Monday, November 14, 2011

BIOnix Versus Floods and Typhoons

Last September 2011 two typhoons struck Luzon (Pedring and Kiel) creating havoc on farm lands and crops. Most palay farms were flooded and the expected harvest severely damaged. But our demo farm in Pampanga survived the calamities with high flying colors, while the rest without BIOnix were destroyed.

Below are pictures:
This wide area (on the right) is a vast rice field submerged in flood waters so that now it looks as though the distant trees are in the middle of the sea. Palay ordinarily has no chance of surviving floods this size, but BIOnix treated palay withstood all the beatings.

In fact, the other palays around, not treated with BIOnix organic fertilizer, were either spoiled, blackened, or ended up drowned and lifeless. Aside from the flood, the absence of sunlight prevented any photosynthesis from happening.

Upper half of tall trees were the only things visible from the sea of flood.

Flood waters gradually subsiding.

Palay slightly lying down after the waters were gone.

Pump taking out some more flood water. 
Palay now standing and still looking good after recovering.

Rice stalks undamaged!

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