BIOnix: Organic Amino Fertilizers

Nano BIOnix Foliar
L-Amino acid as fertilizers! And we're talking of the organic, all-natural kind. Amino fertilizers are very exciting products to carry in network marketing! Amino acid fertilizers are a new and powerful breakthrough in the fertilizer industry that is bound to change the face of agricultural fertilizing. Because agri-fertilizing is a major part of food crop raising, it will revolutionize crop and agricultural production, and even the national economy as a whole. You help grow the nation and the effort pays you off in tremendous personal pecuniary profits. Thus, marketing amino fertilizers is all about a quality life with a purpose.

It is all-natural, in the true sense of the term. The term "all-natural" is quite abused today, with so many fertilizer products claiming thus. In actuality, they are a mix of natural and synthetic, and almost all of them are soil-base. Genuine all-natural amino fertilizers are unique. They're truly all-natural, from the contents, to the derivation, to the application, to the plant or tree effects and the crop production.

Amino acid-based fertilizers are powerful types. One such is sourced from Thailand and is derived from plant micro organisms that produce L-amino acids, which is plant food. In the Philippines, it is newly available and distributed. The liquid fertilizer is simply sprayed on plants and trees for a minimum period, with simple application protocols, and which is definitely more time and cost effective compared with other organic fertilizer brands. To start with, 3 bottles of amino fertilizers is all it takes to fully spray on a hectare of crops, costing less than about P5k to P7k, compared to P9k to P15k of solid fertilizers in sacks. And 3 bottles are easier to carry and handle than sack loads of fertilizers.

Simple as Eat, Grow, and Produce

The crops grow bigger in size, more in quantity, and take fewer days to mature. And the soil is in no way harmed or badly affected. Amino acid fertilizers are not soil-base. They are not dependent on soil quality. They can produce astounding results even with poor soil quality. And astoundingly, even on lahar ground. This organic fertilizer is sprayed directly on the plants and trees, supplying amino acid directly to the stomas (an opening on the plant or tree to receive food) where protein synthesis happens. Thus, the plant is provided with food as soon as this fertilizer is sprayed. All the plant has to do is eat, grow, and produce.

And all you have to do is wait for a shocking harvest, and a shortened one at that. No more applying of any other plant stuff. Amino is all your plant needs. To give you an actual example, strawberry vines in a certain portion of Benguet were growing poorly, but after a week of spraying with this fertilizer, the vines started growing lush. The harvest became sooner than expected, too, and more abundant.

It doesn't matter if it's a rainy, stormy, or sunny weather. Growing, flowering, and harvest season will go on as scheduled. This fertilizer-food beefs up leaf and flower growth and strength so that they attach firmly to the plant until full fruition of crops. Then you get a full harvest. There was this particular rice plantation in the Philippines where the rice plants sprayed with Bionix stood firm after being submerged in floods. The neighboring rice plants were destroyed.

While using this unique fertilizer, you give the soil (especially acidic soil) enough time to recover and replenish soil micro organism and nutrients destroyed by other synthetic or defective fertilizers. L-amino acid as fertilizer will revolutionize crop production and heal the agricultural environment in one action.

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