BIOnix Max 2

BIOnix Max 2 is concentrated organic minerals with amino acid. It can work hand-in-hand with BIOnix Max 1 in enriching the soil during land preparation, andit can also be applied as foliar to supplement or take the place of Nano Bionixin its absence.

BIOnix Max 2 is also used in seed soaking together with BIOnix Max 1.Seed soaking is best for "vaccinating" seeds before planting to pack them with nutrients and ensure their healthy growth after transplanting.

A recommended use for land preparation is: 500ml BIOnix Max1 + 500ml BIOnix Max 2 + 200 liters water. Spray this concoction on either solid organic or chemical fertilizer broadcasted on the soil before planting.

BIOnix Max 2 is recommendable for palay, vegetables, sugarcane, fruit trees, and others.