Friday, January 27, 2012

Amino Fertilizer: BIOnix Amazing Results!

These crops--corn and eggplant--were grown with BIOnix amino fertilizer somewhere in Pangasinan. Just look at the healthy plant and crop, and look at the bright verdant leaves. A healthy organic leaf is really yellow green in color. Dark green leaves are chemically treated. So watch...

Plant growth much taller than you...and growing taller still!

Hey! Look at that! Have you ever seen multiple fruits in a single stem with eggplants? I think this is awesome. About 4 to 5 eggplant fruits popping out of a single stem! That's among amino fertilizer BIOnix amazing results!

Eggplant with violet stems is really organically healthy. And notice the straight bodies of the eggplant crops. Eggplants like that are more able to grow longer. And look at the smooth and glowing dark color of the crop skin. Dark colors like that are rich in anthocyanin and bioflavonoids, and that means eggplants treated with organic amino fertilizer BIOnix are super nutritious. That's amino fertilizer BIOnix amazing results!

Look at that macho corn tree! Among amino fertilizer BIOnix amazing results!

Look at the width of the corn leaves and the healthy bloom of the eggplant flower! Wow! Organic farming is really feasible! We can do without chemical fertilizers. With BIOnix amino fertilizer (rich with 18 types of L-amino acid, 14 types of minerals, plus micro organism) farm conversion from chemical to BIO chemical to full organic can be prolific and profitable.

Pictures courtesy of Mr. Peter Norte.

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