Sunday, March 4, 2012

Organic Home Gardening

Organic home gardening is possible with every house hold, even one without a backyard. As long as you have organic fertilizers your organic home gardening will pay off. And here are some vital tips for a surefire harvest.

In Your Kitchen or Garage

You can have your mini garden in your kitchen or garage. Or have it hanging on your wall fence. Try hanging pots in a kitchen corner or pots in shelves of several layers high. The "pots" can be halved plastic containers or painted cans to make them look presentable in your kitchen. Put good soil in them which you'd replace every 3 months. What soil should you use?

"Soil" Compost

Make compost fertilizer or "soil." Put all your veggie, chicken, or fish wastes (even chicken dung) in in a container, put some soil, and then spray with BIOnix Max 1. Cover the top with some soil. The top soil should be thick enough to prevent odor leakage. Produce this mixture: 10ml is to a liter of water. Then spray it over a half drum of your "soil" compost.

After 7 days, spray it with a liter of water. Another 7 days, spray again with water. After that, use this as your soil for your organic home gardening. Put them in your pots and plant your veggie sprouts on them. Spray the leaves with 5ml Nano BIOnix mixed into a liter of water during these periods: the first 15th or 20th day after planting, the 35th day, and then the 50th day. Remember, don't spray during flowering time. Amazing results should be evident after a week of spraying, And that makes your organic home gardening awesome. Show it off to your friends and neighbors, and they're likely to do the same and buy the BIOnix fertilizer or your "soil" compost from you. That's added profits. 

I can imagine that soon they'd be buying more of your super "soil" compost. Yes, you can make a business of it. Compost your discarded veggie peels and leaves and chicken and fish innards with BIOnix Max 1 (don't forget the thick top spoil covering). After 2 weeks, your "soil" fertilizer is ready for use. Sell them by the kilo (I suggest P20 to P30 a kilo) so folks around you can start their own organic home gardening. Your BIOnix Max 1 capitalization is only P1.65 per liter.