Monday, February 20, 2012

Micro Organism for Composting

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Composting is a practical way of getting rid of waste stalks or rice stalk leftovers.

But it's not recommendable to burn dried leaves or stalks or even garbage because this process depletes the ozone layer and adds to the global warning problem, to the disadvantage of farmers eventually.

Furthermore, burning dried farm plant debris on the soil does more harm for the soil than good. Some folks believe that the burning practice makes the soil more fertile. Nothing can be farther from the truth. It's more soil acidity.

What we should do with this trash is to compost them. And we need micro organism for composting.

And what better way of doing this than the TRENZ-Purplenetworx way? this!
For instance, after harvesting rice, farmers dump the leftover stalks in a heap. Instead of doing that, they may scatter them all over the field and apply a little water and spray BIOnix Max 1 dissolved in water over the stalks and leaves and other discarded plants or weeds. If irrigation is a problem, than just spray them with the BIOnix Max 1 and water concoction--though this may take longer to compost. 

Micro organism for composting, especially with BIOnix Max1, takes only 7 days to turn everything into a soil-like form. Without Max1 it will take at least a month to decompose discarded rice stalk, weeds, and dried plants. To quicken the process, apply BIOnix Max 1 and turn them into almost powder form in just a week. And that's free organic fertilizer for your farm! Just spray a little more BIOnix Max1 with water over it, let it seat for 14 days (spraying with water every 7th day) and you can start planting your palay shoots or vegetables. Micro organism for composting can augment farmers' profits this way.

Composting Garbage

Others use micro organism to decompose biodegradable garbage that has been ground into bits. Just spray over the micro organism on the trash heap (some micro organism eliminate the foul odor of the garbage) and after a few weeks the trash is turned into a powder-like substance ready to be used as compost fertilizer. Some people further treat this with more micro organism to turn them into a more potent organic fertilizer.

This is usually done as a community project spearheaded by an LGU (local government unit), providing extra income to the local government and jobs for the community constituents. This should be implemented in the Philippine countryside and even in cities and remedy or alleviate the garbage problem. That's the power of micro organism for composting.

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