Sunday, January 29, 2012

Going Full Organic: Advocacy Business

Pushing for Organic is not just a job or a business. It's an advocacy, an advocacy business to be exact. The Philippines has got to turn full organic on everything, especially farming. So much mysterious diseases have already pop up in the medical scene that trace their roots to chemical application and treatment. When will we finally realize that God did not design our lives, habitat, and bodies for synthetics?

Decades back, when I was small, I've never heard of cancers and diabetes and those sorts of stuff. All we had then were fevers, colds and coughs. The worse were beriberi (Vitamin B1 lack), leprosy, and TB but which were also seldom. I figure that back then, before Masagana 99 was introduced which flooded the farms with chemical fertilizers, crops were almost organic. And even food in restaurants had minimal synthetic ingredients. And most people ate at home. Home cooking is still the best--if you don't use instant ingredients. Cook the hard way--your family deserves it.

But with the coming of chemicals in farming and cooking, and with the trend in fast foods, different strange diseases have been circulating around and people's immune systems seem to have terribly weakened and failed. People being treated with dialysis are rampant today, when back in my childhood they were never heard of. Hence, going full organic is not just an ad slogan; it's an advocacy business. Why "business"? Well, you can't help but make the economy better when you go full organic!

I want you to realize, folks, that this organic thing makes you participate in something noble. You're part of that segment of society that wants to save people and the environment. If you're still deciding whether to go organic or whether to go on business with BIOnix, you should see that it's not just a business decision. It's a decision whether you want a part in saving the nation and the future or not. Simply put, it's a decision whether you want to save your kids or grand kids from a surefire health disaster coming to them if chemical farming and food handling is not stopped here and now!

It's really an advocacy business you can not escape. It's either you're for saving the future generation or be part in killing them. Going full organic is our future hope. And I think it's the only road to economic and agricultural survival. Selling BIOnix is not just putting more money in your pockets; it's militating for farmers' re-education and re-optioning to go full organic! It's this or die!

They say the DA is spearheading this campaign to go full organic. I'd like to change that. I'd like to see that BIOnix distributors should be at the frontlines of this advocacy business. And the first step is mastering the product and presentation. If street activists can risk their lives for their advocacy, shouting on top of their voices just to attract attention, why can't we? If we become activists like that with our advocacy business--going full organic--then we'd be radically changing the agricultural world and unemployment rate. We'd be a rich nation of moneyed distributors, no longer a nation of factory workers and employees and OFWs.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Amino Fertilizer: BIOnix Amazing Results!

These crops--corn and eggplant--were grown with BIOnix amino fertilizer somewhere in Pangasinan. Just look at the healthy plant and crop, and look at the bright verdant leaves. A healthy organic leaf is really yellow green in color. Dark green leaves are chemically treated. So watch...

Plant growth much taller than you...and growing taller still!

Hey! Look at that! Have you ever seen multiple fruits in a single stem with eggplants? I think this is awesome. About 4 to 5 eggplant fruits popping out of a single stem! That's among amino fertilizer BIOnix amazing results!

Eggplant with violet stems is really organically healthy. And notice the straight bodies of the eggplant crops. Eggplants like that are more able to grow longer. And look at the smooth and glowing dark color of the crop skin. Dark colors like that are rich in anthocyanin and bioflavonoids, and that means eggplants treated with organic amino fertilizer BIOnix are super nutritious. That's amino fertilizer BIOnix amazing results!

Look at that macho corn tree! Among amino fertilizer BIOnix amazing results!

Look at the width of the corn leaves and the healthy bloom of the eggplant flower! Wow! Organic farming is really feasible! We can do without chemical fertilizers. With BIOnix amino fertilizer (rich with 18 types of L-amino acid, 14 types of minerals, plus micro organism) farm conversion from chemical to BIO chemical to full organic can be prolific and profitable.

Pictures courtesy of Mr. Peter Norte.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Protein in Flowers

Do not spray the BIOnix organic foliar fertilizer when your plant is flowering--because there's protein in flowers. You see, Nano BIOnix foliar has some micro organism content. This is for fixating nitrogen in the air. When you spray Nano BIOnix on the leaves, the micro organism included remains on the stems and leaves ready to "catch" nitrogen in the air and convert it to its simplified form so that the plant can absorb it.

