BIOnix Max 1

BIOnix Max 1 is a liquid soil enhancer and maximizer. It is concentrated micro organism that has the ability to multiply and spread throughout the land to:

  • Neutralize the soil by washing out chemical residues.
  • Maximize the total effect of chemical or organic solid fertilizers in the soil.
  • Enrich the soil.
  • Make soil nutrients and minerals, like N,P,and K, easily absorbed by plants.

BIOnix Max 1 is mixed with water and sprayed on either chemical or organic solid fertilizer. It should be mixed with Nano BIOnix and a liter of AFSA80 (optional). A liter of BIOnix Max 1 (1 bottle), together with the Nano BIOnix, is mixed with 250 liters of water for a hectare. This is applied during land preparation after the soil has been thoroughly plowed.

Sit for 14 Days

After the BIOnix Max 1 solution is sprayed on the solid fertilizer spread on the soil, let it sit there for 14 days before planting. This is applicable to rice or vegetables. Water the soil every 7th day. Then, on the 14th day, start transplanting.

Land preparation as the above is a MUST, especially for acidic soil (any soil exposed even once to chemical fertilizer should be prepared thus). After land preparation using BIOnix Max 1, and the plants have been planted for 15 days, Nano BIOnix foliar is applied.

BIOnix Max 1 is among the very few powerful soil fertilizers in the Philippines. It is presently being applied on the Pampanga demo farm of the agricultural department which has a very promising harvest this October, 2011.

BIOnix Max 1 is perfect for all types of plants and trees and has different protocols for various crops. The protocols are available at the TRENZ office. Among other crops like rice, corn, vegetables, and cassava, it is very effective for mangoes, coconuts, sugarcane, palm oil, kalamansi, rambutan and other fruit trees. It is very good for tobacco, pineapple, and coffee. A lot of farms in the Philippines are starting to discover the powerful agricultural soil benefits of BIOnix Max 1.