referral Bonus, Binary Matching Points, and Unilevel, is still on. But TRENZ has decided to add a new twist to enjoying and marketing Purple Corn Juice the easier and faster way. This is designed for people crazy about earning really BIG in network marketing. Are you among them? And this new system is the first of its kind in the Philippines, and probably in the world. It multiplies your income potential 10 times more than what is now seen in the industry!

Yes, 10 TIMES MORE! To start with, how about earning P940,000 a month, or a week, or even per day? It all depends on how fast and hard you'd do this business. Any business should always be done with intent, seriousness, investment, strategy, team work, and hard work. Well, our Networx Purple business is no different. Just do it--well!

(You get 3 bottles of Purple Corn Juice plus the business)

Not only the PCJ, but you also get 4 Seller's Cards worth P300 each. Sell them to folks who just want to buy PCJ at a discount. As they buy, you get the points. Then, enjoy this PROMO which is good up to the last day of December (early Merry Christmas!) 2011. Get 1 liter of purple corn juice FREE each time you buy the entry pack!

So, for a capital investment of only P7,899, your ROI is:

Three bottles:   P6,600 (P2,200 each)
4 cards:            P1,200 (P300 each)
1 FREE bottle: P2,200
TOTAL:          P10,000

You get more for your money! So join us NOW! To join, contact or 0915-804-1947.

Unbelievable Direct Referral Bonus

You won't believe this, but it's true. Each direct referral bonus earns you P3,700. That's right--P3,700! The only one of its kind in the industry. No other company offers this much for direct referral. Here's the break  down: P1,500 cash + 1 bottle of purple corn juice (all bottles here are a liter in size). A bottle costs P2,200 so P1,500 + P2,200 = P3,700.

Now, if you know how delicious purple corn juice is (more delicious than your favorite cola drink), and what its super health benefits are, you'd be happy more about the 1 liter bottle than the P1,500. Honestly! I like both, but I like the 1 liter bottle of PJC more!

If you can refer 2 people a day and they join, you get P7, 400 direct referral bonus a day. Let's say you get one person a day. In one month that's P96,200 (P3,700 X 26 days) or P39,000 (P1,500 X 26 days). That alone is super extra income! What if you can get 5 a day?

Cycle Bonus

Each cycle earns you P12,400! What's a cycle? A cycle is having two (2) direct referrals (binary system) and 4 downlines. You have this, you cycle, and you get P12,400. As simple as that. You may have all 6 downlines as your Direct Referrals, in which case you earn: 

Direct Referral: P22,200
Cycle Bonus:    P12,400
TOTAL:           P34,600

Imagine getting that much with just 6 downlines! Your downlines may be placed on just one side of your binary and you'd still make the same bonus amount! With cycle and direct referral bonuses, you don't need to balance your binary.

The requirements to earning per cycle are: 
  1. P7,988 entry at the beginning. 
  2. At least 2 Direct Referrals.
  3. Three (3) Direct Referrals to start a new cycle. You may choose not to start a new cycle.

Linear Bonus

Linear bonus begins on the third level of your binary. Each level that gets filled up earns you a bonus. This is how it goes:

3RD LEVEL   :   P500 Gift Check (GC)     11TH LEVEL :   P9,000 + P500 GC
4TH LEVEL   :   P1,000 + P500 GC          12TH LEVEL :   P14,000 + P500 GC
5TH LEVEL   :   P2,000 + P500 GC          13TH LEVEL :   P24,000 + P500 GC
6TH LEVEL   :   P3,000 + P500 GC          14TH LEVEL :   P140,000 + P500 GC
7TH LEVEL   :   P4,000 + P500 GC          15TH LEVEL :   P340,000 + P500 GC
8TH LEVEL   :   P5,000 + P500 GC          16TH LEVEL :   P940,000 + P500 GC
9TH LEVEL   :   P6,000 + P500 GC          17TH LEVEL :   P940,000 + P500 GC
10TH LEVEL :   P7000 + P500 GC           TO INFINITY: P940,000 + P500 GC

Remember, each level that gets all filled up, you get Linear Bonus! And the chances that they would get filled up are high because you and all your downlines will be busy trying to hit as many direct referrals and cycles and pair matching bonuses as you want.

Pair Matching Bonus

Pair Matching Bonus starts on the 5th level. Each pair gives you P1,000 cash. The system allows you to benefit from 16 pairs maximum per level (from the 5th level). That's P16,000 per line or level. If you hit that per week or per day, than you get P16,000 per, beginning from level 5! That's to infinity!

Unilevel Bonus

From your and your downlines' repeat purchases to the 6th level, you get P25 per bottle! The monthly maintenance is only a bottle.

The real exciting thing about all this is that, you get BIG income while yet at the initial phase of the business. Just get 6 people and you get P30,000 plus! In other networking businesses, you need to go deep first before you realize your income potential. And going that deep seldom happens, except to top uplines. 

Also, in this business, everyone gets to be uplines! And your uplines get to be your downlines. So join now while the business is just starting! Position NOW!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: What is Silver Booster?

With our BIOnix amino fertilizer line of agricultural products we have three all-organic boosters that further supplement the health and growth of our plants and crops: the SILVER, RED, and ORANGE. Boosters are optional. Nano BIOnix and BIOnix Max 1 alone can do the job more than satisfactorily. But if we want to reach our crops' full harvest potential, we need boosters--for that extra size, weight, and quality taste. Now, let's talk about the Silver Booster. What is Silver Booster?

Silver Booster is best for the initial growth stage of plants. It makes plants fitter to withstand blows from diseases, ensuring the continuity of plant and crop development through the cropping season. If we want our plants to bear more flowers and fruits, the plants themselves should be fit and healthy in the first place.

It's like your child. If you want him to grow up to be a strong lad, you bring him to his doctor for some vaccines so he can better fight against diseases. That's what Silver Booster does to your young plants. It is all-organic and rich in iron and zinc. And not only this.

What is Silver Booster? Silver Booster is also for greener leaves, bigger leaves, more leaves,more roots, and stronger roots.

The problem with other fertilizer product lines is that, they are not growth specific. They can be, but farmers are not provided the ways and means how and when they should be applied so that plants can better get nutrition when they need it most. With the BIOnix line of agri products, fertilizers and booster applications follow specific methods and timing of application, so that plants get what they need most when they need it.

Some farmers, uninformed about the fertilizers they are using, sometimes use boosters for stimulating leafing when what they want is stimulation for bigger harvest. So they buy booster fertilizers for leafing, expecting more fruits, and all they get are leaves. BIOnix fertlizers and boosters are specific, and we provide relevant protocols for proper and accurate application.

A lot of prospective customers ask me what is Silver Booster for. We highly recommend it, though it's optional, I say. If you neglect Silver Booster, you may be terribly missing out on the biggest harvest your land could ever produce. Say, instead of 150 sacks of palay per hectare, you probably should be having a 250 sacks per hectare harvest with Silver Booster.