Thursday, January 26, 2012

Protein in Flowers

Do not spray the BIOnix organic foliar fertilizer when your plant is flowering--because there's protein in flowers. You see, Nano BIOnix foliar has some micro organism content. This is for fixating nitrogen in the air. When you spray Nano BIOnix on the leaves, the micro organism included remains on the stems and leaves ready to "catch" nitrogen in the air and convert it to its simplified form so that the plant can absorb it.

That's more nitrogen for your plant. The more nitrogen the better growth. So just remember that--there's micro organism in your Nano BIOnix foliar.

Thus, when your plant starts flowering, quit spraying the Nano BIOnix. Why? Because there's protein in flowers and protein is among the best food for micro organisms. It's their favorite--like cheese burger or roasted chicken or beef to you.

If you happen to accidentally spray the foliar on flowers, the micro organism will eat them and you'd see the flowers falling, the stem on them eaten. That's cause for worry, but then, don't worry too much because the fallen flowers are sure to be replaced soon by more flowers--probably 3 times the number. So, the next time around, make sure not to spray them anymore. A mistake done once is, well, a mistake. Done twice, it's already a choice. Done thrice, it's a crime. You should be jailed for it. Just kidding.

After the flowering, when the small fruits appear, you may resume spraying. But make sure no residue of the liquid gathers at the bottom of the fruits. The residue contains (again) micro organism and may eat the fruit. Thus, if you're into tomato planting, wipe the fruits after spraying. Better yet, cover the fruits with plastic while spraying. And when spraying, you don't need to get the leaves all wet. Just spray normally. One passing is enough. Spray from 6 to 8 am or 4 to 6 pm for better absorption. That way, one passing gets the plant with enough of the stuff to make it eat for 45 days.

Proteins in flowers makes micro organism jump up and down with glee, but if that happens farmers won;t be as gleeful. So watch out--there's proteins in flowers.

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