That's more nitrogen for your plant. The more nitrogen the better growth. So just remember that--there's micro organism in your Nano BIOnix foliar.

Thus, when your plant starts flowering, quit spraying the Nano BIOnix. Why? Because there's protein in flowers and protein is among the best food for micro organisms. It's their favorite--like cheese burger or roasted chicken or beef to you.

If you happen to accidentally spray the foliar on flowers, the micro organism will eat them and you'd see the flowers falling, the stem on them eaten. That's cause for worry, but then, don't worry too much because the fallen flowers are sure to be replaced soon by more flowers--probably 3 times the number. So, the next time around, make sure not to spray them anymore. A mistake done once is, well, a mistake. Done twice, it's already a choice. Done thrice, it's a crime. You should be jailed for it. Just kidding.

After the flowering, when the small fruits appear, you may resume spraying. But make sure no residue of the liquid gathers at the bottom of the fruits. The residue contains (again) micro organism and may eat the fruit. Thus, if you're into tomato planting, wipe the fruits after spraying. Better yet, cover the fruits with plastic while spraying. And when spraying, you don't need to get the leaves all wet. Just spray normally. One passing is enough. Spray from 6 to 8 am or 4 to 6 pm for better absorption. That way, one passing gets the plant with enough of the stuff to make it eat for 45 days.

Proteins in flowers makes micro organism jump up and down with glee, but if that happens farmers won;t be as gleeful. So watch out--there's proteins in flowers.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NEW Purple Corn Juice BLOG!

Yup, we'll still feature Purple Corn Juice on this blog, but we're inviting you to also check out a more comprehensive blog on the product: PURPLE CORN JUICE! It's a separate blog I created devoted mainly to the super (grabe!) juice. Since we're gradually on full swing with marketing this liquid health supplement, I thought I should major on the product using this blog.

Our Purple Networx is being spurred on to new energy and vigor by the Bicol Path Blazers, our new company team spearheading the new Purple Networx marketing plan they call supersonic plan. I call them Bicol Path Blazers because they're literally blazing a new path into a new dimension of network marketing. The marketing plan they figured out has ten times the power of popular networking companies in the country today. Already, its presence is felt by major players in the industry, and threatened at that! So, better fall in line with us before the fierce battle hits you bad.

If you want to make marketing Purple Corn Juice a career, you have to master the product. In this, the new Purple Corn Juice Blog is a great tool. I will be posting good stuff on the topic there from time to time, probably once a week--or as my sched allows me. You see, I'm not just the marketing director, I'm also now in charge of stock and equipment inventory, substitute speaker, and I'd soon be website administrator of our Purple Networx site. So, I wish I can have more time with blogging and website management--my forte. 

I've been an internet marketer since 2004. In fact, I'm a platinum professional writer of Ezine Articles which is an online setup for professional writers promoting their sites and services. Visit here to see what it's all about. I hope my articles have been fun and informative to you all.

Also, I'd like to introduce you to my friend's blog on small businesses, direct selling, and network marketing. I also sometimes write there, along with Jo and A. Sakda. The Purple Corn Ad on the sidebar there is mine. You'd find lots of useful stuff there for your selling and marketing career and on righteous network marketing. You'd get vital principles and life philosophies plus inspirational articles to keep you focused and determined with your networking goals. Here's the blog: JOBLESS BIG-TIME! It's a collaborative blog effort of 3 writers.

Anyway, the new Purple Corn Juice blog also tackles some complicated sciences linked with nutrition and some latest clinical findings on the subject. Make sure to visit it often. Anyway, all you have to do is visit 3 sites a day or week--this blog (TRENZ Purple Networx) for BIOnicx and organic farming (plus some PCJ stories), the Purple Corn Juice Blog for detailed updates on the juice, and Jobless Big-Time for direct selling and network marketing per se. It makes sense to be updated on the latest word on these subjects.

So, keep on sharing the business (Purple Corn Juice and BIOnix) and get P3,700 worth of pecuniary and product enjoyment each time your referral joins! What can be more fulfilling and easier than that?