Friday, November 11, 2011

Amino Fertilzers: What is Orange Booster?

Farmers need their crops bigger, heavier, more in number, and richer in taste and nutrition. If you want all that achieved organically, then you need BIOnix Orange Booster. What is Orange Booster? It's an agricultural foliar supplement rich in potassium, calcium, and boron.


It's best for making your crops bigger, more numerous (for bigger harvest), heavier, fleshy, richer in taste (lots sweeter or creamier or fruitier, depending on the flavor property of the crop), and better looking (smoother skin). In short, you want your crops export-quality? Orange booster is it.

It is mixed with Nano BIOnix and about 250 liters of water, sprayed on the plant or tree (the leaves), and this before harvest time--some 2 weeks before. BIOnix Orange Booster is optional but we highly recommend it for better harvest and more profts.

Most farmers say it's just added expense. Probably, but with our products any added expense always entails added profits, even more than added profits. How would you like to harvest sugarcane about two and half to 3 persons tall and some 4 inches in diameter? How would you like to have your green leafy veggie double or even triple in size, and double or triple in taste, too? How would you like to get 100 percent increase in your palay harvest per hectare?

If you want more and revolutionary harvest, the highest harvest in your area, you have to be daring enough to try BIOnix Orange Booster. Added expense, yes, but definitely much bigger profits.

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