Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Beware of Copycat Amino Fertilizer Companies

In the Philippines, we announce with great pride that TRENZ alone has the capability, know-how, and wealth of experience when it comes to the accurate application of BIOnix products, and other similar organic liquid L-amino fertilizer products. We have proven and tested the products to be highly effective more than a dozen times right on Philippine soil, in various parts of the country, and we alone know, through hard-earned hands-on experience, the precise application of the same.

There might be copycat companies that would try to market similar products, but ask them how well they know the technical side of organic amino fertilizers. Chances are, they don't know a thing, and they will just want you to buy their products and leave you to figure out how to use them. Application of organic amino fertilizers, like BIOnix, that contain micro organisms, should carefully consider the acidity of the soil, the timing of land prep and tillering, the timing of pesticide and herbacide applications, and the different protocols for different plant types, among many other things . So, beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies.

Organic amino fertilizer suppliers should be well aware about the basics of organic farming that further adds to the effectiveness of organic fertilizers. If certain so-called organic suppliers do not know any of this, beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies. All they're after is your money. They will just want you to buy from them and leave you to yourself to figure out how to use the product (see? I need to keep reiterating this).

So, when it comes to organic amino fertilizers in the Philippines, make sure you got the right supplier who knows the exact protocols for proper application, and beware of copycat amino fertilizer companies. They're not fakes; they just don't know what the product is all about.

If you get the right product from the wrong fertilizer company, you waste both the product and your money. So for details on BIOnix and other similar L-amino fertilizers, feel free to contact us at

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