Monday, November 14, 2011

BIOnix Versus Floods and Typhoons

Last September 2011 two typhoons struck Luzon (Pedring and Kiel) creating havoc on farm lands and crops. Most palay farms were flooded and the expected harvest severely damaged. But our demo farm in Pampanga survived the calamities with high flying colors, while the rest without BIOnix were destroyed.

Below are pictures:
This wide area (on the right) is a vast rice field submerged in flood waters so that now it looks as though the distant trees are in the middle of the sea. Palay ordinarily has no chance of surviving floods this size, but BIOnix treated palay withstood all the beatings.

In fact, the other palays around, not treated with BIOnix organic fertilizer, were either spoiled, blackened, or ended up drowned and lifeless. Aside from the flood, the absence of sunlight prevented any photosynthesis from happening.

Upper half of tall trees were the only things visible from the sea of flood.

Flood waters gradually subsiding.

Palay slightly lying down after the waters were gone.

Pump taking out some more flood water. 
Palay now standing and still looking good after recovering.

Rice stalks undamaged!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amino Fertilizers: Amazing Phenomenal Growth!

This is amazing phenomenal growth! And the true story goes like this:

Planted at the same time but with gross
difference in size! Why?
Arem and Aldrin decided to try widening their market reach by selling BIOnix piece meal, or "tingi" in the vernacular. They heard the tip from a TRENZer (and which was also featured on this blog a few months back) and started to put 5ml of Nano BIOnix into liter bottles with a liter of water each. They'd sell the bottles (200 in all per 1 liter Nano BIOnix) P100 each, making P20k eventually from their one BIOnix bottle. Imagine that.

OK, as Arem was pouring BIOnix into bottles, some spilled over the table. It smelled awful so his dad wiped it with a piece of cloth and wrung the thing into a young Alugbati plant in a pot. Actually, there were two young Alugbati plants of the same size when they were planted in separate plastic pots (actual pictures shown above). One plant was wrung with spilled over BIOnix, the other had none.

After a few days, the one with a little BIOnix grew by leaps and bounds, while the other grew as normal plants do. Amazing phenomenal growth! It was unbelievable. See the difference above. The one treated with minimal BIOnix looks like it has been planted for a couple of days already. And just compare the leaf sizes. And to think that it took only a few drops of BIOnix to effect such amazing phenomenal growth.

It's easy to imagine how my downline in Pangasinan was able to exceed his usual per hectare harvest with only one spraying (one bottle) last month. Moreover, all his neighboring farms produced poor quality palay blackened by the recent typhoons, while his palay produced good quality, utterly unharmed by rain, flood, or the typhoon. Well, that's what you get with BIOnix organic fertilizers and their accurate protocols.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Purple Networx System B Soft Launch

Yesterday (November 11, 2011 or 11-11-11) was a special day for Trenz-Purple Networx. It was Purple Networx System B soft launch. As early as 1 pm people started streaming into the TRENZ-Purple Networx office along West Avenue to celebrate the occasion with us. They were guests of our network leaders and networkers.

At about 4pm, the COO, Roman Sunga, started the program and introduced the product and its radical Marketing System B which has a Direct Referral payout of P3,700 each, for starters! Later, Jerry Ricablanca gave a short talk about DREAMS, and much later the 01s were introduced, among which is Jerry, the legendary networker who never finished grade 1 but earned some 6M in his first networking business.

At about 6pm the CEO and owner, Luis Delos Reyes, spoke an inspiring message on committment and dedication and challenegd each one to do the business and prosper with the new company, Purple Networx, although its mother comapany, TRENZ, has been in a multi-million business for more than 18 years now.

Then dinner was served with FREE bottles of Purple Corn Juice. There were some 50 selected attendees who talked about the business till dawn the next day in the office. And they were all amazed by the terrible profitability of our System B. In networkers' parlance--"Baliw na Baliw!"

Up next---GRAND LAUNCHING some time this December! Details on this to follow. See you all there!

Amino Fertilzers: What is Orange Booster?

Farmers need their crops bigger, heavier, more in number, and richer in taste and nutrition. If you want all that achieved organically, then you need BIOnix Orange Booster. What is Orange Booster? It's an agricultural foliar supplement rich in potassium, calcium, and boron.


It's best for making your crops bigger, more numerous (for bigger harvest), heavier, fleshy, richer in taste (lots sweeter or creamier or fruitier, depending on the flavor property of the crop), and better looking (smoother skin). In short, you want your crops export-quality? Orange booster is it.

It is mixed with Nano BIOnix and about 250 liters of water, sprayed on the plant or tree (the leaves), and this before harvest time--some 2 weeks before. BIOnix Orange Booster is optional but we highly recommend it for better harvest and more profts.

Most farmers say it's just added expense. Probably, but with our products any added expense always entails added profits, even more than added profits. How would you like to harvest sugarcane about two and half to 3 persons tall and some 4 inches in diameter? How would you like to have your green leafy veggie double or even triple in size, and double or triple in taste, too? How would you like to get 100 percent increase in your palay harvest per hectare?

If you want more and revolutionary harvest, the highest harvest in your area, you have to be daring enough to try BIOnix Orange Booster. Added expense, yes, but definitely much bigger profits.