Monday, February 6, 2012

For Maximized Leafing

There's nothing like maximized leafing. The best business for BIOnix amino fertilizer is growing vegetables. Not that BIOnix is only effective for vegetables, but vegetables are very easy to grow and harvest from. Most veggie plants take only a month to harvest, unlike palay which takes 3 to 4 months. If you're into vegetable growing, you harvest at least each month and sell your crops each month. That means more and faster profits for you.

So, if you're into green leafy vegetables, you need to have maximized leafing. Veggie plants include pechay, sili, dahon ng amplaya (amplaya leaves), talbos ng kamote (sweet potato leaves), kangkong, moringa, or alugbati. It's the same with mustard, lettuce, cabbage, and even squash leaves (dahon ng kalabasa) and dahon ng sayote. When I went to Tagaytay, I saw the biggest sayote leaves I've ever seen, grown using Nano BIOnix. It was around or more than two handbreadths in length and width.

For maximized leafing, the secret is a mix of Nano BIOnix and Red Booster. Well, when the plant is young apply Nano BIOnix and Silver Booster. But when the plant is at mid-growth apply Nano BIOnix and Red Booster. Red Booster is for optimized leafing and flowering. Just imagine your veggies with twice to thrice maximized leafing capacity. 

Make sure you always have the proper land preparation and don't spray when the plant is already flowering. And spray at 6 to 9 am and/or 4 to 6 pm. That's for maximized leafing.

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