Sunday, January 29, 2012

Going Full Organic: Advocacy Business

Pushing for Organic is not just a job or a business. It's an advocacy, an advocacy business to be exact. The Philippines has got to turn full organic on everything, especially farming. So much mysterious diseases have already pop up in the medical scene that trace their roots to chemical application and treatment. When will we finally realize that God did not design our lives, habitat, and bodies for synthetics?

Decades back, when I was small, I've never heard of cancers and diabetes and those sorts of stuff. All we had then were fevers, colds and coughs. The worse were beriberi (Vitamin B1 lack), leprosy, and TB but which were also seldom. I figure that back then, before Masagana 99 was introduced which flooded the farms with chemical fertilizers, crops were almost organic. And even food in restaurants had minimal synthetic ingredients. And most people ate at home. Home cooking is still the best--if you don't use instant ingredients. Cook the hard way--your family deserves it.

But with the coming of chemicals in farming and cooking, and with the trend in fast foods, different strange diseases have been circulating around and people's immune systems seem to have terribly weakened and failed. People being treated with dialysis are rampant today, when back in my childhood they were never heard of. Hence, going full organic is not just an ad slogan; it's an advocacy business. Why "business"? Well, you can't help but make the economy better when you go full organic!

I want you to realize, folks, that this organic thing makes you participate in something noble. You're part of that segment of society that wants to save people and the environment. If you're still deciding whether to go organic or whether to go on business with BIOnix, you should see that it's not just a business decision. It's a decision whether you want a part in saving the nation and the future or not. Simply put, it's a decision whether you want to save your kids or grand kids from a surefire health disaster coming to them if chemical farming and food handling is not stopped here and now!

It's really an advocacy business you can not escape. It's either you're for saving the future generation or be part in killing them. Going full organic is our future hope. And I think it's the only road to economic and agricultural survival. Selling BIOnix is not just putting more money in your pockets; it's militating for farmers' re-education and re-optioning to go full organic! It's this or die!

They say the DA is spearheading this campaign to go full organic. I'd like to change that. I'd like to see that BIOnix distributors should be at the frontlines of this advocacy business. And the first step is mastering the product and presentation. If street activists can risk their lives for their advocacy, shouting on top of their voices just to attract attention, why can't we? If we become activists like that with our advocacy business--going full organic--then we'd be radically changing the agricultural world and unemployment rate. We'd be a rich nation of moneyed distributors, no longer a nation of factory workers and employees and OFWs.

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