Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NEW Purple Corn Juice BLOG!

Yup, we'll still feature Purple Corn Juice on this blog, but we're inviting you to also check out a more comprehensive blog on the product: PURPLE CORN JUICE! It's a separate blog I created devoted mainly to the super (grabe!) juice. Since we're gradually on full swing with marketing this liquid health supplement, I thought I should major on the product using this blog.

Our Purple Networx is being spurred on to new energy and vigor by the Bicol Path Blazers, our new company team spearheading the new Purple Networx marketing plan they call supersonic plan. I call them Bicol Path Blazers because they're literally blazing a new path into a new dimension of network marketing. The marketing plan they figured out has ten times the power of popular networking companies in the country today. Already, its presence is felt by major players in the industry, and threatened at that! So, better fall in line with us before the fierce battle hits you bad.

If you want to make marketing Purple Corn Juice a career, you have to master the product. In this, the new Purple Corn Juice Blog is a great tool. I will be posting good stuff on the topic there from time to time, probably once a week--or as my sched allows me. You see, I'm not just the marketing director, I'm also now in charge of stock and equipment inventory, substitute speaker, and I'd soon be website administrator of our Purple Networx site. So, I wish I can have more time with blogging and website management--my forte. 

I've been an internet marketer since 2004. In fact, I'm a platinum professional writer of Ezine Articles which is an online setup for professional writers promoting their sites and services. Visit here to see what it's all about. I hope my articles have been fun and informative to you all.

Also, I'd like to introduce you to my friend's blog on small businesses, direct selling, and network marketing. I also sometimes write there, along with Jo and A. Sakda. The Purple Corn Ad on the sidebar there is mine. You'd find lots of useful stuff there for your selling and marketing career and on righteous network marketing. You'd get vital principles and life philosophies plus inspirational articles to keep you focused and determined with your networking goals. Here's the blog: JOBLESS BIG-TIME! It's a collaborative blog effort of 3 writers.

Anyway, the new Purple Corn Juice blog also tackles some complicated sciences linked with nutrition and some latest clinical findings on the subject. Make sure to visit it often. Anyway, all you have to do is visit 3 sites a day or week--this blog (TRENZ Purple Networx) for BIOnicx and organic farming (plus some PCJ stories), the Purple Corn Juice Blog for detailed updates on the juice, and Jobless Big-Time for direct selling and network marketing per se. It makes sense to be updated on the latest word on these subjects.

So, keep on sharing the business (Purple Corn Juice and BIOnix) and get P3,700 worth of pecuniary and product enjoyment each time your referral joins! What can be more fulfilling and easier than that?

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