Monday, October 10, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: What is Silver Booster?

With our BIOnix amino fertilizer line of agricultural products we have three all-organic boosters that further supplement the health and growth of our plants and crops: the SILVER, RED, and ORANGE. Boosters are optional. Nano BIOnix and BIOnix Max 1 alone can do the job more than satisfactorily. But if we want to reach our crops' full harvest potential, we need boosters--for that extra size, weight, and quality taste. Now, let's talk about the Silver Booster. What is Silver Booster?

Silver Booster is best for the initial growth stage of plants. It makes plants fitter to withstand blows from diseases, ensuring the continuity of plant and crop development through the cropping season. If we want our plants to bear more flowers and fruits, the plants themselves should be fit and healthy in the first place.

It's like your child. If you want him to grow up to be a strong lad, you bring him to his doctor for some vaccines so he can better fight against diseases. That's what Silver Booster does to your young plants. It is all-organic and rich in iron and zinc. And not only this.

What is Silver Booster? Silver Booster is also for greener leaves, bigger leaves, more leaves,more roots, and stronger roots.

The problem with other fertilizer product lines is that, they are not growth specific. They can be, but farmers are not provided the ways and means how and when they should be applied so that plants can better get nutrition when they need it most. With the BIOnix line of agri products, fertilizers and booster applications follow specific methods and timing of application, so that plants get what they need most when they need it.

Some farmers, uninformed about the fertilizers they are using, sometimes use boosters for stimulating leafing when what they want is stimulation for bigger harvest. So they buy booster fertilizers for leafing, expecting more fruits, and all they get are leaves. BIOnix fertlizers and boosters are specific, and we provide relevant protocols for proper and accurate application.

A lot of prospective customers ask me what is Silver Booster for. We highly recommend it, though it's optional, I say. If you neglect Silver Booster, you may be terribly missing out on the biggest harvest your land could ever produce. Say, instead of 150 sacks of palay per hectare, you probably should be having a 250 sacks per hectare harvest with Silver Booster.

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