Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Powerful Micro Organism

Does your organic fertilizer have powerful micro organism?

Most organic fertilizers out there in the Philippine market are compost, which may or may not have micro organism. Their mineral content is likewise hit or miss. But it's vital that an organic fertilizer has micro organism, and lots of it.

The way Philippine soil has been acidic for ages, what it terribly needs is micro organism. Yeah, foliar applications (spraying the plants) are nice, but they're nothing without land preparation. Land preps are crucial and determine success. Because basically, plants still rely heavily on the soil, or a foundation, be it water or coconut husk based. And in land prep, powerful micro organism is needed. 

Micro organisms can heal the land, make it super fertile again and normalize acidity. How do they do this? Nope, they do not "eat away" chemical fertilizers left in the soil or "cure" the land like some medicine. The logic is that, if you use micro organism in organic soil fertilizers, you stop using chemical fertilizers. What's the point of applying the former while still using the latter? Well, in BIO chemical farming, both are applied. But such can only be deemed practical with the idea that gradually, the land is being converted for full organic farming. Going BIO chemical all the way for life is senseless. It should eventually end up with full organic farming.

Anyway, when you stop using chemical fertilizers and start using powerful micro organism, the land gets rehabilitated and healed eventually. Your plants do not suffer withdrawal symptoms because the micro organism and organic fertilizers are there. The micro organism multiply fast to cover the whole land and prepares the minerals in the soil (and from the organic fertilizers) to make them easily absorbed by plants. You see, no matter if tons of minerals are put in the soil, without micro organism they're nothing. Plants will not be able to absorb them. This is what happens when your soil is sick with acidity and you keep pouring chemical fertilizers on it. Yes, there are minerals there, but they're useless to your plants due to marginalized micro organism presence.

Aside from this, micro organism "fixates" nitrogen from the air and applies it for plant absorption. Wonderful, isn't it? Hence, your foliar organic fertilizer should also have them to fixate or catch nitrogen in the air while they're on leaves and branches. That's added nitrogen power for your plants! Then you get better plant health, crops, and harvest. That's better profits! Get it?

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