Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: What is Red Booster?

What is Red Booster? If our Silver Booster boosts the initial growth and resistance of young plants the way vaccine shots protect children against diseases, Red Booster boosts plant lushness. It promotes leaf growth and propagation for more photosynthesis benefit.

Plants get better benefits if they have enough number of leaves on them to maximize the beneficial effects of the sun's rays. Leaves are like antenae discs that catch sunlight and especially the sun's heat that triggers photosynthesis. Therefore, the more leaves the better the photosynthesis process. Now you know what is Red Booster.

And not just more leaves, BIOnix Red Boosters stimulate flowering. If you want earlier flowering, and if you want the flowers to be abundant and firmer, you need Red Boosters. Some flowers, like mango flowers, easily fall due to rain or strong winds. More flowers falling means more harvest loss. So spray BIOnix Red Booster at mid-phase of a plant or when they are about to bear flowers, for flower strength, stimulation, and multiplication. Boosters are used together with Nano BIOnix. This is quite vital in knowing what is Red Booster.

If you have more flowers, you have more harvest. That's more profits for you. Boosters cost P2,500 per 1 liter bottle.It's optional but we strongly recommend it for much better harvest results. Anyway, the extra cost will be more than recovered once the full harvests come in!

BIOnix Silver and Red Boosters(as well as Orange) are already proven and tested to work effectively in the Philippines. It's a product from Thailand and has been responsible, along with other organic farm supplements, for the phenomenal crop produce there. Almost every farmer there knows what is Red Booster.

In the Philippines, only our company, TRENZ, has the expertise on how best to use BIOnix products (including the boosters), and in fact how best to apply L-Amino Acid fertilizer. Other companies may sell you similar products but TRENZ alone has the wealth of knowledge and experience in this matter.

Now, do you know what is Red Booster?

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